Oscars 2016 Recap: The Top 15 Best, Worst, and Most Interesting Moments

The 2016 Oscars will forever go down surrounded by the controversies about diversity and the hashtag #OscarsSoWhite, which caused various members of the film community to protest attending the Oscars. Host Chris Rock, came out right away and started the jokes about race, mentioning that black people in the 1960’s could have cared less about the Oscars back then because they had bigger problems on their hands. Then he went in on Jade Pinkett Smith and said, “Everyone went mad. Jada said she’s not coming, protesting. Isn’t she on a TV show? Jada boycotting the Oscars is like me boycotting Rihanna’s panties — I wasn’t invited.” Ohh that was a low blow for Jada.

From there it was a never ending barrage of jokes on why black people hate, don’t care, and want nothing to do with the Oscars. To be honest with you guys, I was so over it, after about 15 minutes it stopped being funny and it just became almost annoying. It made me think well if you are going to complain about the lack of black people in film, what about all the other races out there who are not represented in Hollywood? Regardless, Chris Rock did do a good job and I found the Oscars to be somewhat entertaining.



Let’s talk about what went down and recap the best, worst, and most interesting moments of the night.

1.Chris Rock as host. I will call it a winning performance by a black comedian and he succeeded at making his predominately white audience feel uncomfortable. I don’t know if I should put this under best, worst, or interesting?

011.gif  012.gif

2.Stacey Dash UGH. What the hell was that? She came out on stage for like 2 minutes and said something odd about happy Black History month. What was the last movie she was in? Clueless in 1997? Umm, get off the stage. BOO!


3. Mad Max: Fury Road won 6 awards, all for technical categories and they were aptly deserved. Bravo!


4. Chris Rock did his pizza moment like Ellen and made the audience buy Girl Scout cookies from his daughter’s troop. That was really cute and he had the star-studded audience taking out their one hundred dollar bills because honestly I doubt they had any one’s on them. He later revealed they raised $65,243 dollars and mentioned most of it was probably purchased by the tied up in a prison jumpsuit, Suge Knight (yes it was the actor from Straight Outta Compton).


5. When Louis C.K. presented the award for Best Documentary Short film. His suit looked too big on him, like he bought it for an interview and didn’t have it tailored. He then joked that the people who make these films do it for the love of telling an important story, because let’s be honest they don’t make a cent off these films. He said, “This Oscar is going home in a Honda Civic. … It’s going to give them anxiety to keep it in their crappy apartment.” That was funny, but kind of sad considering they are in a room filled with millionaires.


6. Chris Rock went into a Compton movie theater and asked people about Oscar nominated films. When asked if they had seen The Big Short, Spotlight and Bridge of Spies, people were confused and shocked and didn’t even think these films existed. But they did all have one thing in common they all saw Straight Outta Compton and loved it. I think this segment once again solidified the mood of the night, that the movies black people enjoy were omitted from the Oscars race. We get it.


7. Ennio Morricone won for Best Original Score for The Hateful Eight. At 87, he finally won after being nominated various times in the past. He came on stage with his interpreter and gave a moving speech thanking Quentin Tarantino, his late wife, and gave praise to fellow nominee John Williams. He also said, “There isn’t a great soundtrack without a great movie that inspires it.” Well said, it was truly a sweet and moving moment and he deserved it.

8. Brie Larson won for Best Actress. She looked so beautiful and it was a wonderful moment for an actress that always seems so humble.


9. Jared Leto in his black Gucci suit with red piping and a floral pin. No one else can pull off this look. No one. Be forewarned, he has pulled off the man bun with ease, long flowing hair, and now this, normal men don’t try this at home.


10. Mark Rylance won for Best Supporting Actor for his work in Bridge of Spies. I think no one was more surprised than him.


11. Two words. Tom Hardy. Forget about everything else. I was sad that he didn’t win for Best Supporting Actor, honestly I was rooting for him, not just because he is gorgeous, but his performance was the most memorable to me. Oh well, he’s still super hot and he did not disappoint last night. Sigh.


12. Alejandro González Iñárritu for the Best Director win! Bravo. I was happy to see him win for the second year in a row, what a feat! A win for diversity, but no one mentioned any of that.


12. When BB-8 rolled on stage with his droid homies C-3PO and R2-D2. They paid tribute to Star Wars composer John Williams and gleefully admired the golden statue. That was seriously cute and a definite highlight.


