HBO Minute: True Detective and Girls Recaps

True Detective

Season 1, Episode 6: “Haunted Houses”


Wow, what a great TV show this is turning out to be, I have to say it is the best, thus far of 2014. It has all the perfect elements of a great show; good actors, a great storyline that keeps the viewer guessing, twists and turns at every corner and never is there a predictable moment. At this point, we only have 2 episodes left and things are really heating up for Rust and Martin and details of their story are finally being uncovered. Martin and his wife Maggie’s relationship has been on the rocks since she caught him cheating with the busty and crazy Lisa. Flashback to 2002 and once again, Martin is wooed in by a young lady, she was one of the ex-prostitutes he had questioned earlier in the season, now she is doing better and working at their local electronics store. They hook-up and of course the craziness ensues and she starts to get attached to him.


Remember this was the formative of years of sexting, finally flip phones gave people the ability to take and receive tiny naked images. Maggie sees his phone and opens it and yup she is raging mad. All the while Martin is sitting there smug, enjoying his pasta. Fed up and pissed off, she takes off to see Rust. I really liked this scene because it showed that energy brewing between the two.

Earlier that day Rust was put on leave for interviewing people from the LeDeux case. Although it had been closed, Rust has a hunch that something else is going on and that someone else is out there killing people. The police are blind to this situation and him rustling up old cases doesn’t sit well.


At home, his house is set up as an investigation room, almost like Carrie in Homeland, but he’s not that crazy. Knock on the door and oh lord it is Maggie, sobbing, distraught and she takes a whole of Rust, who is also in a drunken stupor and forces herself on him. What ensues is about 2 minutes of drunken and sloshy sex. Yeah, I just made that word up, but that’s what it seemed to be, it’s sort of like when you drink too much and the liquid is swishing around in  your stomach and you may just hurl.


Rust realizes that this was all a ploy the minute it was over. She goes home and tells Martin, who she knew would not stand for it, especially since it happened with his partner. Now we know why the two in the present time are no longer on speaking terms. Whatever happened after that to Rust, we still need to find out.

The last scene shows both of them leaving police headquarters in present time and they meet on a highway, where Rust pulls Martin over. He tells him they should talk, Martin grips his gun for a second. Perhaps he believes a bit that what the cops said is true. Earlier they said that they believe is Rust is behind the killings. Is Rust really the killer?


So far this show is so good and I can’t wait to see what happens next. Who else out there is a fan?


Season 3, Episode 8: “Incidentals”

This time around Hannah has to interview Patti Lupone for an advertising editorial at her new GQ job. Her bf, Adam lands a role on Broadway, to which Patti tells her everythign is going to change with him. This makes Hannah feel insecure about her realtionship, thinking that he will leave her or cheat on her when he becomes wildly famous on Broadway. She tells her Adam is weird, who would want him, to which Patti says, “Even the elephant man got laid on Broadway.”Ok, that would make any girl nervous.


Ray tells Marnie, he no longer wants to see her as a fck buddy, he wants a real relationship.

Hannah gets a room at a fancy hotel where Shoshanna says they have “Mario Badesco in the bathroom, I am totally stealing it,”and Adam brings his new acting friend Desi along for the ride.


Marnie instantly clicks with his friend and they start singing together,  like a modern day Johnny and June Carter Cash. Seriously, his friend is super hot and I am sure she will end up hooking up with them and it will probably end disasterously as most things do for her.

I really like how self centered Hannah is shown to be, I feel like that is so true of how people act in their 20’s. Also did anyone check out Adam’s toe sucking scene?


The story is moving along and I really hope it picks up and something more exciting happens!




The Walking Dead Recap: Season4, Episode 11: Saving the World, One Cheez-Whiz Can at a Time

Walking Dead Recap
Season 4, Episode 11
This week’s episode, “Claimed,” showed us that Michonne has a soft side and Rick won’t let a beat up body slow him down.

For a moment at the beginning of the episode, we get a lighthearted feeling that is rare and fun at the same time. Karl and Michonne are eating cereal minus the milk, laughing and talking about the good old days, but then that quickly changes when Judith is brought up.


