The Walking Dead Recap: Season 5, Episode 11: Trust No One Except Maybe Aaron?

This past week’s episode of The Walking Dead was finally much better than the last two. A great change of pace from the group’s endless bout of depression. There were also a few surprises with Aaron, the new clean cut guy who has somewhat infiltrated the group. He really seems like the nicest and friendliest guy around like a TWD version of Ned Flanders. Hidey Ho, good neighbor! This guy is just way too nice and has the cutest smile ever, so yeah don’t trust these kinds of weirdos. If the zombie apocalypse goes down and you want to make friends, you better be ready to be a bad ass son of a bitch. None of this shiny happy people crap. At the end of the recap, look forward to Brian’s reaction to the episode and yes, I am pretty much dragging him into watching the show.

Let’s chat about what happened.


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Oscars Recap 2015: The Top 16 Most Interesting Moments

The 2015 Oscars can be described as having been okay at best. I think the Golden Globes were a little bit better this year. Neil Patrick Harris did a great job though, he was funny and witty, and I love the way he talks. He has that Barney Stinson way of dragging out words or pausing to make it funny. In a room filled with entertainers, there was hardly any entertainment, I just don’t get it. Last year, Ellen did a great job and really made those jokes hers and interacted with the audience which was fun to watch. I think the show needed a little more of that spice or some dancing numbers.


This year it was all about the speeches and there were some surprises in many categories especially Best Picture. I think everyone was shocked, Birdman was a great movie, but I think most people thought Boyhood would win. Take a swig like Mr. Cumberbatch and let’s talk about what happened and discuss the most interesting moments of the evening.


1. NPH in his underwear re-enacting the infamous Birdman scene.


2. The dresses this year. My favorite had to be Rosamund Pike’s beautiful red dress with matching red shoes. Now that is hard to pull off, but she looked perfect.

tumblr_nk8j7fvMMN1tvav1do4_250  tumblr_nk8j7fvMMN1tvav1do1_250

3. Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu’s speeches for both Best Director and Best Picture. For best director he mentioned that he was wearing Keaton’s tighty-whities for good luck and best picture he made remarks about immigration and allowing everyone the same rights. Rarely do see we any Mexican artists get credit from this kind of a community and what a powerful platform to make a statement about immigration.


4. While we are on the topic WTF Sean Penn. I am sure he was joking, but his stupid comment when he announced Alejandro’s win, by saying “Who gave this son of a bitch a green card,” was stupid and ill-timed.



5. J.K Simmons won for Best Supporting Actor and I loved what he said about appreciating your loved ones. He said if you have them around, call them!

tumblr_nk7tnfbdQ71r8fvhao2_250  tumblr_nk7ckvM5m21qh9nffo1_1280

6. John Legend and Common’s performance of the song Glory from Selma. The performance was moving and had many actors in tears.


7. Jared Leto’s hair ugh… I can’t get over it. His hair is beautiful and he is a man who knows how to rock an umbrella.


8. The Grand Budapest Hotel beat out a lot of other films in four technical categories. This is rare for Wes Anderson to get so much recognition and boy was he happy.


9. Patricia Arquette’s speech for Best Supporting Actress. She made a statement about wage equality and women’s rights. You go girl! 

tumblr_nk7tnfbdQ71r8fvhao4_250  tumblr_inline_nk8fdoHUKo1ruajr1

10. The Oscar made out of Legos. And Emma Stone holding it in the audience, she is too cute!


11. Eddie Redmayne’s acceptance speech for Best Actor. OMG how cute! He looked genuinely surprised and shocked and said that he would be the custodian of the award and that it was for everyone battling ALS.

tumblr_nk7kt2MAh91ruu897o2_r1_250  tumblr_nk7kt2MAh91ruu897o1_250

12. Common snubbed Oprah when he won for Best Song. Seriously that was funny.


13. The Idina Menzel rehash of last year’s major mess up by John Travolta. Is it just me or does he look kind of creepy?


14. But really what was up with Lady Gaga’s gloves?? Loving the memes going around.

za  zzzzz

15. Juliane Moore’s acceptance speech was also great for Best Actress. She added some fun to it, but also raised awareness for Alzheimer’s disease and made it a heartfelt speech.


