The Walking Dead Recap: Season 5, Episode 15: Almost Exiled

This week’s episode of The Walking Dead was actually pretty exciting and fun to watch. I like when all hell breaks loose and our characters show their true colors. I have really been enjoying watching the change in Rick occur. Some people are either liking this or totally starting to hate Rick. The person who has always been the proverbial savior of this group. Now in Alexandria, he is almost becoming the pariah and someone they wouldn’t even consider as a leader anymore. I personally like seeing him become less of the good guy and the one to emulate. It’s time for him to show how this apocalypse has destroyed him and made him a different person. He has been through so much and still survived, but it has left him with many emotional scars that have not healed. Overall it was a good episode and there is only one left, so cheers to all for making it this far.

Brian and Brad have joined me again to discuss the episode.


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The Walking Dead Recap: Season 5, Episode 14: No One Is Safe

This week’s episode of The Walking Dead was actually pretty good. I know this is super late, I haven’t been at my desk or had time to write all week. I hate these kinds of weeks!!!! So things are heating up in Alexandria and it seems that they are on the verge of something crazy happening. Rick was busy scheming and it sounds like he is ready to pounce on Jessie and scoop her up. Carol is also ready to do some damage and it is obvious all of them are getting pretty bored there. Did you guys notice that Maggie has barely had scenes or lines so far? I wonder what is up with that? Maybe she is going to be killed off soon. My recap is a little different this time. I have interjected myself into Brad and Brian’s convo/rant about the show.

Let’s talk about the episode and discuss the details.


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The Walking Dead Recap: Season 5, Episode 13: Alexandria or Bust

Finally this last episode of The Walking Dead was pretty interesting. Still not the best or that exciting, it was somewhat of a filler, but it is getting better. Talk about weird, the whole episode was centered around the residents of Alexandria and how they pretend the zombie apocalypse barely exists versus the Grimes gang who can’t shake everything they have experienced on the outside. What I really enjoyed was  the new found bromance between Daryl and Aaron. Although Daryl is known to be one of the most bad ass characters, he does love a good friendship. I am also enjoying the clean cut Rick, seriously I think I have a new crush.

Throughout the recap you will get bits of Brian’s conversation with Brad regarding the show. This should be interesting!

BRIAN: So, I have an announcement to make…I am officially and permanently no longer watching this show. I came to this realization this week when I couldn’t muster up any interest whatsoever in having it on my TV screen. I just hate everything about it. Fortunately (only for the purposes of this recap) Brad is going to bravely slog through the end of the season, so we’ll be able to provide some back-and-forth vitriol.

BRAD: Yup. This season is the last for me. Definitely. The show just has ran its course. I know where this show needs to go and it’s taking its sweet ass sloppy time. Obviously Rick’s group will become the villains now at this peaceful community. The only other new plot-line they can attempt is the rebuilding stage where the Zombie apocalypse ends by a cure or whatever and humans need to rebuild but that sounds more boring than what the show is doing now. Even the zombie kills are so f***ing boring after 6 seasons I just don’t care anymore. I used to love the zombie subgenre; it was actually my favorite, but now I’m done with it

BRIAN: Why won’t they listen to you??? The only thing that may have been semi-interesting would have been to tell this current story from the perspective of the people who are already there, but that would mean a lot less screen time for the regular cast. Then at the end of the season, everyone dies horribly

Now let’s discuss what went down and talk about what is up with their new prison/farm/hospital/terminus.


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The Walking Dead Recap: Season 5, Episode 12: Suburbia-land

So this week I am SUPER DUPER late on my recap. I had a really hectic week and to top it off I lost my TWD notes, those really help me remember everything that happened. I had to give up, but somewhere somebody is reading my notes and thinking what a weirdo I am or thinking they just landed on a great idea for a new TV show.