Karl has learned at this point on the show, with all the time that has passed, to develop a thick skin and not let his emotions get the best of him. He tries to sink down the memory of Judith, just like that of his mother and his pseudo-stepfather Shane.

Karl and Michonne go off to get supplies, while Rick stayed home doing the dishes and cooking. Gosh he is such a good little housewife. They tell him to rest up and save his strength.


Off they go searching for food and Michonne sees that Karl is sad and tries to lift his spirit with some canned cheez-whiz that she had found. Karl doesn’t laugh and she says that “toddlers find me funny.” Which sparks Karl’s interest and she suddenly reveals, oh yeah by the way I used to have a kid. Karl wants to know more and slowly, but surely gets more out of her while they rummage through houses.

In a spine-tingling moment, Michonne opens a child’s room in the house and finds the corpses of a family, kids and all and it is apparent that they must have lost hope and killed themselves.

She refuses to let Karl see and in a sense believes he has probably seen enough horrible things for one lifetime.

Meanwhile at the house, Rick tries to lie down and enjoy a good book, Jack London’s White Fang, when suddenly he hears noises. A group of men enter the house and start ransacking it, Rick rolls under the bed to hide.

This was a great classic horror movie scene, Rick is sweating and his clock is ticking and one of the guys lays on the bed. Another guy comes in and they start fighting and suddenly he puts the guy in a sleeper hold and knocks him out. If they will do this to a comrade, what will they do to him?


This was a real nail-biter moment and I applaud them for giving us more of these feelings. The show is beginning to feel the way it did the first 2 seasons, where uncertainty loomed around every corner.

In usual Rick fashion he escapes by going through the bathroom window and in doing so kills another guy who was in there just trying to take care of his business.


He hangs out under the porch and waits for Michonne and Karl to come back, they run off and start walking by a train track. They see a sign for Terminus and decide to go that way. Kumbaya the gang will be back together soon, remember Carol and Tyreese and the kids were going that way too.

Glenn and Tara also make an appearance with the new characters, Abraham, a former Sergeant in the Army, Rosita his lover slash GI Jane chick, and Eugene the scientist. Abraham says that Eugene has the cure for what is going on and they must go to Washington DC to relay this info and save the world.


Despite this miraculous guy who will save the world, Glenn does not want to go, he wants to find Maggie. It seems that love is persevering over world peace, good job Glenn. This brings Glenn and Abraham into a battle where they start fighting, meanwhile, walkers start coming out of a cornfield and Abraham starts shooting like a fool.


Eugene puts bullets in the gas tank and now their wonderful military vehicle is disabled and they must walk on foot. They decide to head back the way they were coming, where they will end up who knows?

I am guessing Terminus perhaps?  Is Terminus really good or is it just like the Governer’s idyllic community?


Movie Review: Enough Said (2013)

Enough Said (2013)
Written and directed by Nicole Holofcener

I heard a lot of rumblings about this movie since it was James Gandolfini’s last movie, with that said watching this movie was bittersweet.
This film is a simple story about Eva (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), a massage therapist, who is divorced with a daughter who is about to go to college. She is kind, funny, goofy and a bit quirky; she has flaws, but who doesn’t.

She goes to a party one night with her married friends, Sarah (Toni Collette) and Will (Ben Falcone) and meets Albert (James Gandolfini). He is very similar to her, he is divorced and also has a daughter who is about the same age, both are beginning to fear the empty nest syndrome that is about to occur in their lives. On that night, she also meets Marianne (Catherine Keener), a poet, yup a real life poet, who is beautiful, friendly and really needs a massage.

This storyline in this film reminds of the movies of the 40’s and 50’s, boy meets girl, they fall in love and a comical issue keeps them apart or mad at one another. That is exactly what I enjoyed about this film. Movies do not have to be complicated, have guns, shoot-outs, gratuitous sex scenes and the like to be fun to watch.

What transpires is that Eva becomes friends with Marianne, not knowing in the beginning that she is Albert’s ex-wife. Just like most people, Albert and Marianne talk about their exes, usually in not the most flattering light. Now what happens when a person is hearing both sides? Eva sits happily in the middle, she should walk away from one or the other or just confess, but she doesn’t.


In a way, this fiasco adds a little spice to her mundane, pretty normal life.

