Upcoming Movies and TV I Want to See

Lots of new movies and shows are coming up in the next few months. Here are a few ones I am excited to check out.

1. American Hustle: Looks like a mix of Boogie Nights meets Casino with a jaw dropping cast set in the 70’s about Jersey powerbrokers and the mafia. Bradley Cooper with an afro, Jennifer Lawrence with a fur coat, Christian Bale with a comb over, enough said, I definitely want to see this.


2. The Hunger Games – Catching Fire: I read the book, saw the first one, I need to see this! The games are going to take place in water this time around, excited to see how this will turn out on the big screen.


3. Out of the Furnace: Another Christian Bale flick, this time with Casey Affleck and Zoe Saldana, a tale of brothers who live in a poor, rural Northeast town. Produced by Leonardo Dicaprio and Ridley Scott this is a must see.


4. The Wolf on Wall Street: From Martin Scorsese, starring my future BF Leonardo Dicaprio and Jonah Hill. The movie is based on the true story of NYC stockbroker wealthy Jordan Belfort and the rise and fall of his notorious money making schemes. The film is set in the 80’s and has everything one could hope from a Scorsese movie. Sigh Leo looks hot in this movie, that’s my real reason for wanting to see it.

img1 (OH Hi Leo)

5. Downtown Abbey Season 4: The show returns in January. I am obsessed with this show and I cannot wait for it to start. What will happen with the Crawley’s after everything that happened last season.





Mommy, How are Babies Made? A Review of Masters of Sex

Masters of Sex Review


It just came to me that I have not blogged about the new Showtime series Masters of Sex. I have to say that so far, this is my favorite new show of the year. It doesn’t have walkers, bloodshed, gangsters, canned laughter or gratuitous sex, all the stuff I normally enjoy. Instead sex is portrayed in a different way, not as a means to an end, but as something to be viewed under a microscope or some stirrups.

The show is about the true story of how Dr. William Masters (Michael Sheen) and Virginia Johnson (Lizzie Caplan) conducted their infamous sex study and became the leading pioneers of sexual health and exploration. Dr. Masters is a fertility specialist at Washington University in St. Louis and Virginia, who is at first his secretary and then later progresses into the role of his research assistant.

The show touches on so many facets of life in the fifties and sixties. Think the era before the sexual revolution. For one, sex was something that no one talked about openly, if anything merely to copulate and create, but the idea of thinking about sex as pleasurable was almost seen as crude and salacious.

Dr. Masters, being the nerdy scientist that he is, wants to know how the body reacts to sex, what phases the body goes through before, during and after sex.

At this point in 2013, no one really has any question about what sex is and how it works, but at this time the idea that the body reacts on a physiological standpoint versus an emotional one is huge. For example, when the back arches or when someone scratches their partner in the heat of the moment, those are not acts of passion, but physiological moments that the body enacts on its own. Almost in a mind-numbing way.


I always learn something when I watch this show, which for a nerd like me is awesome.

I think we look at that information today and do not think twice about it. We live in an age when sex can be seen on screen on an iPhone if one wishes. Seeing how it was treated in that era and how as a viewer I know it is going to change is interesting and captivating to watch.

The show also touches on the role of women in this time. We see how female doctors and scientists are treated and the lack of respect they are given. We see how the woman carries the burden of having a baby and how the idea of fertility is most always pinned on the woman’s uterus, and that unfolds in Dr. Master’s wife, Libby (Caitlan Fitzgerald) and his relationship with her.


Another issue that is touched upon is the idea of homosexuality. This is spectacularly shown through the eyes of provost Dr. Barton Scully (Beau Bridges) and his relationship with his wife Margaret (Allison Janney). The provost is not only a mentor to Bill, but someone who is secretly having homosexual affairs with young men on the side.

Margaret is a lonely woman, who has the accolades of being a provosts’ wife, but who lives in a world devoid of love and sex. In fact at one point we learn she has never had an orgasm. This sad state of affair is interesting and captivating to watch unfold. The relationships of our grandparents, at least for mine, have always seemed secretive and like they were hiding something big and Janney conveys that angst and feeling to the tee.

Episode 106

We also have the young doctor, Ethan Haas (Nicholas D’Agostso) who not only has an eye for Virginia, but we see his role as a man who has simply gone through life “floating” as he says in one episode. Just doing whatever comes along because it seems like the right thing to do.