13. FINALLY Leonardo DiCaprio won his Oscar! He won Best Actor for his tremendous role in The Revenant. His speech was heartfelt and moving, he thanked his parents, Martin Scorsese, co-star Tom Hardy, and friends. He then discussed climate change and urged people to wake up and take notice of what is happening in the world. It didn’t come off as preachy at all and I think it worked with his speech. He ended by saying, “Let us not take this planet for granted. I do not take tonight for granted.”


14. Spotlight took home the Best Picture Oscar and I think a lot of people had mixed feelings on this one. I think it had to win in a way considering the gravity of the film’s subject. I was rooting for The Revenant and I know some of my fellow movie buffs wanted Room and Mad Max: Fury Road to win, but I guess no one ever comes out of this category completely pleased with the results. Regardless of who your favorite was, the message behind Spotlight is a powerful one and producer Michael Sugar said “This film gave a voice to survivors and this Oscar amplifies that voice. We hope will become a choir that will resonate all the way to the Vatican. Pope Francis, it’s time to protect the children and restore the faith.”


15. And finally the closing music. The song that played as the credits rolled was Public Enemy’s “Fight the Power” and it ended the night on the note Chris Rock began on, which was to use his position to take a stance on the lack of diversity and opportunities for black people in Hollywood. Again, I believe Chris Rock should have used this platform to talk about not just black people, but all other races.


I know I missed a bunch of moments and things that happened, the thank you scroll, the Amy  documentary film win, Tracey Morgan doing the Danish Girl bit, Saoirse Ronan and her beautiful dress, Alicia Vikander’s win, etc, but then we’d be here forever. What did you guys think of the show? So much went down and I am curious to hear everyone’s thoughts.

And finally Brie Larson ended the night perfectly with a burger, chucks, and an Oscar.




Top 12 Best, Most Interesting and Worst Moments of the Golden Globes

Last night Ricky Gervais hosted the 73rd annual Golden Globes and I have to say he did a great job. Despite all the hate he got for hosting before, they still decided to bring him back and it was obvious why they did. He’s funny. Plain and simple he is able to poke fun at Hollywood actors like no one else. Along with his British crass, you can tell he does not give one bloody flying f*%$@! about pissing anyone off. He did it all in good fun and brought hilarity to what is usually an overall boring night.

Let’s talk about some of the best, most interesting and worst moments of the night.


1. The Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum bear bit. I don’t know I just didn’t care for it and thought it was kinda lame. And seriously what was up with Tatum’s hair?


2. Streaming services showed network stations what’s up. Amazon Video won many awards with its’ wins for Mozart in the Jungle. It won for both Best Comedy/Musical TV series and Best Actor for Gael Garcia Bernal in the same category. Take that Netflix and Hulu.



2. Oscar Issac for the Best Actor win for Show Me a Hero. I love that the world is finally starting to realize what a powerhouse of an actor he is and he truly deserved it. Honestly though he should have won for best dancing with his moves in Ex Machina.



3. Best Joke of the night had to be when Ricky Gervais welcomed Matt Damon onto the stage by saying, “He’s been the only person Ben Affleck hasn’t been unfaithful to.” LOL.


4. The numerous explicative words that had to be edited out kind of ruined the night for me. It got to the point that whole sentences were bleeped out and as someone watching it made me go okay what the hell just happened. NBC should have lightened up and not left audiences in the dark.


5. When Eva Longoria and America Ferrara poked fun at how Latin actresses are all confused as one. They mentioned that no they are not Eva Mendes, Charo or Rosario Dawson. They were obviously jabbing at the slip-up that occurred at the Golden Globes nominations ceremony when one presenter confused Ferrara with Gina Rodriguez.


6.  Ryan Gosling and Brad Pitt on the same stage. They did a goofy bit that was kind of stupid, but who really cares because they are both gorgeous. I think women all around the world were falling off their seats. Can someone tell me how Brad Pitt is not aging?


7. Stallone got a standing ovation for his win with Creed, but he forgot to thank director Ryan Coogler and co-star Michael B. Jordan. WTF. But he did thank his imaginary friend Rocky Balboa.


8. When Lady Gaga bumped Leonardo DiCaprio on the way to accept her award. The look on his face was priceless and the Twitter world went crazy with their reactions to the moment. I think it was funny because we rarely see Leo seem so real, he usually stays out of the media and does so few interviews that he is rather elusive. Seeing him act like a normal person with a funny reaction was great.


9. The weirdness between Ricky Gervais and Mel Gibson. Gervais said, “I want to say something nice about Mel before he comes out. So: I’d rather have a drink with him in his hotel room tonight than with Bill Cosby.” Then there were more pauses filled with bleeps where we had no idea what they were saying. The bit between them was somewhat funny, but also felt awkward and weird and Gibson is still an oddball.