This last episode of The Walking Dead was a lot better than the past two, where the group seemed to had lost all their mojo and were sad and dreary. The crew is right at the end of where we left them, at the gates of Aaron’s supposed awesome community. Is it truly all that it is cracked up to be or is this place just another Terminus filled with psychopathic cannibals?

Let’s talk about what went down and hear Brian’s take on the episode.


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Scarface (1983) IMDB Top 250 Guest Review

Check out my guest post on T9M’s IMBD Top 250 Challenge:


Today’s IMDB Top 250 Guest Review comes from Melissa of Snap Crackle Watch!. Thanks for the review, Melissa! 🙂 Now let’s see what she has to say about Scarface, IMDB rank 130 out of 250.

There are still some movies up for grabs if anyone wants to do a guest IMDB Top 250 review. You can find the list of remaining films HERE. See the full list & links to all the reviews that have already been done HERE.

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Top 11 Reasons Scarface Is Still A Badass Movie

I watched Brian DePalma’s 1983 classic hit, Scarface for T9M’s IMBD Challenge weeks ago. I have been racking my brain about what I could talk about or say that hasn’t already been said a million times about this movie. I am sure almost every single person in the world out there has at least heard of it, seen a scene or two or at least knows the most infamous lines. Needless to say, putting words to paper has been proving difficult.  I decided to take a different turn and let’s just say this, Scarface is a great movie; I love it to death and could watch it over and over again. Some might hate it, but I am fan.

I figured I’d compile something telling you why this movie 31 years later is still freaking awesome and fun to watch. Here are my 10 top reasons why Scarface is still a bad ass movie.


1. Tony Montana is one sick, crazy, bad ass gangster: Enough said, but really before there was a Tony Soprano or Robert Deniro type bad asses in films, there was Tony Montana. He was twisted and crazy and hell bent on success. I find it hard to even think about another character as bad as him. The way he dressed, his swagger, he was just an all around kick ass dude. If you told me that he hung out with the “most interesting guy in the world” I would totally believe it.


2. Al Pacino. This movie would not be what it is had Pacino held back. To say that he pushed the envelope is putting it nicely; he went all out, acting grandiose, narcissistic and overly confident to the point that he could make people believe he was “someone’ when he was as he puts it “a nobody.” This movie sealed Pacino as one of the great actors of our generation and without him, the character of Scarface would never have become as iconic as it is that it is today.


3. The film depicts events that really happened. The crisis that was going on in Cuba at the time was a tumultuous time in history and Miami in the early 80’s was a hot bed for cocaine usage. Combine that with the fact that Cuban refugees did not have much to their name in terms of money, this helped to create a group of people who were willing to do anything and everything for some cash flow. The distribution and selling of drugs offered refugees an opportunity to make money and something of themselves. The movie has been criticized for being too violent and too overt, but say what you will this time in history fueled events that were aptly depicted in the film, bloodshed and all.


4. It’s written by Oliver Stone. It is evident that Stone was growing his penchant for movies involving drugs, sex and violence. At the time Stone himself was battling cocaine addiction and I am sure this only helped in making the movie seem more realistic. The thirst for that white gold was evident throughout the entire film. He indefinitely put his stamp on the film, he melded politics with current events of the 80’s and was able to tell a story that truly unveiled the psychosis of someone intent on pursing and staying in power. Stone said “Luxury corrupts far more ruthlessly than war,” and this underlying story is what makes it such a good film.


5. Michelle Pfeiffer as Elvira Hancock. She was sexy, blond and cool, almost reminiscent of Mia Wallace in Pulp Fiction. With an iconic bob and bombshell body, she wore those silky 80’s dresses with sass and sophistication. I always loved that she didn’t let Tony boss her around and she was a woman who spoke her mind.


6. The movie is not subtle. As I mentioned before when this movie first came out it was criticized for being too violent. People walked out of the theater, especially during that chainsaw scene. I am sure if this movie came out today, no one would bat an eye, but had DePalma not pushed the envelope the way he did, it may not have the place in history it does now. I believe that the violence shown helped to elevate this film’s cult status and I am sure inspired other directors as well, maybe even Stone.