I like that he is intertwined into the story because he brings a different perspective to what is going on in the hospital and how the ideas of sex are changing for men as well. At one point we see him find out what cunnilingus is, um yeah, he had no idea and for women the same. I think I just laughed to myself writing that up.

The performances of all the actors thus far are phenomenal, Sheen conveys the coldness and sternness of a man devoid of any interest in his home life, yet is obsessed with the act of sex. Caplan asserts herself as a woman in control, with a fierce sexual bravado. The way she looks at the camera and Bill, it is understandable how she can be seen as seductive.


I can definitely see either of these and Janney coming up for a Golden Globe for their performances.

Fitzgerald as the wife, I believe gives a stand out performance as well. Every time I watch her, I feel for her, I sympathize and I want her to get off that couch and go do something about her lack of sex. We almost want her to leave Bill because she deserves so much more. Just like Betty Draper did in Mad Men, but she is much more likable on camera and we want to see her happy.

Good news for the fans out there, it just got picked up for a second season. Looking forward to see how the “work” as the scientists calls it unfolds and who will use the Ulysses next.



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Movie Review: The Purge (2013)

Rental Lovin: The Purge (2013)
Director: James DeMonaco


I saw The Purge recently and I have to say it was the worst movie of 2013. Ok, that is a really bold statement to make, but the movie did not have a clear storyline and nothing connected made sense to me. Everything that the characters would do, neither had repercussions, nor did they seem significant, it was to the point where I questioned everything they did because it just did not make sense or it seemed inconsequential to the story.

The movie is set in 2022, a time in the world where crime is at an absolute low. The way that the crime has been reduced is by holding a “purge” once a year, where people are allowed commit any crime they want without any repercussions for 12 hours, under the premise that the lowest of the low in society will be taken out and disseminated from the culture.


Sounds very Hunger Games-ish, the formal announcement and having the acts broadcasted around the world, the horrific idea of killing for the sake of a better world, a dystopian like environment. All of that reminded me of the Hunger Games and the idea of the survival of the fittest.

The movie stars Ethan Hawke as James Sandin, the father who sells equipment to protect homes on the day of the purge. Now I really used to love his movies in the 90’s, I think I watched Reality Bites about a hundred times on VHS, so I have a soft spot for him and was excited initially to see him in this flick. He is seen as successful, as the family lives in the biggest house on the block.

In the house is Mary his wife, played by Lena Headey, again I was eager to see her step out of her Game of Thrones role into something different and their kids Charlie (Max Burkholder) and Zoey (Adelaide Kane).


They seemingly appear like a normal family, who after the purge begins sit down to relax and let the night go by unscathed. Little do they know that the worst is to come. Madness ensues and this is when the movie starts to go literally all over the place.

Rich kids looking to kill come to the family’s door, homeless men, neighbors, pretty much every random, mindless person, Tom, Dick and Harry come a knockin.


The movie started off with a clear direction, the night of the purge and how it involves the Sandin family, every time something happens it never connects to anything else. This leaves the viewer confused and disconnected.

Overall, I think this is a fun movie to watch if you just want to make fun of everything that happens, a good laugh, but if you are looking to be scared and want to jump out of your seat, then this is not the film for you.


5 Reasons You Should Not See This Movie:

1. There is no character building in the story. Half the time, the viewer is unaware of who the people in the film are and why they are even shown.

2. Those ugly girls in those freaky masks. Enough said.

3. Not that every movie needs to be plausible, but a lot of the things that occur in this film are laughable at best. For example, how many people survive getting shot at and stabbed and walk away unscathed, very few to say the least.

4. There wasn’t a character that I clung to or that I cared what happened to them. I need to feel connected in order to care about their livelihood.

5. The camera moves around a lot, especially when it comes to the viewpoint of the little boy’s weird doll head camera. Sometimes giving us too much information, instead of more suspenseful angles.



The Walking Dead Recap: Season 4, Episode 7: Let the Bodies Hit the Floor

Walking Dead Recap
Season 4, Episode 7
This past weekend brought us the episode titled, “Dead Weight,” which once again gave us some more insight into the Governor and his life and gives us the moral of the entire episode. The Govie, Lilly, Tara, and Meghan have set up camp with Martinez and his gang and have settled in quite nicely, maybe too nicely.