10. Leonardo DiCaprio won Best Actor for The Revenant and it was awesome to see him get recognized for his work. I have loved him ever since he was on Growing Pains (haha), so I was super happy to see him win.


11. Seeing Leo and Kate hugging and chatting off camera. What a moment for my inner teenage self to see Jack and Rose reunited once again. And now there are a million memes floating off of this moment.



12. Alejandro González Iñárritu’s win for Best Director for The Revenant. So excited to see him win this year, he lost out last year to Boyhood. I am sure this is only a sign of things to come for the Oscars. Also, what a win for Latino directors and actors, I love it!


What moments did you love or hate this year? I am also curious, do you guys even bother watching why or why not?


Oscars Recap 2015: The Top 16 Most Interesting Moments

The 2015 Oscars can be described as having been okay at best. I think the Golden Globes were a little bit better this year. Neil Patrick Harris did a great job though, he was funny and witty, and I love the way he talks. He has that Barney Stinson way of dragging out words or pausing to make it funny. In a room filled with entertainers, there was hardly any entertainment, I just don’t get it. Last year, Ellen did a great job and really made those jokes hers and interacted with the audience which was fun to watch. I think the show needed a little more of that spice or some dancing numbers.


This year it was all about the speeches and there were some surprises in many categories especially Best Picture. I think everyone was shocked, Birdman was a great movie, but I think most people thought Boyhood would win. Take a swig like Mr. Cumberbatch and let’s talk about what happened and discuss the most interesting moments of the evening.


1. NPH in his underwear re-enacting the infamous Birdman scene.


2. The dresses this year. My favorite had to be Rosamund Pike’s beautiful red dress with matching red shoes. Now that is hard to pull off, but she looked perfect.

tumblr_nk8j7fvMMN1tvav1do4_250  tumblr_nk8j7fvMMN1tvav1do1_250

3. Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu’s speeches for both Best Director and Best Picture. For best director he mentioned that he was wearing Keaton’s tighty-whities for good luck and best picture he made remarks about immigration and allowing everyone the same rights. Rarely do see we any Mexican artists get credit from this kind of a community and what a powerful platform to make a statement about immigration.


4. While we are on the topic WTF Sean Penn. I am sure he was joking, but his stupid comment when he announced Alejandro’s win, by saying “Who gave this son of a bitch a green card,” was stupid and ill-timed.



5. J.K Simmons won for Best Supporting Actor and I loved what he said about appreciating your loved ones. He said if you have them around, call them!

tumblr_nk7tnfbdQ71r8fvhao2_250  tumblr_nk7ckvM5m21qh9nffo1_1280

6. John Legend and Common’s performance of the song Glory from Selma. The performance was moving and had many actors in tears.


7. Jared Leto’s hair ugh… I can’t get over it. His hair is beautiful and he is a man who knows how to rock an umbrella.


8. The Grand Budapest Hotel beat out a lot of other films in four technical categories. This is rare for Wes Anderson to get so much recognition and boy was he happy.


9. Patricia Arquette’s speech for Best Supporting Actress. She made a statement about wage equality and women’s rights. You go girl! 

tumblr_nk7tnfbdQ71r8fvhao4_250  tumblr_inline_nk8fdoHUKo1ruajr1

10. The Oscar made out of Legos. And Emma Stone holding it in the audience, she is too cute!


11. Eddie Redmayne’s acceptance speech for Best Actor. OMG how cute! He looked genuinely surprised and shocked and said that he would be the custodian of the award and that it was for everyone battling ALS.

tumblr_nk7kt2MAh91ruu897o2_r1_250  tumblr_nk7kt2MAh91ruu897o1_250

12. Common snubbed Oprah when he won for Best Song. Seriously that was funny.


13. The Idina Menzel rehash of last year’s major mess up by John Travolta. Is it just me or does he look kind of creepy?


14. But really what was up with Lady Gaga’s gloves?? Loving the memes going around.

za  zzzzz

15. Juliane Moore’s acceptance speech was also great for Best Actress. She added some fun to it, but also raised awareness for Alzheimer’s disease and made it a heartfelt speech.


16. One of my fave moments of the night was Graham Moore’s speech for Best Adapted Screenplay. It was personal and unique and he serves as voice for everyone out there who considers themselves different. Stay weird my peeps.

tumblr_nk7k0ch3Kn1ruu897o1_250  zzzzztumblr_nk7k0ch3Kn1ruu897o2_250

tumblr_nk7k0ch3Kn1ruu897o4_250  tumblr_nk7k0ch3Kn1ruu897o3_250

Tell me what you guys thought of the Oscars? What were your favorite or least favorite moments of the show?