7. The cinematography by John A. Alonzo. What Alonzo was able to create from an aesthetic viewpoint helps to make this an even more remarkable film. The color scheme of dark played against the bright colors of Miami created a film that paired visually perfect for the story that was playing out on the screen. What turned out in the end was a movie that looked like pop art at its finest.


8. The epitome of the American dream. The story of Tony Montana is proof that anything is possible in America. Only in the US, can a refugee who just stepped foot in America, with no money in his pockets, end up as one of the richest men. Tony had no usable skills, but what he had was the confidence to succeed. He worked his way from just a hired hand to the mob, all the way to becoming the main boss. But what is really at work in this film is showing the dark side of the dream.


9. The love story between Manny and Gina. There are not a lot of sweet moments in the film. Briefly we see Elvira and Tony fall in love, but maybe they just loved each other because they were high on coke. Tony’s BFF Manny though does fall head over heels for Gina, Tony’s little sister. That moment after Manny married Gina, he was so happy and in love. He was so ecstatic that he lost sight of reality and told Tony the truth. The corrupt love story is sad and endearing, but one that only furthered depicted the depths of Tony’s madness.


10. The dialogue. This movie has some of the most iconic lines in it; the most famous would definitely have to be “Say hello to my little friend.” Many of the lines in the movie have even inspired many songs out there, especially in the rap genre, just listen to Notorious B.I.G’s the “Ten Crack Commandments,” and you will hear all of Tony’s drug dealing tips. The infamous line of “First you get the money, then you get the power” has also been used by too many rappers to even list. In Bruno Mars’ new song, Uptown Funk, the first line references Scarface, “That ice cold, Michelle Pfeiffer, that white gold.” The fact that a few movie lines has spawned a generation of songs and phrases, only further enforces how bad ass this movie still is today.



11. The Pace. The pace of the film is almost as iconic as the movie itself. It is frenetic, fast moving and it never slows down from the very beginning to the end. This makes it such a fun and entertaining movie to watch, you almost feel as if you are on this wild ride with Tony, at points you want to get off, but he won’t let you. By the time you are done, you are exasperated from the craziness, yet you want more.



Shitfest 2015: Jupiter Ascending

Eric just posted my first Shitfest entry. YES! Thanks Eric, you truly are a #baller. Reblogging it here in case you guys want to check it out.


A couple of weeks ago, I was super bored and I put my name in for a bunch of stupid contests from my local newspaper. To my surprise I won two tickets to see Jupiter Ascending. So last time I did this contest thing, I won tickets for Kill the Messenger. Bueller, Bueller, anyone seen that effing movie? Nope, because it was a piece of crap.


Knowing that I thought to myself, maybe I shouldn’t go see this movie, then I saw some more trailers and really thought wow, Melissa, you should not go see this crap movie. But being the nice person that I am, I invited one of my best gf’s to see it and she said, yes I will drop everything to see it! As much as I love her I thought dammit, now I have to go.

So we stocked up on candy and goldfish and I carried 2 sodas and a water in my purse and got in line an hour before the movie started.


OMG, the people in that line were NUTTY to say the least. Apparently, there are a bunch of people out there, all weird as hell who thrive on these free movie contests. These three really odd, eccentric women started talking about hating pretty much anything mainstream out there and how they refuse to pay for HBO or Starz or anything like that. Mind you I am in the middle of them, my arm hurts from lugging all the smuggled sodas. Then my friend finally shows up and we are just stuck there listening to these people bitch about everything. At this point, I am over it I want to go home, but screw it my best buddy is here and we will make a night out of it.

We finally get in and the place is packed. It’s like a giant party of weirdos  and rejected Comic-Con people in there. But we are good we got our snacks and 10 dollar popcorn that I gave in and bought because it just smelled too good.