Life seems idyllic in this post-apocalyptic world, where they hang their clothes to try in between a trailer and an army tank and where the Governor teaches the little girl to play chess and answers her most burning questions.


It seems as if the Governor has taken her in as his pseudo daughter, she asks him if she is “bad” because her dad left them. Of course she is not and he reassures her, but we see in him a sense of looking back at his own life. Did he have a difficult childhood? Or is he simply yearning to be the good father he once was? He sees Meghan, almost as his salvation from the “bad” person he knows he has become. Although being “bad” for him has his been his way to survive in the chaotic world he now resides in. It’s a means to an end.

Martinez has been making it very clear to the Governor that had he not been with the women and little girl, he would not have allowed him into his camp. He continually tries to assert that he is now the one in charge.

The Governor, Martinez, brothers Mitch and Pete, all go on a run for supplies. The entire time the Governor is trying to act passive and not asserting much of usual control. At one point they arrive at a deserted cabin, where walkers start coming out of the woodwork and attack Pete. The Governor leaps in and saves him from being attacked and viciously kills off the zombies. To which the guys all look at each other, almost like who is this guy. He is the guy with the zombie-killing skills of a ninja, that’s who!

At the cabin they find beer and take it back to the camp. The group enjoys a nice outdoor lunch and slug back some hot brews and whiskey. They all start to feel a little tipsy and their guard starts to come down a little, perfect timing for the Governor. He goes up with Martinez on top of the trailer to shoot off golf balls.


Seemingly it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt. The Governor proceeds to get the golf club and whack Martinez in the head and throws him off the trailer; he then drags his body to the zombie hole and allows him to get eaten alive. Yes that just happened, Martinez my friends is gone.

Just when you start to think the Governor has a heart, his hidden agenda comes out more and more.

Next, moving on to getting rid of more dead weight, the Governor goes in to talk to Pete who has now sort of assumed the responsibility of being in charge. He is and I mean, very loosely in charge, because he doesn’t know what the hell he is doing. Pete is a softie, not someone like the Governor at all.

The Governor goes in to talk to Pete and one thing leads to another and ummmm yeah, he kills him. Ok another one gone! He gets Pete and throws him in the lake with a weight attached to his leg. He allows his brother Mitch to live, in hopes of using him to be his next right hand man.

At one point, while the little girl is playing in between the camp with Tara, who hands the gun to her newfound lesbian lover, goes off to chase her when all of a sudden a walker appears out of nowhere. The unskilled Tara, tries to pull him off, but she is unsuccessful. Just as the Governor was about to get his groove on with Lilly, he goes out to save the little girl. All in a day’s work!

Seriously he did a lot in a few days, saved some people, killed some people, became the new leader, phew I am exhausted just thinking about it all.

Towards the end, we see him land upon the prison and see him eye the calmed down, relaxed, smiling Michonne and the toiling farmer Rick in the field. Oh no, the storm is brewing and I am sure the Governor wants in on that prison. It looks like the perfect place for him to create another safe commune, but of course he will need to get rid of Rick and the gang first.

So what the hell is going through the Governor’s mind? I think he wants to take control of that prison as I mentioned, it’s the perfect safe place for his new little family. All I want to know is when is Carol coming back?! What did you guys think of this episode? Was it exciting or are you ready to see more of Rick and his peeps?

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Boardwalk Empire Recap: Season 4, Episode 12: Daddy, You Bring Bad News

Boardwalk Empire Recap
Season 4, Episode 12

OMG last night’s episode, “Farewell Daddy Blues,” was bananas! The season finale was awesome to say the least and really we cannot expect anything less than perfect from this show. The writing is impeccable and can’t be matched; their ability to tell and weave so many stories into one episode each week can’t be beat.

Nucky finally came head to head with Eli and literally put a gun to his head, to which Willie interrupted and set that play awry. The question still remains would Nucky really have pulled the trigger or was it just a scare tactic? My feeling is that he would have killed him for having almost ambushed him.

Knox was obviously really pissed off when he realizes that the supposed meeting doesn’t take place. Eli was ready with a wire and the room was set up to listen in on them, but of course Nucky has his ways of finding everything out and he knew something wasn’t right.

IT seems as though Knox has issues with everyone, no one really believes in him or wants to see him succeed, or at least that is what his paranoid mind thinks. Hoover has issues with him, it’s almost as if he can’t stand him, but who can? The other agent thinks he’s off his rocker and asks him to turn in his weapon because he is unstable after discovering that Eli did not show up at the hotel room for the tap in as planned.