Top 12 Best (and One Worst) Moments of the SNL 40th Reunion

I know I am kind of late on this, I have had the flu for like 10 days it’s been horrible. I think I went stir crazy at my house this past weekend. But I did get to finish the last Game of Thrones book so I am super stoked to see the show this seaon. Anyways back to the topic, I just wanted to do a quick recap of the best moments of the Saturday Night Live 40th reunion. It was 3 hours long, which honestly I can’t remember any shows that have been that long on TV. Some of it was totally funny and other parts just felt really long and useless.

I have been a fan of SNL, I would have to say my whole life and really became a dedicated watcher as a teenager. In the days before DVR’s, I remember being 14 and staying up what I thought was late to watch SNL. The audience was packed for the reunion with A-list celebrities like Michael Douglas, Steven Spielberg, Ed Norton, Bradley Cooper, Larry David, Paul Simon, Paul McCartney and the list goes on and on and many who performed or announced musical acts in between on the show. I love seeing celebrities laughing and enjoying themselves like normal people, am I the only person who feels like this?

Here are my top 12 best (and one worst) moments of the SNL 40th reunion in no particular order. And basically you can get the gist of the whole show in less than 3 hours.


1. Melissa McCarthy as Dan Foley, Chris Farley’s character of the “guy down by the river.”

tumblr_njvt17NYN11u6btmgo10_r1_400  tumblr_njvt17NYN11u6btmgo4_r1_400

2. The infamous Jeopardy game. This time Christopher Waltz, Justin Bieber, Sean Connery, Matthew McCounaghey and Burt Reynolds were the guests. My fave was definitely Jim Carrey love him still.

3. Kanye West performed upside down and then Sia appeared with a giant wig. Am I the only who loves both of them?

tumblr_njxuni2Kpi1t9ih2jo1_250  tumblr_njxuni2Kpi1t9ih2jo3_r1_250

4. Emma Stone paying homage to Gilda Radner, the more I see Emma the more I love her.


5. The Californians skit had Taylor Swift, Kerry Washington and Betty White and Bradley Cooper finished it off perfectly.


6. Ed Norton as Stefan lol.


7. Audience Q&A with Jerry Seinfeld.

8. Fred Armisen and Kristin Wiig doing their funky performance as Garth and Kat, their songs that have no rhythm or meaning and are pretty hilarious.


9. Seeing the SNL Audition tapes, I love seeing those and seriously how young did Jimmy Fallon look?!

10. Will Ferrell and Anna Gastyer doing their musical act The Culps, I think that was one of my fave skits. 


11. Last ,but not least WAYNE’s WORLD! Party on my friends. tumblr_njuwl4GbQZ1sc3fyvo10_400

12. The worst had to be Eddie Murphy back on stage at SNL for only like two seconds. It was weird and he should have done a funny skit or something for old times sake.


Did you guys watch and if so what did you think? What is your fave SNL skit or comedian?

ztumblr_njizu1HSGD1t55xupo1_400  (This is my fave)


Golden Globes 2015 Recap: The 17 Best and Worst Moments

The 72nd Golden Globes were held yesterday and mark the beginning of awards season. Hosted for the third time by Amy Poehler and Tina Fey, this will be their last year and I am sure all the famous people out there will miss them. I say that because they poke fun at celebrities, but in a nice way. It’s as if Ricky Gervais’ jokes were put on a diet, they would look like theirs, watered down, boring and polite. Overall it was an okay show and honestly it was boring in my opinion. I am looking forward to a new host next year and praying that Neil Patrick Harris does a good job with hosting the Oscars.

1. Boyhood won for best movie and it was a well deserved win. Patricia Arquette also took home best supporting actress for the film. Bravo to Richard Linklater for taking a chance and creating a movie that he believed in and was unique in every way.

tumblr_ni23se0BsW1qi6ht9o1_1280  12

2. A lot of the focus of the show was on Benedict Cumberbatch, the camera must have panned on him a million times. He didn’t win anything, but we learned that he is a sweetheart to his wife and seriously I couldn’t stop watching them together. #relationshipgoals

tumblr_ni26oeinS11tnvw9eo8_r1_500  tumblr_ni258rpjHi1tgmysso1_500

3. But really it was all about Cumberbatch again stealing a moment, as he did last year and photo bombing Meryl Streep and Margret Cho’s photo.


4. Margaret Cho dressed as a Korean soldier, in relation to the whole Interview scandal with Kim Jong Un. Really, I could care less and I thought it was stereotypical and lame. Asian-Americans have come so far and to have a stupid moment like this take center stage is ridiculous.


