Emmys 2014 Recap: Top 12 Good, Bad and Ugly Moments

This year’s Emmys were hosted by Seth Meyers and were on a Monday night, something that hasn’t happened in years. Apparently this was due to the fact that the MTV music awards were on Sunday night. Yes people, they still give out awards for videos that are never and let me repeat and emphasize that are NEVER played on TV anymore.


The Emmys could have been a better show, the weight of the talent in the room was heavy and the shows nominated for the most part were all pretty great. Twenty years ago, TV was not what it is today, there was a stigma for movie actors to jump into TV shows, but now the quality of drama shows and character driven dramas are absolutely phenomenal. If anything they are challenging what you see in movies. Thus with that being said, the Emmys had the ability this year to take it to another level and to really make it a special night.

Let me just say really quick, Breaking Bad won for almost everything, there I said it, not much else to say about that subject.

tumblr_naw8aaWOTt1qzmfxbo1_500  tumblr_nawim9Un4U1tyzkmro1_500

The show felt like a wanna-be version of the Oscars, all that was missing was a group selfie with Seth. Despite their best to make it funny and to make it seem like the actors are just funny kids in the audience, it just didn’t work. The show was decent and could have been better, Seth was funny to an extent and I felt like I was watching another one of his weekend update skits from Saturday Night Live.

As you most know I am pretty caught up on the majority of TV shows out there, so I felt it was my duty to chime in and give you guys the low down.

Here is a quick recap of what went down and what were the good, the bad and just plain ugly moments of the night.

1. Before the Emmys kicked off, Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul put out the deets for a scavenger hunt in Hollywood. He announced the hunt on Instagram and gave fans the chance to find scripts, posters, dolls and even RJ Mitte aka Walt Jr. This is smart and so on trend to the way the world works now through social media. Kudos to Paul for giving back to the fans!


2. When Julia Louis Dreyfus and Bryan Cranston went up to give an award, he mentioned that he was on an episode of Seinfeld. Remember the dentist episode? And that they had shared a kiss. When she won for her Veep performance he ran up to the stage and gave her a big kiss. The moment interjected some fun into an otherwise pretty bland night.

tumblr_nax018Y1HB1qgwd2mo2_250  tumblr_nax018Y1HB1qgwd2mo3_250

3. Billy Crystal’s tribute to his pal Robin Williams was a real tear jerker moment. It was kind, heartfelt and was nice to hear a perspective of Robin from someone who was a true friend. Robin was a comedian through and through and he will be sorely missed by all.

tumblr_nawcy2dhSP1sri7qoo2_r1_500  tumblr_nawcy2dhSP1sri7qoo3_r1_500

4. Many great shows did not win a single award and some actors were completely snubbed for a nomination. Can someone tell me why Game of Thrones did not win anything? I thought for sure Peter Dinklage’s performance in the trial scene would earn him an Emmy, he definitely blew all of the other actors out of the water. Tatiana Maslany from Orphan Black did a great job this year and was at least deserving of a nomination. Downton Abbey didn’t get a single award either. Tisk, tisk Academy!

tumblr_naw6mv5FUX1qb6v6ro2_400  tumblr_inline_naw7bu7p9G1rao3i1

5. One of my favorite parts of the show was when Seth Meyers and comedian Billy Eichner hit the streets and asked people questions about the Emmys like who is hosting, how they felt about The Mindy Project and what they think about Tatiana Maslany being snubbed for a nomination? The answers were hilarious and most people did not know who Seth Meyers even was, despite being right in front of them.

tumblr_naw1yo7ehv1rvszrdo1_500  tumblr_naw1yo7ehv1rvszrdo2_500

6. One of the big hyped up moments of the whole evening was the fact that if Matthew McConaughey won for best actor in a drama series for True Detective, he would be completing the feat, which hasn’t been done in decades of winning both an Oscar and an Emmy in the same year. I felt like a lot of energy and focus was put on him, so many actors went up on stage and made a joke about it. By the end I really didn’t care if he won or loss, despite being a fan of the show, I was over the hoopla of it to say the least.