16. One of my fave moments of the night was Graham Moore’s speech for Best Adapted Screenplay. It was personal and unique and he serves as voice for everyone out there who considers themselves different. Stay weird my peeps.

tumblr_nk7k0ch3Kn1ruu897o1_250  zzzzztumblr_nk7k0ch3Kn1ruu897o2_250

tumblr_nk7k0ch3Kn1ruu897o4_250  tumblr_nk7k0ch3Kn1ruu897o3_250

Tell me what you guys thought of the Oscars? What were your favorite or least favorite moments of the show?




Top 12 Best (and One Worst) Moments of the SNL 40th Reunion

I know I am kind of late on this, I have had the flu for like 10 days it’s been horrible. I think I went stir crazy at my house this past weekend. But I did get to finish the last Game of Thrones book so I am super stoked to see the show this seaon. Anyways back to the topic, I just wanted to do a quick recap of the best moments of the Saturday Night Live 40th reunion. It was 3 hours long, which honestly I can’t remember any shows that have been that long on TV. Some of it was totally funny and other parts just felt really long and useless.

I have been a fan of SNL, I would have to say my whole life and really became a dedicated watcher as a teenager. In the days before DVR’s, I remember being 14 and staying up what I thought was late to watch SNL. The audience was packed for the reunion with A-list celebrities like Michael Douglas, Steven Spielberg, Ed Norton, Bradley Cooper, Larry David, Paul Simon, Paul McCartney and the list goes on and on and many who performed or announced musical acts in between on the show. I love seeing celebrities laughing and enjoying themselves like normal people, am I the only person who feels like this?

Here are my top 12 best (and one worst) moments of the SNL 40th reunion in no particular order. And basically you can get the gist of the whole show in less than 3 hours.


1. Melissa McCarthy as Dan Foley, Chris Farley’s character of the “guy down by the river.”

tumblr_njvt17NYN11u6btmgo10_r1_400  tumblr_njvt17NYN11u6btmgo4_r1_400

2. The infamous Jeopardy game. This time Christopher Waltz, Justin Bieber, Sean Connery, Matthew McCounaghey and Burt Reynolds were the guests. My fave was definitely Jim Carrey love him still.

3. Kanye West performed upside down and then Sia appeared with a giant wig. Am I the only who loves both of them?

tumblr_njxuni2Kpi1t9ih2jo1_250  tumblr_njxuni2Kpi1t9ih2jo3_r1_250

4. Emma Stone paying homage to Gilda Radner, the more I see Emma the more I love her.


5. The Californians skit had Taylor Swift, Kerry Washington and Betty White and Bradley Cooper finished it off perfectly.


6. Ed Norton as Stefan lol.


7. Audience Q&A with Jerry Seinfeld.

8. Fred Armisen and Kristin Wiig doing their funky performance as Garth and Kat, their songs that have no rhythm or meaning and are pretty hilarious.


9. Seeing the SNL Audition tapes, I love seeing those and seriously how young did Jimmy Fallon look?!

10. Will Ferrell and Anna Gastyer doing their musical act The Culps, I think that was one of my fave skits. 


11. Last ,but not least WAYNE’s WORLD! Party on my friends. tumblr_njuwl4GbQZ1sc3fyvo10_400

12. The worst had to be Eddie Murphy back on stage at SNL for only like two seconds. It was weird and he should have done a funny skit or something for old times sake.


Did you guys watch and if so what did you think? What is your fave SNL skit or comedian?

ztumblr_njizu1HSGD1t55xupo1_400  (This is my fave)


The Walking Dead Recap: Season 5, Episode 10: Sad Fest 2015

I have been holding off on writing about this Walking Dead episode, because literally I have no idea what to say about it, other than it was horrible and boring. W T F what is going on with this show? I guess Brian from Hard Ticket to Home Video was right all along. If you don’t know who Brian is, he usually hates everything, but he REALLY REALLY hates this show nowadays. So much that in fact he has threatened to stop watching it, but at this point we need his commentary every week. I have invited Brian to share his thoughts moving forward, so next week look forward to hearing his TWD reactions (this could get ugly). Any who enough about Brian, let’s talk about what happened.


