SDFF 2014: Movie Review: Laggies (2014)

Directed by Lynn Shelton
Written by Andrea Seigel


**I had the pleasure of seeing this movie on Day 2 of the San Diego Film Festival. It was so much and I had a blast watching it with my fellow blogger friend James. Be sure to follow him guys, he is a riot! I wish I could have more movie nights with my bloggers, I am sure it would be entertaining to say the least. Enjoy!

The idea of being a female twenty-something, a millennial living in society today, has become a recent hot topic. Think of HBO’s Girls and the film Obvious Child, growing up is hard and the way our mother’s and grandmother’s grew up is a lot different than it is today. Women have choices now, they don’t have to get married at 21 and they can choose to follow their dream jobs without being scoffed. With all the choices out there and the pressure at the same time to conform to the norms of marriage and childbirth, young women today are having an even harder time to figure out what to do with their lives.

I can personally say as a thirty-something, who doesn’t have kids, that living for yourself, and by that I mean doing whatever is that you want to do, whether it be travelling the world to write or to work at a bank or to be a stay at home mom, sometimes get in the way of what other people want for you. In the film Laggies, directed by Lynn Shelton, 28 year old Megan (Keira Knightly), has a post-quarter life crisis, feeling pressured from everyone around her to be who they want her to be, she decides to basically take a sabbatical from her life and retreat from the ones she loves.

When she touches the nipples of a Buddha statue at her friend Allison’s (Ellie Kemper) bachelorette party, they look at her with disdain and tell her she really needs to get her crap together and stop being so childish. Megan lies to her friends about her job at her father’s (Jeff Garlin) tax company, she makes herself sound more successful, but really she is just a sign spinner for his business.


Her boyfriend Anthony (Mark Webber) who she has dated since high school wants to get married and wants her to figure out what to do with her life. He proposes to her and she suggests going on a personal retreat to get her life together and when she returns she promises they will get married.


On her way home from her friend’s wedding, distraught and confused from all the decisions she must make, she meets a group of teenagers, Annika (Chloe Grace Mertz) the boldest of them, comes up to her and pleads with her to buy them alcohol. Most adults would probably say no, but instead Megan complies and not only buys them booze, but decides to stick around and hang out and drink with them. Hanging out with them seems a lot easier, than making big life decisions.

Instead of going to the retreat, Megan decides to spend a week hiding out at Annika’s house. Her father, Craig (Sam Rockwell) is a divorcee, when he meets Megan he is equally confused as to why this older chick is hanging out with his 16 year old daughter and sleeping over. She makes up a story and he allows her to stay there while she gets her apartment, supposedly figured out. What ensues from there is a whirlwind story of learning how to make hard decisions in life and maturing in the process.

tumblr_n8ts9d7pYR1t4t458o1_250  tumblr_n8ts9d7pYR1t4t458o6_250

I really enjoyed this movie, it was funny and light-hearted, yet it had its moments where the story was deeper than what was shown at the surface level. I am so used to seeing Knightly as a serious actress, nine times out of ten she is wearing a period costume to top it off, so to see her looking like an average girl was refreshing. I feel like I always expect Knightly to be equally smart in her films and in this one, she really is not, she is the opposite type of person that she normally plays.


Rockwell was probably my favorite out of the whole cast. The character of the father was not only funny, but he brings to it his own sensibility and dead pan humor.


Mertz was also good, she is able to play against established actors with ease and she brings a lot of depth to a teenage character. Although she has her moments, where she acts like a typical teenager who laughs about nonsense, she can hit the deep notes to create a profound moment. Garlin is always fun to watch on screen and he is compassionate and heartwarming in his role as the father.

tumblr_ncfcecNihu1rbw50xo8_250  tumblr_ncfcecNihu1rbw50xo5_250

I think a lot of people could relate to the characters in the film and can say they have probably felt like one of them at some point in their life. This is definitely a fun movie that is worth watching and is perfect for a date or a night out with girlfriends.

tumblr_mznithgfPA1rhtm94o1_500  (They’re pretty dang adorable!)