He proceeds to rectify the situation by going to Eli’s home, allowing himself in the house due to the fact that his wife believes he is an insurance salesman. This time around she senses that something isn’t right and asks Eli what the hell is going on.

Eli and Knox go head to head in one of the grittiest, well made fight scenes I have seen so far on this show. It was very Scorcese-esque (yeah I just made that word up), with lots of screaming, choking and fighting all wrapped up into one. Eli in a rage does the unthinkable and kills him.

I guess Knox didn’t realize he was dealing with real gangsters, that or he was just too presumptuous to think that they would never turn the tables on him.

With his tightly pursed mouth, every week he grew more annoying, but I have to say any actor who can make the viewer hate the character as much as we hated him shows us what a good job Brian Geraghty did with his portrayal.


Let’s move to Chalky land now, O M G, that’s all I can say about him and Narcisse coming head to head. Nucky makes a deal with Dr. Narcisse to allow Chalky to come and meet with him at the club, on the premise that he has information about Daughter Maitland.

Nucky calls in a favor to Richard Harrow, since he gave a tip to the police to the whereabouts of the body of Jimmy Darmondy. This leaves Gillian in jail and Harrow and his wife free to raise Tommy.

When Chalky and Dr. Narcisse sit down to speak, Narcisse says that he has leveled the playing field and he must tell him where Daughter Maitland is or his daughter, Maybelle, will be on the line as well. Harrow positions his gun, from the top, where he is acting as the sniper who will take down Narcisse, and in the moment of repositioning his fingers accidently shoots Chalky’s daughter. She comes into the scope’s view at the last second and she dies in awful death in front of Chalky’s eyes. Gasp, I really just started crying at this point.


In the middle of all this shots are fired and Harrow is shot. He makes it to a spot under the boardwalk, where he lays to dream and die. Seriously I was so sad at this point; he was my favorite character hands down.

Let’s get to Chicago now, Joe Torrio is corned and gun down, most likely by Al Capone who believed he was a conspirator in the shoot out that happened last week. Surprisingly, he lives and tells Capone that this gangster life is for the young and he is retiring and passing it on to him. In that moment, does Capone feel bad for what he did? I am sure he does not as he is the most ruthless thus far.

Agents know that Knox has been killed and are charging Eli with his death. Nucky, being that he still is his brother, shows his true colors and helps Eli go into hiding. Van Alden pulls up to pick him up, looks like he is going to Chicago!

In the end, we also see a scene of Margaret moving into her new rent free apartment with her kids, with Rothstein in tow with the new keys. Where will this relationship go?

Off his rocker, literally Chalky returns back to Oscar Boneau’s home and takes his space in the rocker he once sat in.

Throughout the whole episode, I felt like we were replacing the old with the new version. Chalky/Boneau, Nucky/Willie, Gillian/Julia and Torrio/Capone. This reformative nature of one person transforming into the new version, better than the last is what seems to be cropping up.

Now we will get to see how all of these worlds are going to collide and connect even more. What will happen with Chalky? How will he deal with his death? As for Willie, will he be of more assistance and delve deeper into the gangster world by Nucky’s side? There are so many questions left to be answered and if we know anything about Boardwalk Empire, we know that next year will be even better.

Richard-Harrow (pour one out for the homie Richard Harrow, RIP)

Movie Review: The Art of Getting By (2011)

The Art of Getting By (2011)
Directed by Gavin Wiesen
This movie happens to be one of favorite films and I am secretly obsessed with the main character, played by Freddie Highmore. You guys might know him as the little boy in Tim Burton’s remake of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or as the creepy teen in Bates Motel.

The film is about a teen boy, who is an outcast struggling to graduate high school for his lack of simply not caring about his schoolwork. He would much rather focus on his hobby which is drawing.

One thing that George, aka Teen Boy Outcast says is “we live alone, we die alone and everything else is just an allusion.” I know you must be thinking, shocker teen Tumblr girl who is depressed on life. No that’s not the case, I this quote actually rings true. I like how George lives by this quote and he truly believes you need to live your life the way you want because no matter what you are going to die.


George develops a new friendship with a girl named Sally, played by Emma Roberts, who he ends up falling in love with and in the end they both realize that love is a hard thing to express and process. This whole transition from friendship to love was a rocky ride for the couple and it was a good one to watch.