The dialogue in the film is funny; the things that happen to the character are very realistic of moments in many people’s lives. One of the scenes I really liked is when Eva is at dinner with her ex-husband and his new wife, at this point she is kind of like the Marianne and she talks about she hated when he would buy cookies because she would eat them all and basically he contributed to her weight gain. (I seriously have this issue with my husband). These are the quirks of marriage that are real and couples either learn to live with it or they give them the boot because all the little miniscule annoying quirks add up one day into a terrible mess.


The issue here is can Eva accept Albert? After all the negative things she hears from Marianne, can she put those things aside? A lot of the things she belittles her ex about are the things Eva likes about him. He’s overweight and she doesn’t mind, he eats his guacamole with no onions, and it really doesn’t matter to her.


I thought this was a sweet and funny movie. It’s not corny, sugar coated or too sweet to taste, but just right. It’s like that perfect cookie with just the right amount of cream and crunch.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus is so great in this movie; she delivers a subtle performance that leaves an imprint on your mind. James Gandolfini only serves to remind us, that he will no longer be able to give us these types of movies any longer. He was more than Tony Soprano and it is evident in this film. His character is nuanced and gracefully funny.


I highly recommend this movie, it’s a great date night, stay in, order pizza, and have some wine kind of flick.

HBO Minute Recap: True Detective, Girls, Looking

I watch so many shows, so I decided to make my recaps a little more condensed and short. Just so you guys get a gist of what happened in the episode and what was great or sucked majorly. I just got rid of Showtime, so once I decide to get that back, I’ll do one for that channel too. Honestly the shows on there right now are so crappy; they do not even deserve a review. Shameless is getting wacko, Episodes is boring, and House of Lies just doesn’t do it for me. I need me some Dexter back in my life.

True Detective
Season 1, Episode 5: “The Secret Fate of All Light”
HBO's "True Detective" Season 1 / Director: Cary Fukunaga

I am really enjoying this new crime, psychological thriller show. It’s creepy, weird and the characters are so damn interesting. Matthew McConaughy is awesome; he plays Rust Cohle, the detective with a sketchy past and a damn good cop who can pry a confession out of anyone. Woody Harrelson plays Martin Hart, what he paints himself to be on the outside, we are finding out is not true of what he does in his spare time. He has issues; he just hides them better than Rust.

Together the two are partners, investigating a ritualistic killing in Louisiana in 1995. From there the show flashes forward to 2002, where they are both being investigated separately on the incidents that occurred in the 90’s, as it seems that the same murders that were occurring then are happening again. Did they catch the wrong person or is someone playing copy cat?


I feel like at this point, we are being pushed to believe that perhaps Rust could have done it, but I think it is going to be something that comes out of left field. In this episode we watched how the incident in question with the suspected murder LeDoux went down. Everything happened differently then what they told cops. So far this show is really captivating and reeling me in, it is the type of show I want to talk about with people and wonder what else people are thinking. I want to watch it over again and see if I missed anything. After this episode, I am left wondering what does Rust have in his storage container?! How is Martin involved in this case in 2002, what did he do in that span of time, if anything?

Church4_998153ba2083cf214ffe0b0ce75d4e721-1024x576 (Scarrrrrrrrrryyy!)

Season 3, Episode 7: “Beach House”


Ok, so far this season, I am really not impressed with this show. In this episode, the girls go down to a wanna-be Hampton’s beach house; they say it’s the ghetto version of it. LOL. The characters are almost becoming caricatures of their own selves.

Marnie is annoying as all hell with her perfectionist attitude, but the fact that she keeps talking about the grilled pizza incident is pretty funny. Shoshanna well she is just there now, something needs to happen with her soon. Marnie had sex with Ray and hasn’t told Shoshanna yet, so that should be interesting. Hannah runs into Elijah, her old lover who is now gay and they rekindle their friendship. Jessa is just there as well being herself, acting totally sane post-rehab. Yawn fest. This episode was boring, but what I like about this show are many of the funny lines, so I will continue to watch for now.