tumblr_nawvhj4fgQ1r19feno1_250  tumblr_nawvhj4fgQ1r19feno2_250

7. Kathy Bates and Jessica Lange both won for their performances on American Horror Story: Coven. You go girls! It was nice to see the show get recognized and both ladies were completely not expecting to win and it was obvious when they went up on stage. It was really cool to see them have their moment and get the applause they deserve.

tumblr_naw9uoiWBh1sri7qoo3_500  tumblr_inline_nawib6StaQ1rgfbwx

8. The moment when celebrities got up and asked random questions. Ummm, why, what was the point of this? Jon Hamm asked if the Emmys were on TV, Melissa McCarthy asked if her car would get towed Julianna Margulies asked if she could have Maggie Smith’s Emmy if she won. This whole moment felt weird and it just didn’t go off as funny as they intended.

tumblr_naw9tzlQMd1qmpdnno1_250  tumblr_naw9tzlQMd1qmpdnno2_250

9. I was very happy that Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch both won for Sherlock. Finally the show gets some awards, but unfortunately none of the British actors were in attendance. Dame Maggie Smith wasn’t there either, so we never got a shot of her in the audience.

tumblr_naw3tvl26b1qzy1u6o2_250  tumblr_naw3tvl26b1qzy1u6o1_250

10. Sofia Vergara went up on stage and introduced Television Academy’s CEO Bruce Rosenblum, when he came up he asked her to stand on a revolving platform. She played stupid about it and said “Is this how they do it on American television?” As he talked about how the Academy works to inspire audiences and help students with careers, Sofia spun around aimlessly on the pedestal, showing off her curvaceous body. She is beautiful that is a fact, but I felt it was the most degrading moment for women and I could not believe that they stooped that low. By far the worst moment of the night.

tumblr_naw770FTWE1qd4rf5o1_400  Capture4

11. Cary Joji Fukunaga won for best director in a drama series for True Detective, this was by far the most deserving award of the night. He’s young and added a fresh vibe to the boring acceptance speeches. Can’t wait to see what he does next!

tumblr_naw9dwFOnY1s3y9slo3_500  tumblr_naw9dwFOnY1s3y9slo4_500

12. This was corny, but totally funny. Given that theme songs are vague, Weird Al Yankovic made up lyrics to go with the songs from the nominated shows. By far the best one was for Game of Thrones, he mentioned boobs and not getting attached to characters, wisely saying that everyone should have a back-up fave character. He sang slash told George R. R. Martin, who was in the audience to “start typing” because we need more scripts. Check out the montage, he is LOL-worthy for sure.

tumblr_naw8b1ca0y1r00543o7_r1_250  tumblr_naw8b1ca0y1r00543o8_r1_250

Did you guys watch the show? If so what did you think? Or do you just hate award shows? Do tell!



Alfred Hitchcock Blogathon: The Wrong Man (1956)

Rob aka MovieRob aka bad ass movie watcher and Zoe aka bad ass South African slash Sebastian Stan and Dane DeHaan lovin’ overall cool chick, have been hosting a month long Alfred Hitchcock blogathon series. I threw my hat in the ring and participated with Hitchock’s classic film, The Wrong Man.

images (Movie Rob killin it!)

tumblr_nav1rgdQzF1r10y0co6_250 (For the Z woman)

Now pour yourself a drink perhaps a cream soda, if you can find one, in honor of our hosts and read up!

Originally posted on The Sporadic Chronicles of a Beginner Blogger:

Joining us for the continuation of our Alfred Hitchcock Blogathon today is the massively talented and highly entertaining Melissa of Snap Crackle Watch! You should head over to her site if you don’t already follow her. She has freaking fantastic gifs in her articles (if ever you need a laugh), great movie reviews, and in depth series episode reviews, all well worth the read. I will stop rambling now and move over for Melissa’s review!