SDFF 2014: Movie Review: Wild (2014)

Directed by John-Marc Vallée
Written by Nick Hornby
Based on the novel by Cheryl Strayed


**This was the opening night movie for the San Diego Film Festival 2014. The crowd was pumped and excited to kick it off. Jeffrey Lyons opened it up and if Mr. Lyons is excited to watch this, then hell I am too! Check out my review and let me know your thoughts and if this sounds like something you would be interested in checking out.

If one was to tell the story of their mothers, their relationship to them and attachments, what kind of story would be told? The answers would be varied, different and completely unique to each individual. In the film Wild, Cheryl Strayed (Reese Witherspoon) tells her narrative and the journey she took in order to come to terms with herself and her life. Based on Strayed’s autobiographical novel Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail, the first person-memoir that details the hike she ventured on, the people she met along the way and the journey that took her over 15 years to tell.


At the heart of the story is her connection to her mother Bobbi (Laura Dern), the bond they formed over the years and what she saw her mother go through with her father and her mother’s unbreakable kind spirit. Her mother was a different type of person, she started college when Cheryl was in college, she remained upbeat and happy despite being continuously beat down and penniless, as long as she had her kids and her horse, she was a happy woman. Not until Cheryl takes the journey does she realize that her mother had an influence in on her life and that inside of her she would always carry her mother’s spark and essence inside of her.

Directed by John-Marc Vallée, who has just come off the heels of his success with Dallas Buyers Club, he was able to aptly convey the emotions and feelings of the book by soliciting a performance from Witherspoon that was outstanding and powerful. Not only did he show the emotional and physical anguish that Strayed had to endure, but the overwhelming vastness that is the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT). To hike the PCT, which extends from the border of US and Mexico all the way to Washington, was accurately depicted as both difficult to tame, yet equally majestic.


Cheryl makes the decision after a series of impactful events, which have lead her down a road of self-destruction and loathing, to hike 1,100 miles across the PCT to find and make amends with herself. The journey combined with the backdrop of the trail was breathtaking and emotionally exhilarating.


Upon hearing of its release I wondered how such a story would be told in a movie format, considering the story in the memoir is told in a pretty straight-forward manner. Instead Vallée takes the ideas and stories, plays with them by mixing and matching them to fit into the story that he is trying to tell, while at the same time keeping the essence of the story intact. He utilizes flashbacks and rapid cuts to bring Cheryl back to points in her life, both happy moments and the ones most people want to forget like meaningless sex with strangers and drug use.

All of these moments and flashbacks always bring her back to the present, the hiking of the trail, filled with days where heat exhaustion feels imminent and others where the snow is so deep she can barely walk. Everything she has faced in her past is what pushes her to keep going, to endure what not many people, let alone other woman would be prompted to do all alone.


Despite the deep nature of the movie, there are times where humor is interjected and it helped to lift the mood. One of the funniest moments is when she is asked if she is a hobo due to her disheveled nature, a reporter is adamant in believing she is one, so much that he hands her a can of beer and chips to help her on the road.

The entire movie is told through the perspective of Cheryl, her highs and lows, intense hunger pangs and thirst for Snapple, vulnerability and smugness are all told through her eyes. For this movie to work, I believe it had to be told this way. To get other characters’ feelings involved and their own biasness towards particular incidents, only would have been a disservice to truly understanding her growth and maturation throughout the film.

The use of symbols also moves the film narrative, the tattoo on her arm, the one she shared with her ex Paul (Thomas Sadoski), the fox in the woods and the black feather in her backpack, the marks on her body. All of these symbols mean something grander in the scheme of her life and they were all coping mechanisms for times when she was going through pain.


I would have liked to have seen more exploration of the characters she meets along the road. Such as her relationship with the hiker Greg (Kevin Rankin), sexy Grateful Dead loving dude Jonathan (Michiel Huisman) and the three buddies who bond with her on the trail. These characters play a much more significant role in the book, but in the film they were highly understated and vaguely told. Perhaps this was done in order to build and highlight Cheryl’s story alone.

Witherspoon was fantastic, her acting was raw and different, I have never seen her in this light. We feel her emotions, her frustrations with life and the trail; at times all we hear are her grunts and sighs, as she exudes the feeling that she is all alone. The only voice and noise she can hear is the slight rustle of the leaves and her breath. As an actress, she had to convey all that without saying any words or resting upon a heavy written script. She could definitely be in the running for a best actress nod come award season.