I recommend anyone who is into romantic movies to watch this flick. This movie has an amazing soundtrack and talented actors. It also helps that the two male characters are very attractive and mysterious.


I also loved that the story was set in New York City. In all reality the reason I fell in love with this movie is because this story plot seems so real. Everyone struggles with high school, love and being torn with the question of whether or not a relationship is something worth in investing in. This movie is not only relatable, but one worth watching.


The Walking Dead Recap: Season 4, Episode 6: No More Mr. Nice Guy

The Walking Dead Recap
Season 4, Episode 6

This week’s episode, “Live Bait,” was a little calmer than what we normally expect from The Walking Dead. The whole night was dedicated to the Governor and we got to see a different side to the man we have only seen to be charismatic and extremely controlling.

This was a retrospective look back at where he ended up after the showdown and what brought him to the point we saw last week, setting up camp in front of the prison with three tents.

We see him walking around town, with a beard, long hair and looking starved and weak. He scuffles around almost like a destitute zombie. He looks around him and we see another torn up city, all be it one with less zombies walking around than the prison. At one point he looks up and sees a little girl, he walks towards her and into an abandoned apartment building.


He comes to meet her and what appears to be one of the only families still living in this place. At first they seem leery of him, but then they take him in, confiscate his gun and give him food. He tells them his name is Brian Heriot, the name he saw scribbled on an abandoned barn. Inside is the little girl’s mother, Lily, her sister Tara and grandfather who is barely breathing with the help of an oxygen tank.

It appears that these people have been living with years’ worth of pepperoni sticks and snacks, thanks to the delivery van outside and haven’t really had to go outside and forge for supplies or food. Therefore they are oblivious to how zombies turn and really how to kill them.

The old man tells the Governor that the zombies in the floor above them just keep coming back despite his daughter shooting them. He asks him for one favor before he leaves to get the backgammon board that is upstairs, so that he and his granddaughter Meghan can play.

The Governor can’t say no, his heart goes out to the little girl. When he goes up, he finds a zombie who is still alive; it appears that Tara has been shooting these zombies in the chest. Which we all know is totally wrong. Hit them in the brain duh!

She needs to refer her “How to Kill a Zombie” textbook and read up on that chapter.


The governor proceeds to go back, with a new found gun that he found in the apartment and shows the little girl how to play with the game. He describes the chess pieces and the little girl gets the King piece and draws a patch on it to resemble the Governor.

This scene is like an analogy for the show itself. The pawns are like the people in prison and he is the King who will dominate and hit checkmate.

His heart is starting to go out for this family, we see him burn the old photo of his own family, perhaps to start anew and fresh. He dutifully again fills another favor for the family to get an oxygen tank for the grandfather, but it is not enough to save him and he dies.

They are unaware of the fact that he will turn, the sickness that turns zombies, well they have been fortunate enough to have never witnessed it. The grandfather nearly kills Tara, the Governor saves her and again they are grateful. He realizes though that he has to leave.

When he tries to leave the mom, who secretly has been eyeing the Governor from afar, tells him she wants to go with him. Just think this woman hasn’t had a man in her presence for years, she definitely had the hots for the Governor. I mean he is kinda sexy in a post-apocalyptic way.

The family goes with him and he takes them in as his own. When the truck breaks down, they must go off into the mean streets and of course zombies come at them. They run and the Governor holds the little girl in his arm and falls down a hole. Inside are more zombies, he kills them and then his old buddy, Martinez, his former pawn and minion finds him.


Now we see how the old crew has reassembled. Will the family he has taken in be able to survive? Are they in one of those tents or do they not make it out? Only further pissing off the Governor and making him more upset.

I really liked this episode because we got to see a different side to the Governor. I always wanted to know more about him and delve deeper into this character. I also enjoy the actor who plays him, David Morrisey, I think he is able to convey the power that he possesses, yet play him with a refinement and sensibility that he was once a family man. Someone who once had a good heart, but when everything was destroyed, turned to his own darkness to deal with the chaos of the new world order.

In a sense he is a lot like Rick, yet he has much more capability of being a leader and acting with more power under duress than him. In the outside world of years before, perhaps Rick was that person and he himself has gone a little off his rocker and lost the edge he once had, but regardless both are a force to be reckoned with and it will be interesting to see what happens when their two worlds collide again.