Then my friend said that the whole theater smelled like a roller rink. Remember those? My young friends out there (Zoe, Natasha, Anna) probably don’t remember, but those places smelled like old socks and BO. I really wish she had not said that because that’s all I could focus on.

roller-skating1 (Eric is that you?!)

The movie starts after a million previews as usual, and we cannot see the movie, it looks all fuzzy. I thought everyone was about to riot in there, people started going crazy. The movie is in 3-D and they forgot to give us glasses. So then they turn the lights back on, pass out glasses to every single person in the theater. Oh god! They turn the movie back on and we have to watch the previews again. At this point, this movie better be Oscar worthy, because it is a Monday and it is just too early in the week to deal with this crap.

On to the movie, Jupiter Ascending is the worst movie of 2015. It is only February, but I am sure it is the worst.


The movie is about a girl named Jupiter Jones (Mila Kunis), her Russian father named her that because he liked planets. The father is killed and I couldn’t tell you why these Russian people came in and shot him, and now the mother is left to raise her alone.

Her mother and her clean toilets for a living. Out in space there a bunch of people fighting for mother Earth. Those are the two sides of the stories, Jupiter who is on Earth and the people in space who want to utilize Earth for nefarious things.

This pretty dude Titus, his sister Kalique (Tuppence Middleton) and brother Balem (Eddie Redmayne) are all part of the Abrasax family. That pretty guy hires Caine Wise (Channing Tatum) to find the special person on Earth who is actually the mother of those space people re-incarnated. Uh huh sure, still with me. I am sure you guys can guess who it is.


Caine is actually a half-man, half dog person and Jupiter tells him she really likes dogs, so yeah it’s a match made in heaven. He takes her to see Stinger (Sean Bean), he used to be a fighter in space and now he lives on Earth with his daughter, in a place filled with bees. The bees are attracted to Jupiter because it turns out she is really Queen Abrasax. When Caine and Stinger see this, they realize they need to save her because her space children actually want to kill her and take her throne.


Turns out Balem, since he is the oldest should actually get throne next, but his brothers and sisters want it too.  Balem is a bad guy, I mean they all are, but he has a bunch of dragons slash dinosaur minions doing his dirty work. So when he sees Jupiter, who he believes is his mother, he wants to kill her because apparently a million years ago she tried to kill him. HUH? What the hell was going on, I still really don’t know. In fact, towards the end I was falling asleep and ready go to home and the 3-D glasses were giving me a headache.


From there I don’t know what the hell happened. The whole movie was action sequences that were superfluous and pointless and nothing really made sense or tied together. The only thing I enjoyed was seeing this pretty, pretty man.

I know the Waschoiski duo who did the Matrix films did this, so you would think it would be halfway decent, but it just didn’t work. I think they were trying to hard to be cool like Guardians of the Galaxy. The graphics and 3-D component of the film were really well done though, so I will give them that kudos.

Everything in this movie reminded me of something else… in space.

tumblr_nbabge88nN1qd4rf5o2_1280  tumblr_inline_nj2epqxs9R1qcv8vh

Family Guy’s Meg in space

meg22  Jupiter Ascending (2014) trailer (Screengrab)

The logo on the barrels in Breaking Bad in space

5x4_barrell  stinger_apini_jupiter_ascending_be_35_button

Ned Stark in Space

ned  tumblr_nj992vpgmp1qej1i6o2_1280

The girl from Belle in space

Gugu-Mbatha-Raw-Belle  JA-07453-700x466

Stephen Hawking in space

hawking  EDDIE

A girl who has hair like Lana Waschoiski in space

20150203__USFilmJupiterAscending~1  23

Wannabe Queen Amidala in space

Queen-Amidala  tumblr_nj992vpgmp1qej1i6o4_1280

When we were walking out we did get these Game of Thrones poster. That is now sitting on a box in my spare room and will be there probably for the next year because I have no idea what to do with it. Whatever you do, don’t waste your money or time on this weird movie.