Another heavy hitter and who stood out to me was Dern. She was heartwarming and endearing and with her eyes conveyed a lot of the sensibility and sadness that lurked deep within her soul. Dern pops out on screen and I think she was a perfect choice to play the mother.

Overall, I think this was a great movie, it has a bit of an artistic edge to it and doesn’t feel as big and Hollywood-like as I thought it might end up. The soundtrack was also equally great and really went well with the film. If you like stories that dig deep, then this may the movie for you.


tumblr_mq5dmjgoKB1r6xvfko1_1280 (The author aka OG Trail Killa’)


San Diego Film Festival 2014: Upcoming Flicks

Hey guys just wanted to give everyone a little update. I got a press pass (woo hoo!) to attend the San Diego Film Festival. It runs from September 24-28th, which will take over my life starting tomorrow. Considering I do have to go to work all this week, I will try to fit in as much as possible, so I can give you guys some reviews on these upcoming movies. If only we could just watch movies and television all day and get paid, yes life would be grand. Well at least for me! There are tons of cool movies being shown and here are the ones I plan on seeing, check out the trailers below. I also plan on going to a film critics panel on Saturday, interested in hearing what they have to say. Jeffrey and Ben Lyons will be there so it should be pretty informative and engaging. This is my first film festival, wish me luck guys!

In Wild, director Jean-Marc Vallee (Dallas Buyers Club), Academy Award winner Reese Witherspoon (Walk the Line) and Academy Award nominated screenwriter Nick Hornby (An Education) bring bestselling author Cheryl Strayed’s extraordinary adventure to the screen. After years of reckless behavior, a heroin addiction and the destruction of her marriage, Strayed makes a rash decision. Haunted by memories of her mother Bobbi (Academy Award nominee Laura Dern) and with absolutely no experience, she sets out to hike more than a thousand miles on the Pacific Crest Trail all on her own. WILD powerfully reveals her terrors and pleasures –as she forges ahead on a journey that maddens, strengthens, and ultimately heals her.

Project M
Four astronauts have to stay 1000 days in a space station around Earth in order to prove that a trip to Europa, one of Jupiter’s moon, is possible. The experience goes well until something happens on earth.

Overeducated and underemployed, 28 year old Megan (Keira Knightley) is in the throes of a quarterlife crisis. Squarely into adulthood with no career prospects, no particular motivation to think about her future and no one to relate to, Megan is comfortable lagging a few steps behind – while her friends check off milestones and celebrate their new grown-up status. When her high-school sweetheart (Mark Webber) proposes, Megan panics and- given an unexpected opportunity to escape for a week – hides out in the home of her new friend, 16-year old Annika (Chloë Grace Moretz) and Annika’s world-weary single dad Craig (Sam Rockwell).

Bad Country
When Baton Rouge police detective Bud Carter (Willem Dafoe) busts contract killer Jesse Weiland (Matt Dillon), he convinces Jesse to become an informant and rat out the South’s most powerful crime ring. So, when mob boss Lutin (Tom Berenger) orders Carter’s death and Weiland’s ID’d as a snitch, the two team up to take down the syndicate.

Little Accidents
In a small American town still living in the shadow of a terrible coal mine accident, the disappearance of a teenage boy draws together a surviving miner, the lonely wife of a mine executive, and a local boy in a web of secrets.

Big Significant Things
At 26 years old, Craig (Harry Lloyd) seems to be doing pretty well for himself. He has job stability, a supportive family, and is about to start a wonderful new chapter with his girlfriend. With big life changes on the horizon, what better time to lie to your girlfriend so you can go on a road trip by yourself to the south?


Movie Review: Divergent (2014)

Directed by Neil Burger
Written by Evan Daugherty & Vanessa Taylor
Based on the novel by Veronica Roth


Stories about dystopian societies and the teenagers who inhabit them are all the rage right now. Vampires had their day in the sun, no pun intended, and are long gone from the minds of young adults, the tides have turned and the focus has been put on imagined futuristic societies on the edge of despair. Divergent gives audiences a movie that can be easily compared to The Hunger Games series and features strong willed teenage girls and boys who are trying to find their place in society.