This show is basically Girls with gay men instead. With this show, I don’t even know if I can review it. Honestly it is pretty boring to me, it is the show I watch when nothing else is on and it has been in my DVR for a few weeks. This show is lacking grit and it needs characters with more depth. I feel like I am watching the typical life of most gay men and almost to the point where they are exaggerated versions of gay men trolling on Grinder. I will continue to watch for the sake that it’s kind of funny to watch these guys try to meet the man of their dreams. I guess all us girls want the same thing out of life.

watch-hbo-releases-new-trailer-for-dramedy-looking (Ohh look its gay Sex in the City/Girls)

PS… Please bring back Curb your Enthusiasm!!!! I heart Larry David!


The Walking Dead Recap: Season4, Episode 10: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Hell

Walking Dead Recap
Season 4, Episode 10


All of us Walking Dead fans have been sitting here with our thumbs up our asses, waiting patiently for the show to come back. Well bitches it came back and it is getting good!

I have been so busy lately that I didn’t get to catch you guys up on last week, so we’ll just start here. Quick recap, the gang is now scattered through the city with the burning of the prison and the killing of Herschel by the Governor. Everyone has found a new partner and slowly the show is bringing them all back together again, sort of like Humpty Dumpty except with more blood. The season premiere focused on Rick and Karl, and Michonne finding them.

Sunday’s episode, “Inmates,” centered the story on other camp members reuniting. Daryl and Beth are traversing unknown ground with a few weapons, but at least she is with Daryl. Of all the people, I would want to be stuck with; I would definitely pick Daryl because he can totally handle his own.

Next scene, Tyreese is alone with Lizzy and Mika and drumroll…. Baby Judith! Yes that little one is alive and screaming and pooping. Of all the people I would not want to be stuck with, I hate to say it; I would not want to be with that baby. Hello, it is hard enough in the real world to take care of babies and their needs, let alone in Walking Dead land. If this doesn’t get Tyreese laid, I don’t know what will.


Lizzy is the baddest little girl ever, hands down. She tells her sister not to be afraid and hands her a knife. She is basically like Carol’s mini-me slash little minion.

At one point, he hears screams and goes down to the train tracks to find two men being attacked by walkers, it is done he cannot save them. Out of nowhere, Carol is back in tow and she has found the girls. Hallelujah… do we hear church bells yet?


Carol is back… hell yes! I can’t wait till she finds Daryl and spits in Rick’s dumb smug face.

On a side note, the train tracks lead to a place called Terminus, some type of place that sounds like heaven for them at this point.


The other part of the show focused on Maggie looking for Glenn with Sasha and Bob in tow. Nowhere to be found, she is desperate and has lost hope of ever finding Glenn.

Back at the prison, yes the prison filled with walkers, is Glenn. He wakes up and realizes he is all alone, but he must get out, there is no hope of survival if he stays.


Armed with a helmet, he rushes through the crowd and finds Tara. She is sitting there alone and scared. Together they bust out of the prison to find Maggie.

On their way down the road, they start battling more walkers, a truck then stops and 2 unknown men and a woman come out to lend a hand. They totes look like people on those survivalist shows. Hmmm, who are they? Looks like they will be setting up camp with new people who have weapons and all the good things a hitchhiker can want in life. Will it be too good to be true? Are they part of camp Terminus? What did you guys think?



Movie Review: Fruitvale Station (2013)

Fruitvale Station (2013)
Written and Directed by Ryan Coogler
I got to see this movie on my recent trip to Hawaii; the new Boeings are pretty sweet in that they have personal television sets for each passenger with new movies and HBO. Feeling excited on my way there, I decided to dive in and catch up on some flicks. I sat there debating, should I watch this movie or not. I knew it was going to be emotional, but I decided to put it on, sit back and allow myself to wallow in my feelings for a bit.

This movie, as many people out there know, is the true story of Oscar Grant, who was physically accosted and suffered from police brutality on New Year’s Eve 2009.

In this day and age, where everything that happens in life is documented with smart phones and apps, people now have the ability and freedom to record any moment at any given time. In this film, Oscar Grant’s (Michael B. Jordan) life and the testimony for who he was, was accurately documented on many witnesses smart phones of that fateful night where he was brutally and supposedly accidently killed by a policeman.


The film shows us the day in his life leading up to his death. He was young, only 22 years old, but he was already a father and pseudo-husband to his girlfriend and baby momma, Sophina (Melonie Diaz).