Top 10 Reasons Why Pulp Fiction is Still One Of The Coolest Movies Ever

When Cara announced her Blogiversary Bash I knew I had to participate. Unfortunately, at times I can procrastinate, we all have our faults, don’t judge, I sat on my idea and let it simmer and bake for way too long. I apologize Cara!!! Nonetheless, here is your belated blogiversary present. The bash got me thinking about which movies I love the most. I am sure most of us out there in the movie Blogosphere have a million favorite movies to narrow down, so the task is not an easy one.


My favorite movie, hands down is Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction. It is a movie that has gotten me through my teenager years, one that I popped on when I came home from wild nights partying in college, it lulled me to sleep and helped nurse my hangovers and one that I always watch whenever it is on TV, no matter what part is on.  Now 20 years later, it has stood the test of time and resides in the category of an ultimate classic. I mean a classic royale, with cheese of course.


Here are my top 10 reasons why Pulp Fiction is still one of the coolest movies ever.

1. The dialogue: I can only imagine the actors opening up that script and seeing what awesome nuggets of dialogue there was to be hold. From the opening diner scene to Jules’ ability to hash biblical psalms to giving us catch phrases that to this day are still used.

imagesRL3PI055  imagesPVIHAPGC

2. The soundtrack: The way that Tarantino was able to perfectly meld the music to what was happening on screen can be described as magical at best. Pulp Fiction brought John Travolta back to his dancing roots with the iconic Jack Rabbit Slim’s dancing contest done to Chuck Berry’s “You never can tell.” And who could forget the jam, “Jungle Boogie,” when I hear that song nowadays, it instantly makes me think of this movie.

tumblr_mx05qj4gef1t0g055o2_500  tumblr_mx05qj4gef1t0g055o1_500

3. Two Words Uma Thurman: She is the epitome of Pulp Fiction. Her character of Mia Wallace is one of my favorite female Tarantino characters ever. Uma served as Tarantino’s muse and it is obvious why, with her piercing eyes and smooth voice, she was the coolest of them all daddy-o. What did the mama tomato say to the baby tomato? Ketchup.

tumblr_moch6cu4Mh1qkg3gro3_250  tumblr_moch6cu4Mh1qkg3gro2_250

4. The Heroin Overdose Scene: If you were only to watch one scene in this entire movie, which would be a sin in of itself, but if you absolutely had to, this would be it. The banter between Vincent Vega and the drug dealer was funny, interjected in a moment filled with sheer craziness, and the suspense of reanimating Mia Wallace back to life with a shot of adrenaline was intense to say the least.





tumblr_n2v310n5aR1sjow2no1_500  tumblr_n2v310n5aR1sjow2no2_500

5. The MacGuffin: The suitcase that metaphorically carries so much weight in the movie still remains a mystery to us all. What was inside and what were the two men chasing? We will never know and it is up to you to make your own assumption about the contents of the suitcase.

tumblr_m9e0mwtpz21qzhglpo2_r1_250  tumblr_m9e0mwtpz21qzhglpo3_r1_250

6. Three Words Samuel L. Jackson: If Uma Thurman was Tarantino’s muse or goddess of inspiration, then Samuel L. Jackson was his Apollo, the god of light, poetry and knowledge. Every line that emanated from him as Jules Winnfield was prolific and enlightening. He taught us that rubbing another man’s wife’s feet is considered cheating and that the act of killing is comparable to playing God. He did not play Jules as your average simpleton hit man, but one that thought of every act of killing with such consequence and thought. Not to mention he probably has the best lines of the entire movie.

tumblr_mwxw56LUEm1qhhxd4o4_250  tumblr_mwxw56LUEm1qhhxd4o3_250  tumblr_mwxw56LUEm1qhhxd4o6_r1_250

7. The Wardrobe/Costumes: As simple as they were, the wardrobes of this movie are iconic. The black and white suits worn by Vincent Vega and Jules and Mia Wallace’s button up white shirt and black capris. The black and white effect played well with the hip nature of the movie. Also, the clothes that Vincent and Jules change into after they clean up the car that Marvin was killed in. Vincent wears a shirt with Tarantino’s alma mater of UCSC, while Jules lounges around in running shorts.