In a post-war Chicago, the society has been divided into five factions based on virtues. The amity are basically the farmers and hippy-like people, candors are based on truth and run the judicial system, the erudite on intelligence and learning, the abnegation are the selfless helpers of the world and the dauntless are the protectors and soldiers. Each one dresses different and is based on specific colors like the erudite wear blue suits and dauntless wear leather jackets and pants.


Now the teenagers in this society, when they reach a certain age, can decide to stay in the group they were born in or choose a new faction. The catch is that once the choice has been made it cannot be undone and the ties to their previous faction and family must be broken.

tumblr_nc87staSUx1rkresoo2_500  tumblr_nc87staSUx1rkresoo1_500

The story is about Beatrice or Tris (Shailene Woodley), a former abnegator, who chooses to leave her faction and go with the dauntless. Her brother (Ansel Englort) chooses to leave as well and goes to erudite. Their parents  Natalie (Ashley Judd) and Peter (Tony Goldwyn) are heartbroken and distraught that both their children left.


Was their life so boring that they had to leave their faction? Had their parents done something wrong in raising them? These questions are brought up by the erudite leader, Jeanine (Kate Winslet), a cold, heartless woman who does not want anyone to assert any human emotions or will in this society.


The movie takes us through Tris’ journey through dauntless and her relationship with her mentor Four (Theo James). Through her training she realizes that there is a group of people called divergents who cannot be put into any one category, they carry traits from all factions. These people cannot be controlled and pushed around as they have more control over their free will than others. Tris realizes that she is a divergent and this knowledge makes her even more powerful. She sets out to uncover the truth about why the divergents are being destroyed.

Parts of the movie were entertaining to watch. At the dauntless training camp, Tris learns to fight and throw knives and jump out of trains. I would have liked to have seen more of the other factions and what life is like for them. Also, more background on what happened before Chicago turned into this crazy society.

tumblr_nagfhoasJS1qdmpgio6_250  tumblr_nagfhoasJS1qdmpgio5_r1_250

Honestly for me, this movie was sub-par at best. I felt that the whole story was a rip off of classic novels; it reminded me of Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World and George Orwell’s 1984. Of course I am not against stories being inspired by classic literature, but I do not like the fact that it seems like the same story, but with a different name. In Brave New World each person is born into a different role in society, they are Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, or Epsilon and some are meant to be leaders and others are worker bees. Does that sound familiar? In 1984, there is an omniscient leader of Big Brother who watches everyone and the Party who controls them, cue Jeanine and her walls that see out into the world.

Woodley is charming as always and is shaping up to be as I have said it before her generation’s Meg Ryan. She is the current reigning queen bee of young adult love stories and her ability to quickly shed a tear and convey emotion was ever present in this film. She carried the film and without her, this film would have been more of a disaster.

tumblr_nc2thvHKKk1qex05vo2_250  tumblr_nc2thvHKKk1qex05vo3_250

James was uber-sexy, yet very dull as Four. I thought he did an okay job, but I felt that he could have stood out a little more. An actor who surprised me in the film was Jai Courtney who played Eric, the main, devilish Dauntless trainer. He played the character with arrogance and swagger and he brought a little grit to the film that was much needed.

tumblr_mq256hmnrr1s9la28o6_250  tumblr_nc85e1QOoH1r8j1j3o4_250

In the end I just kept wishing Katniss Everdeen would come in and swoop these little dauntless brats up and show them who is boss. To say that I prefer The Hunger Games franchise is a light way of saying hell yes!

If you haven’t seen this, I would say it is worth watching if you have nothing else to watch or you want to keep young teens or kids entertained. I put this movie on for my friend’s 11 year old son and he loved it. Overall, this was an okay movie, nothing to rave about, but entertaining enough to watch.

Here are some silly Divergent pics just for fun! I couldn’t help myself!






Blogathon: Top 10 Actors I Would See In Just About Anything

Super cool Brit and Shitfest winner Abbi, from Where the Wild Things Are, has started a national blogging phenomenon with her top 10 lists. If you check out her site, she has lists ranging from the best vampire flicks to the most villainous couples in screen history. Her top 10 actors list though has taken the cake and the baton to make your own list has been passing around the blogs like wild fire.