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The Walking Dead Recap: Season 5, Episode 9: When Hope is Lost

This past weekend, The Walking Dead finally came back after much anticipation. If you guys remember, the last episode was pretty gnarly, all kinds of hell broke loose in the hospital. Carol was traded back to Rick’s team, Beth did something shocking and that got her killed by Dawn and Noah ended up staying with our TWD family. Now the crew is out on the road looking for a new place to find food and shelter and debating whether or not they should go to DC. Even though they found out that Eugene was lying, they believe that may still be the place of salvation. I think at this point they need a mission, something, anything to keep them going and their spirits alive.


Despite being the premiere episode, this one was quite lackluster as opposed to the usual craziness that happens. I started watching Talking Dead yesterday and I think it gave me a different perspective and made me appreciate it a bit more. This episode was somewhat poetic in a sense and gave us a different viewpoint of someone being bitten and their struggle to survive.

Let’s get down to business and discuss what went down.

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January 2015 Favorites

January is one of those months where there is not a lot of exciting stuff to watch. Some shows that I thought would be good like Marvel’s Agent Carter ended up being not that exciting. I did find a couple new things to watch though, nothing to fantastic, but nonetheless they helped pass the time until more of my favorites come back.

Hindsight (VH1)

I normally don’t watch a lot of shows on VH1, but this one I happened to catch and I am really enjoying it. The show is about a girl named Becca (Laura Ramsey) who is about to get married in the present time to a guy she has been with friends with since childhood. She has her doubts about him and this leads her to getting transported back to 1995 via an elevator.  Becca gest the choice to redo her life all over again and only lets her best friend Lolly (Sarah Goldberg) is in on her time traveling secret.


She made a lot of mistakes in the past like a failed first marriage, a break-up with her bestie and lots of crappy professional failings. Imagine being in the present and going back to a time when video stores ruled (her bff works there), pagers were the “it” device and smartphones were non-existent. At first she has a hard time adjusting like when she has to search for quarters to make a call and realizing that all she owns is babydoll dresses and doc martens, but then she gives in and kind of feels free from all things that encumber people nowadays. This show is fun to watch and the music is equally reminiscent and brings me back to my teenage years (REM, Collective Soul, Gin Blossoms lol). I like the idea of what would we do if we could change our past, would we make the same mistakes or do everything that we regretted we didn’t do when we were younger?


Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce (Bravo)

So now it seems that both VH1 and Bravo have taken on a new turn to scripted series versus their endless amounts of reality shows. This one is about Abby McCarthy (Lisa Edelstein) a famous author of self-help books for women and her life that seems to falling apart, yet coming back together in a fun way. After writing tons of books telling women how to be mothers and wives and handing it all together, Abby’s marriage falls apart from her husband Jake (Paul Adelstein) and she has a break down in front of millions. Once he moves out, she realizes that she has to start all over again in so many departments from dating, sex, hanging with friends and having fun.


She starts to put herself first and come to terms with her failed marriage. The show is wacky and funny and pretty much a parody of the real housewives franchise. Her friends and their drama embody the housewives to a tee, Lyla (Janeane Garafolo) is bitchy and mean and Phoebe (Beau Garrett) a former model, dabbles with threesomes and daycare. Even though this show is pretty corny, it is totally fun to watch.

tumblr_nhrqezgBNv1rvmok5o1_250  tumblr_nhrqezgBNv1rvmok5o2_250

Celebrity Apprentice (NBC)

Ok now this show, I cannot believe I am admitting to everyone, but I love this trashy show. As usual Donald Trump takes a big group of B-list celebrities like Ian Ziering, Kate Gosselin, housewives Brandi Glanville and Keyna Moore, Vivica Fox, Geraldo and Kevin Jonas to name a few and throws them all against each other to battle it out for the title. The one good thing about this show is that they do raise a lot of money for each of their charities and Trump tends to pitch in extra money for them as well.


The challenges that they put them through are pretty laughable and the way these people fight against each other keeps me entertained. My husband hates when I put this show on, this and all the other ones I listed to name a few. The best part so far has to be Geraldo, who has goofy ideas and is willing to do anything to win, at one point he stripped down to his underwear in an episode. Oh gosh, ew! Another wacky one is Ian, who will always be Steve Sanders in my eyes, is a narcissistic, ego maniac who thinks he knows it all and it is pretty funny to see the other people react to his comments. Does anyone else watch this? Probably not.

tumblr_nj82l8dXUt1ql5yr7o1_500  tumblr_niwllkAJwX1r8hpiao1_400