tumblr_na41ppaP0F1s0u0wgo1_500  tumblr_na5kh6Rl0a1t553g0o1_500

8. The Kahuna Burger Scene: For me this is one of my favorite scenes and one that stands out as having the most singular mark of Tarantino. Jules stands in front of Brad and questions him, asking him “what does Marcellus Wallace look like,” to which he keeps answering “what.” Each time angering him more and more, and fervently making him feel even more God like with every question. As this is going on, Vincent is standing in the back, almost bored. These guys are used to killing people and to them it is just their job. Only Tarantino can create a killing scene that is in a way light-hearted, since it opens up with him asking for a taste of his delectable Kahuna burger and then turns riveting and full of suspense. This type of set up works in every movie from Reservoir Dogs to Django Unchained, this back and forth banter with killer and victim is priceless.

tumblr_n9h5llwTeQ1s2791bo3_250  tumblr_n9h5llwTeQ1s2791bo1_250
tumblr_n9h5llwTeQ1s2791bo2_250  tumblr_n9h5llwTeQ1s2791bo5_250

9. The Editing: Sally Menke had a long-time working relationship with Tarantino. The way she edited this film was phenomenal. She was able to create tension out of everyday moments like Vincent Vega and Mia Wallace looking at each other over the diner table, while he sipped his amazing 5-dollar milkshake and she watched while chewing her gum. The feeling of awkwardness and anxiety was palpable with the silence between the two. The whole movie is told with the disjointed editing of the story, it jumps back and forth in time, but in the end the whole film comes together beautifully.

tumblr_n9n04upGJs1qcsmhlo1_250  tumblr_n9n04upGJs1qcsmhlo3_250

tumblr_n9n04upGJs1qcsmhlo2_250  tumblr_n9n04upGJs1qcsmhlo4_250

10. The Supporting Characters: All the characters in the movie are unique, yet put together comprise a film like no other. Each one tells a different story, giving the viewer a snippet of foreshadowing and a deeper understanding of the main characters. Butch’s father, Capt. Koon’s relationship to his watch and his son was heartwarming and odd. Pumpkin and Honey Bunny, their twisted relationship opens and closes the film. Lance the drug dealer and his girlfriend Jody, together they are kooky and add hilarity and edginess. The Wolf, the no nonsense, perfectionist cleaner, who knows how to leave a crime scene pristine and glistening like no one was ever there. Together these characters helped form a movie that has stood the test of time.

tumblr_m9d9ree4ve1rn8qgwo1_250  tumblr_m9d9ree4ve1rn8qgwo2_250

Hope you guys enjoyed my Blogiversary present! Who else loves this movie as much as I do?

images9XVYEEXG (Who wants to play Guess Who with Jules?!)



July TV Favorites

Howdy my buddies out there in the blog world. July was a VERY slow movie watching month for me. I feel like I barely watched or reviewed any. Which as you all know, in our world, that is a sad, sad feeling. Getting back on track this month though and hoping to go see Guardians of the Galaxy this weekend to kick my lull out of its’ boat. July was a great month for TV watching though, so many new shows popped up and some faves returned for another season. I also caught up with some shows that I had missed, as I renewed my Showtime and Starz subscriptions, so I will be including some of those as well. Let the games begin!

1. Black Sails: Season 1
Airing on Starz, this drama depicts the Golden Age of Piracy and focuses on Captain Flint and his rag tag crew of pirates. Set in New Providence Island, drama ensues on shore as much as on the ship. On the island, Eleanor Guthrie runs her father’s affairs with various ships and imports and exports. The show also focuses on other pirates like Captain Vane who runs around on the island with Jack Rackham and Anne Bonny, plotting various schemes to take over ships and treasures. This show is fun to watch if you are into pirates and those kinds of stories. Toby Stephens is wonderful as Captain Flint, although he surprised me in the beginning with one of the most gruesome scenes on the show. I was expecting him to be prim and proper and he proved me wrong! One of my favorite aspects of this show are the female characters, Eleanor is tough as nails, Anne is pretty bad ass, Miranda is wise and Max is beautiful and tenacious. They are strong willed, fierce and are not afraid of any old dirty pirate who puts a knife in front of their face. They put up a good fight and seem to teach the men a thing or two about life and being a decent human being.