The lovely Lady Ruth over at FlixChatter has passed it to me. Yippee! Here is my list of actors I would watch in anything from a Kool-Aid commercial to an Oscar-worthy flick.

1. Robert DeNiro
Out of everyone on my list he would have to be my favorite. He is one of the first actors that made me realize I loved movies. I will always remember watching Once Upon a Time in America as a kid and being mesmerized by that film and his role. I probably shouldn’t have been watching mobster movies as a kid, but I did without my parents knowing. DeNiro is just that DENIRO, there is no other actor like him. He is magnetic and enthralling and supremely talented. I especially love it when he plays mobsters and badass crazy dudes. He will forever go down in history as one of the best actors that ever lived.
Fave Role: Travis Bickle in Taxi Driver and James Conway in Goodfellas


2. Kevin Spacey
Ugh, I die! He is so freakishly talented and amazing. He creates dramas and personas like it is nobody’s business. I would watch this man sell me a Snickers bar and I would so totally buy it. Can you imagine him selling it in his Frank Underwood voice? If you haven’t watched his portrayal of Frank Underwood in House of Cards, go switch on your Netflix and watch that right now!
Fave Role: Roger ‘Verbal’ Klint in The Usual Suspects and Frank Underwood in House of Cards


3. Tom Hardy
Not only is Tom Hardy my crush of the year, super beautiful (those lips!), gorgeous and oh wait, what are we talking about here, I lost track of my thinking? Oh yes… not only is he gorgeous, he is undeniably talented. He takes on gritty roles like in Bronson, where he looked almost unrecognizable, super villains like Bane and has even thrown in his hat at corny movies like This Means War. Which for this purpose, we won’t even ding him for that one. My point is he is the type of actor who can’t be pigeon holed as just a pretty face or type cast, he is an actor paving his own way.
Fave Role: Handsome Bob in RockNRolla


4. Jake Gyllenhaal
Not only is Jake a gorgeous, sexy dude, he is a seriously good actor. He first caught my attention in Donnie Darko and from there I knew I would become a Gylly fan. He can vascilitate between charming and enigmatic to disturbed and tortured. In all the characters he has played, he seems to emanate an air of sensitivity and is truly able to embrace the character he plays. I am looking forward to his upcoming film, Nightcrawler, where he will play a man who is willing to do anything to get the perfect shot of a crime scene that he can sell to media outlets. Sounds fascinating, I will definitely be watching that one!
Fave Role: Jack Twist in Brokeback Mountain

tumblr_n8ld6tj8bH1r8j1j3o3_250  tumblr_n8ld6tj8bH1r8j1j3o2_250

5. Michael C. Hall
I absolutely love, love him! Michael is a theater enthusiast and started out in Broadway, this was definitely evident in Six Feet Under where he played a gay mortician. Sometimes he would randomly bust out in song and dance as David Fisher and it was obvious he did well on stage. Most known for his role as Dexter, he could easily switch from being a nice, nerdy guy to a murderous serial killer with ease. There is something about him that always make me root for him or sympathize with his plight like in Kill Your Darlings. A small part for him, but he still stood out. One of my favorite things about him though is his voice. I don’t know what it is, but I love it. Anyone else agree?
Fave Role: Dexter Morgan in Dexter


6. Leonardo DiCaprio
I have loved Leo since Growing Pains back in the day. I knew he would become a star, he was just too good and stood out on that corny TV show. He is the type of actor who has never done just one type of role, he has played a heroin addict, a rich guy, an autistic person, a gang member, an OCD freak, anything you name it, he has done it. He didn’t let himself get boxed in as a teenage heartthrob and that served him well as he was able to transition into serious roles. His best work though, hands down is when he pairs with the genius force that is Martin Scorsese. I’d watch Leo sitting on a chair doing nothing, but twiddling his fingers, yes I’d pay money to see that!
Fave Role: Arnie in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape and Jordan Belfort in The Wolf of Wall Street

tumblr_n2p4dghMfH1rxfo1ho1_250  tumblr_n2p4dghMfH1rxfo1ho2_250

7. Jack Nicholson
If there was ever an actor who could play mischievous, charming and scary in one role, it would have to be Jack. His career has encompassed decades and that sinister voice and smile is now iconic. He was creepy in The Shining, loving in Terms of Endearment, a jerk off in Something’s Gotta Give and fear inducing in A Few Good Men, his ability to play any and every role with ease has been evident through the years.
Fave Role: J.J. Gittes in Chinatown