From the beginning, we see that Oscar is just a guy from the hood, trying to get on with his life and get through the day and challenges of life. He has that bit of thugness to him, he smokes weed and he has cheated on his girlfriend in the past. He is definitely no angel, not even in the eyes of his mother, Wanda (Octavia Spencer).

She has been through his ups and downs in life, his jail stints and reckless behavior and in a sense is sick and tired of his crap, but she just wants the best for him. She fears him getting in trouble, so on hearing that he is going out for the night on New Year’s, tells him it may be best to just take the train, so they don’t get in any kind of trouble driving there and home.


We see Oscar though, not only as a guy who has trouble holding down a supermarket job and relies on extra money selling weed, but as a guy with a real heart. He loves his daughter and the bond that is shown in the movie is so special and heart wrenching. Regardless of what he did, Oscar was a great, loving father.


What I liked about this movie, out of everything was the way the story was told. He was not painted as a martyr who died, but as a person who was real, who had faults and was nothing special, just an average guy trying to make it in this harsh world. I thought the actors, specifically Michael B. Jordan (the Wire oh yeah!) and Melonie Diaz, did a great job, at showing vulnerability and an emotional toughness that was gritty and real.


Another thing that I liked was how they told a timeline of the story, through text messages. I think in today’s society, texting and being on our phones all day is a real part of life. As a viewer, we got to see his interactions and the leading up to a pivotal moment with his messages.

Where this movie lacked I believe is with showing the story between his mother and him, we get snippets of it, but it was not as deep as I would have liked. I would have preferred if we understood, a little more of his background and how he grew up and his relationship with his mother. Although, Octavia Spencer delivers a great performance, I think she could have been given some deeper monologues and more screen time.

By the end of this movie, I was trying to hide my emotions and tears so no one would see me. I almost felt like I was weeping all alone on the plane, but the movie really drew me in on an emotional level.


I highly recommend this movie and it is so far one of my favorites of 2013. I look forward to seeing more movies the up and coming young actors, Jordan and Diaz.



Random Blogger Musings

Just some blogging confessions for the day. Over the years I have started many blogs and honestly never kept up with them. I usually never write more than 5 blog posts because I think I just get bored with it really fast. I think the subject matter for me, was really not interesting or fun enough.

With this blog, I am talking writing about things that I like to talk about and subject matter that really interests me. When I was kid I wanted to be a veterinarian for like ever and when I got older and went to college I decided I didn’t really want to operate on animals and I switched my major. I really wanted to be a movie critic or work in the entertainment world, in some way, really any job being involved with the making or talking about movies was what I wanted.

People said it would be too hard to get into the field, regardless I took a lot of film classes and courses in writing about film. Still, I didn’t believe in myself. Perhaps those were my own insecurities. Another love of my mine is art history, so I decided I would pursue that instead and meld that with my writing.

I decided to get a Master’s in Rhetoric and Writing and I was actually going to write my thesis on the rhetoric with the art work that was confiscated during Hitler’s regime. Funnily enough, kind of like the Monuments Men movie that is out right, which I really want to go see when I get a free day. I started it and I did so much research, but I decided to test out of school instead of finishing my thesis, I was seriously so sick at that point of being in school. I had previously done a large chunk of a different thesis on beatnik writers, so working on my second, I was really burnt out.

I applied for a bunch of different Art History jobs, Christie’s in New York, applied to schools to get my Phd in Art History and again it just didn’t end up working out for various reasons. I feel like I was so tired at that point of trying, rejection, being poor and tired of pushing myself. I decided to take a regular corporate job and have had various ones since.

Let me just say it is not fun at all and I sometimes kick myself for not keeping on and just doing what I wanted to with my life, which was work in film. Instead of taking all these random routes, but really I didn’t know what the fck I was doing.

That being said, this blogging platform has been working out great for me. I love writing about this type of stuff, I feel like a loser, like I watch too much TV and movies, but oh well, I really do not care at this point.

The hardest part right now for me is that I do work a full time job and I am trying to figure out how to write more often and make my work more condensed. Specifically with my TV recaps, so I think I am going to start to do quick blurbs and focus more on the movie reviews, which I find much more fun.

I really just wrote this blog post randomly, just talking out loud I guess. 🙂