Now who doesn’t like a sexy pirate?

tumblr_n9dc3uHJgF1rtx7h0o1_1280  imagesI4P9A3Q1

2. Penny Dreadful: Season 1
Finally caught up with this show, as I had been wanting to check it out and I really enjoyed it. I pretty much binge watched this in a matter of a few days. The show takes classic British literature as the basis for the story and then twists and turns it into something original. The show is set in the Victorian Era, Sir Malcolm Murray’s daughter Mina has been kidnapped and he is on the hunt to find her. He overturns every stone with the help of his daughter’s friend Vanessa Ives and together they uncover the depths of what appears to be a mysterious underworld filled with vampires and blood-sucking crazy creatures. Mina is somewhere trapped in this hell of a world, is she alive or is she merely an apparition of what she used to be? The power of the underworld is strong and they enlist the help of American sharp-shooter, Ethan Chandler and the young, egotistical doctor Victor Frankenstein to further find her.

The supporting cast of characters feature Dorian Gray, Van Helsing, Brona Croft and Caliban. Each character has their own story to tell and each one is weaved in with main characters. Season 1 seemed to set the scene for what will be a tumultuous and dark Season 2, where I believe more secrets will be revealed and each character will come closer to realizing the true nature of who they really are and what they can become. The best part of the show hands down is Eva Green who plays Vanessa, she is electrifying and intense, her stare is magnetic and she encapsulates the dark side of her character perfectly. Harry Treadaway who plays Victor is also my other favorite on the show, he is maniacal in a sense, yet deeply poetic and he really shines as the Mary Shelley version of Frankenstein.

tumblr_n94tr11K1p1suo371o2_r2_250  tumblr_n94tr11K1p1suo371o4_r2_250

3. The Strain: Season 1
Anyone who watches the FX channel, knows that they are able and very willing to push every button there is, never holding back any blood and gruesomeness that a regular channel would. Given that detail, it is no wonder that they chose Guillermo Del Toro’s, The Strain, as their Summer hit. At the moment, I am super into this show and I probably have asked everyone I know, have you seen The Strain? To which as it usually happens to me, they answer no. Insert sad face there. Ok people if you haven’t seen this, you must watch it!

The show is based on Del Toro and Chuck Hogan’s horror novel trilogy. The show begins with a strange plane disaster, as the plane lands on the tarmac, everything goes dark and everyone, well almost everyone, on board is suddenly killed. A special CDC unit that handles biological threats is called in to inspect the damage. Dr. Ephraim Goodweather or “F” as he is called and Nora Martinez discover 4 survivors, none of the dead looked to have any damage done to them and the plane is filled with a strange, ammonia smelling, liquid that is only visible with a UV light. An old man named Abraham Setrakian, a Holocaust survivor hears of the news and goes to the airport to warn the doctors. They think he is crazy and they turn him away, but he warns them what is happening is dangerous. From there, strange things start occurring to the survivors and the two doctors start investigating what appears to be a parasitic worm that they believe may be behind the disaster. What is really happening is that these little worm-like creatures are infecting and living off the bodies of the dead and survivors and turning them into vampires slash demons. Ok now the whole thing is sounding pretty crazy, I know, but regardless it is fun to watch and if you like these types of stories it is worth giving it a shot. Some of the scenes are pretty gross, so you have been warned!

tumblr_n9knja0ccD1s05hv8o3_250  tumblr_n9knja0ccD1s05hv8o2_250

tumblr_inline_n9j922aq0Y1qj3jiz (I’m with you Clint, ewwww)