8. Stellan Skarsgard
Everything that this Swedish born actor does is pretty undeniably great. Whenever I find out that he is going to be in a film, my interest is piqued. He never disappoints. He has a tendency to play that overly smart, not ever humble type of guy and he has this intense look that serves him well when he plays a villain. Also, if I could give him extra points for being Eric Northman’s dad in real life, I totally would!
Fave Role: Seligman in Nymphomaniac


9. Colin Firth
I first fell in love with Colin when he played his infamous character of Mark Darcy in Bridget Jones’s Diary and Pride and Prejudice. He played quirky, intelligent and misanthropic perfectly. He has the ability to draw in viewers with his ability to show brooding emotions and similarly he is able to capture an essence of romance in everything he does. He is a true romantic and he always seems to make sense in a period piece. On another note, I think he would do great in a Woody Allen film and would be a great addition to one of his ensembles.
Fave Role: George in A Single Man

tumblr_mwh36ej7Xw1r0yq4zo1_500  tumblr_n96ykgqOWf1sj3k9go1_500

10. Mark Ruffalo
At the moment, Mark is one of my absolute favorite actors. There is something about him, he has charisma and has the ability to pretty much play any type of character. When I saw him in The Kids are All Right, he probably was the best character in the movie. He can be suave, chill, and laid back, but there is something to be said about someone who can play that type of character. I just saw The Normal Heart recently and I was blown away by his performance. If you have any doubts about Mark, just watch that movie and you will see his range of abilities.
Fave Role: Paul in The Kids are All Right


**Corey Stoll
I just want to throw in one extra guy here. I am really loving him and can see him turning into an actor that will have a long career. Watch and see. He was harrowing in House of Cards and he is pretty bad ass and cool in the show The Strain. He will be in the new season of Homeland and the upcoming Marvel movie Ant-Man. He can pretty much play any character. I am glad he is finally taking Hollywood by storm!


I pass the baton to my super cool, South African pal Natasha from Life of This City Girl , who loves her actors and book reading as much as I do (well not as much as Zoe)!


August TV Favorites

Hi Guys! I am totes late on this post. I have had a hectic August to say the least, I just moved into a new place and the whole process was a pain in the butt. Finally getting settled in and hoping to watch some new movies. I feel like I haven’t been watching much movies lately with the move and with our fave rental store shutting down. Yes, you heard that right, I was still renting movies from a video store. I will sometimes order one through DirectTV or through Amazon Prime, but the place I used to go to was like $2.50 for new releases! I swear this guy had everything under the sun, but he decided to retire and my whole movie watching routine has been thrown off. Luckily, we have another local rental store nearby, I tended not to go there because they close early and it is run by these really old, grumpy people, but I think I may have to suck it up and go in there. Ok, feel free to make fun of me! Does anyone out there, I mean anyone, Bueller, Bueller, rent movies from a video store still?

Of course, I have not lost steam on my TV watching, so I have plenty of faves to report.

Ps… tomorrow I will be leaving for a mini-vaca to South Beach. Woo hoo, so excited and ready for some R&R and fun!

1. The Killing: Seasons 1-4
August should just be called The Killing month for me. I pretty much spent the past couple weeks binge watching this little gem on Netflix. I never caught it when it was on AMC, but I heard so many good things about it so I gave it a shot. I finished all four seasons and I have to say it was worth it. If you need a new show to watch and you enjoy crime dramas, then this would be perfect for you. Big thanks to Mesh for recommending this one. The show revolves around detectives Sarah Linden (Mireille Enos) and  Stephen Holder (Joel Kinnaman), an unlikely pair that seem like opposites, but in reality are very much alike. The pair uncover and try to solve different murder investigations, while trying to keep their personal lives afloat.