4. The Bridge: Season 2
Again another FX show, last season ended on a really sad and depressing note and the show picks up right where we left off. I like when shows bring us right back to the end instead of 10 years later or something along those lines. The show focuses on the crimes that occur in El Paso, Texas and its’ Mexican border town of Juarez, one of the most notorious cities known for its violence and drug affiliations. American detective Sonya Cross and Mexican detective Marcos Ruiz, team up again to uncover and dig even deeper into crimes that were presented in the first season. Sonya is an odd duck, she has issues being a normal, functioning person, but her prowess for being a detective, who is unafraid of anything makes up for her lack of social abilities. Marcos is filled with deep secrets and rage, but he is compassionate and always fights to protect the people that matter most to him. In season 2, they face a new drug lord, but this time it is a strange woman with an odd past who has a harsh way of dealing with co-workers and enemies. A young man accidently spilled tea on her and she had his ear cut off, to say she is ruthless is a nice way to describe her.

tumblr_n8hzh7vtk41qfr4e7o1_400  (Be afraid, be very afraid of her)

The actors on this show are phenomenal, Diane Kruger plays Sonya perfectly as someone who is riddled with emotional baggage and Demian Bichir as Marcos, stands out as a rugged and real detective. I also like the fact that the stories that play out on the show, very much mirror actual incidents that have occurred. All the gruesome, crazy tales of Mexican drug lords and the crossing of drugs in underground tunnels is true. The border town for San Diego is Tijuana and I live fairly close and travel often to see relatives and can tell you that a lot of these types of stories are published on a daily basis in Mexican newspapers. Also, many times I watch shows with people speaking Spanish and it just doesn’t sound like how actual Mexicans or Latin people speak. I can vouch that they have kept the dialogue consistent with Spanish dialect and Mexican culture.

tumblr_mtv29twviq1sa6xzvo5_r1_250  tumblr_mtv29twviq1sa6xzvo4_r1_250

Most Disappointing of July: True Blood: Season 7

I have to say this show has really gone down hill. The storylines are disjointed and nothing from the previous seasons ever seems to matter in the next. This only further makes me care less about what happens this season. What happened with Lilith, Warlo, the panther people, the witches, the werewolf peeps, the fairy town, the shifters, Luna’s daughter? All these interesting characters have their moment and then the storyline is done. It never migrates to the next season and seems to rarely ever even be brought up again. The fact that there were witches in the town, that seemed like a really interesting aspect that could have been played against the vampires, but rarely do we see Holly ever even bring up the fact that she has powers.


What about the shifters? They had their day in the sun and then just like that they haven’t been brought up again, other than Sam. Despite hating on it, I will keep watching because this is the final season of True Blood. Also because Alexandar Skarsgard, Ryan Kwanten and Joe Manganiello and pretty much every other actor and actress on the show is hot. Muy caliente! Also, I already invested so much time into it that I do have to see it all end. I just had to take a moment to vent my frustrations with what could be and what was a really cool show. Anyone else frustrated with True Blood?

tumblr_n95vikmAMG1qdg533o1_500  tumblr_n95vikmAMG1qdg533o2_500


Question of the Month: Best TV Season of 2014

As part of the Question of the Month club, put on famously by the wonderfully funny Luke over at Oracle of Film, he asked what was the best TV season of 2014? Seriously, if you do not follow him already, please do so, if anything for his drunken trivia videos which I could watch all day. Although, I always wonder how does he feel the next day after playing that game? This month’s question was fun to answer, yet it was such a difficult decision. I am sure you can all guess what I picked! He also asked us all if you could spend a day with Tom Hardy what would you do? The answers are those are creative to say the least.

This is what happens when you drink vodka and try to remember what happened on Game of Thrones! Luke and his brother are the opposite of Jon Snow, they know everything.

Originally posted on Oracle of Film:

This month’s question has been a very exciting one, because I know a lot of you have strong opinions about the world of television. I decided to keep it simple for a change and asked each participant to tell me what they thought was the best TV Season of 2014. The rules were that their selection had to be judged on the specific season that was aired during 2014. For example, the Walking Dead series couldn’t be picked, but the fourth season of Walking Dead could. I also needed a few specific reasons about why that season was the winner, which you all delivered on exceptionally. I am not going to lie: part of me regretted my choice of question the second I sent out the emails. Why? Surely everyone was going to pick Game of Thrones. Thankfully, the answers were varied and some unexpected shows got thrown into the…