Enos was so awesome in this show and I am definitely a newfound fan. Kinnaman was equally great and I cannot wait to see this Swedish actor break into more roles. He probably has the best lines in the whole show and I cannot get his voice saying “Linden” out of my head!

tumblr_n9r7m0GKzd1qfticno4_250  tumblr_n9r7m0GKzd1qfticno3_250

tumblr_n9r7m0GKzd1qfticno1_250  tumblr_n9r7m0GKzd1qfticno2_250

2. The Leftovers
At first I was on the fence about this HBO show. I wasn’t sure if I was all in, but after about 3 episodes I was hooked. Totally original and different and mind-bending, this show keeps viewers on their toes. When you realize that the show was co-created by Damon Lindelof, one of the guys behind Lost, then that helps you understand the weirdness and mystery behind the show. The story is centered in the town of Mapleton, New York, three years after an odd occurrence where people suddenly disappeared and were never seen or heard from again. They call this phenomenon the “departure,” similar to the biblical idea of rapture.

The people left behind are devastated to say the least and life as they know it, has been turned upside down. On top of this chaos, there is a group of people who dress all in white called the Guilty Remnants, seriously they look like they could work at The Cheesecake Factory, who do not speak, yet are spreading the idea that society should not forget about what happened in the world. Their presence is annoying and their cult-like behavior is so odd. The show centers around Kevin Garvey (Justin Theroux), his daughter Jill (Margaret Qualley) and his wife Laurie (Amy Brenneman) who has left them and joined the Guilty Remnants. There is a wide variety of actors on the show, since there are so many sub-stories going on at the same time, but overall a great cast. One of my faves has to be Carrie Coon who plays Nora Durst, a woman who lost her entire family and is angry and alone. If you liked the way Lost was formatted, then you will love this show!

tumblr_nalzmozNIr1tg6d2co2_250  tumblr_nalzmozNIr1tg6d2co3_250

3. Witches of East End: Season 2
Ok I know what you are thinking, who the hell watches this Lifetime show? Yes, me of course. I absolutely love this corny show and to everyone who is one the fence about it, you should just give it a shot. If you like shows about witchcraft and sexy guys, then this one is for you. The show revolves around the Beauchamp family of witches. Led by Joanna (Julia Ormond), she rallies with her sister Wendy (Madchen Amick) and her two daughters Freya (Jenna Dewan Tatum) and Ingrid (Rachel Boston) in trying to just get through daily life and fighting the issues of the witch world they left behind. The women have lived through centuries and have been reincarnated various times. We get lots of flashbacks which is always fun to watch. There is also a male family of witches, brothers Dash (Eric Winter) and Killian Gardiner (Daniel Di Tomasso) as well, and they interact with the ladies of the show.

tumblr_nbldcecmMA1qe86iro1_250  tumblr_nbldcecmMA1qe86iro3_250

4. The Real Housewives of Orange County
I know this is a horrible pick to admit to, but I tell the truth here on my blog. The Housweives franchise is my guilty pleasure and I have no shame in admitting I love watching this. LOL! The only one I won’t watch is the New Jersey ladies, I just can’t stand them, they are so annoying, more so than the others.

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Question of the Month: Most Anticipated Movie (The Real Version)

You know time is flying by because it is Question of the Month time! Luke posed this question to the group, what is the movie that you are most anticipating and looking forward to seeing? The movie could be something upcoming or something in the way, way future. His sub-question was also equally wonderful and thought provoking, who would you choose to play Eric Issacs in his biopic?

I dare you to close your eyes and imagine the IPC movie? I nominate Steven Spielberg or Chris Nolan to make this movie, it could totally be like Jurassic Park meets Inception. C’mon please!!!!!!!!!

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And the Oracle is back off holiday. Well, not quite. I still have a pretty hard day of work and right as you are reading this, I am probably slaving away over my ‘mystery, third job’ that I have no idea how much of a mystery it still is, for anyone that follows me too closely on Twitter. I am just too terrible at keeping secrets. But I knew that even if I couldn’t post for the entirety of this week, there was no way in hell I could deny you guys Question of the Month. You put so much effort into these answers and I don’t want you guys going another second without reading the article below.