5. Amazon proved that they are a contender in the TV series market. Their new show Transparent took home two globes, one for best comedy or musical series and another for Jeffrey Tambor as lead actor. I am excited to see the transgender community, which so often gets overlooked, get some love that they so much deserve.


6. One of my fave girls from Downton Abbey, Joanne Froggatt won for best supporting actress in a TV series and when she went up to give her speech it was an emotional one. She said, “After this storyline aired I received a small number of letters from survivors of rape and one woman summed up the thoughts of many by saying she wasn’t sure why she’d written, but she just felt in some way she wanted to be heard. And I’d just like to say ‘I heard you’ and I hope saying this so publicly means in some way you feel the world hears you.” Her message was powerful and heartfelt and one that deserves recognition.

tumblr_ni1rrxRLUc1sqr5h5o5_250  tumblr_ni1rrxRLUc1sqr5h5o6_250

7. Many great shows and movies were snubbed, but that could just be my biased point of view. Some of my favorite shows didn’t receive much at all, but a simple nod. Game of Thrones got nothing, Homeland nada, and HBO’s mini-series Olive Kitteridge got a high-five at best. The look on Francis McDormand’s face was priceless, she was phenomenal as Kitteridge and should have won!

tumblr_ni1wb5OWRS1s3y9slo1_500  tumblr_ni1vcutBhD1qd4rf5o2_500

8. Jared Leto and his beautiful braid. Enough said.

tumblr_ni1merwgrj1qc3ni5o1_500  Jared Leto poses backstage during the 72nd Golden Globe Awards in Beverly Hills

9. Umm… Yeah Prince was there. Where has he been and what is up with his whole look? Well he is Prince, so I guess he can do whatever the hell he likes.

tumblr_ni2hyqqzHp1r4poono1_1280  tumblr_ni1vcutBhD1qd4rf5o4_500

10. The public support and stance against the Charlie Hebdo Paris shootings. The Golden Globes is a huge platform and it is good to see artists who can be known and heard stand up for a cause that is worthwhile and that deserves even more attention than their awards show.

tumblr_ni26fk8elB1s4tpf0o1_1280  tumblr_ni26fk8elB1s4tpf0o2_1280

11. George Clooney and his new wife Amal Alamuddin. Yes, the ladies man finally got married and was honored with the Cecil B. DeMille lifetime achievement in motion pictures award. He gave a beautiful speech, recognizing not only the Paris attacks, but giving thanks to his wonderful new love. He said, “Whatever alchemy it is that brought us together, Amal, I couldn’t be more proud to be your husband.

tumblr_ni2736wI4y1s3qfjyo8_500 tumblr_ni1szkHqqG1qiu9ato1_500

12. Wes Anderson’s win for Grand Budapest Hotel. A definite highlight of the evening and a rare glimpse at a director who almost never attends these types of shows.

tumblr_ni1r6oar6E1qe7sdho3_250  tumblr_ni1r6oar6E1qe7sdho2_250

13. Still can’t believe Showtime’s The Affair beat some of the best shows out there right now, House of Cards, Game of Thrones, Downton Abbey and The Good Wife. They won for best drama series and Ruth Wilson took home an award for best actress in her role. The Affair was a great show, but was it good enough to beat out some of the best? I honestly didn’t think it deserved to win.

tumblr_ni25wtB4A51u379amo1_500  tumblr_ni1fyoi81H1qefwl8o2_250

14. The look on Chrissy Teigen’s face when her husband Jon Legend won his award. Seriously the ugliest cry face I have ever seen. This is especially funny considering how beautiful and perfect she seems. Her face has already gone viral, but she seems to be taking it all in stride.

212  capture 1

15. When Ricky Gervais made an appearance, drink in hand and gave the audience some snarky jokes to add a little liveliness to the show.

tumblr_ni1lk87jwK1qb6v6ro1_500  tumblr_ni1lk87jwK1qb6v6ro2_500

16. The gorgeous actors and actresses. They looked stunning and impressive. Kit Harrington, Jake Gyllenhal and Rosamund Pike were definitely the most beautiful of the bunch.

tumblr_ni1ozt9nno1ri799do8_1280  tumblr_ni2ek6lPr01rxp8ypo1_500

17. I think we found next year’s GG hosts. Kristin Wiig and Bill Hader were only on screen for a few minutes, but their energy was funny, lively and kept us wanting more. The word is already out and people are vying for them to take the hosting spot next year. I vote for them to host!

tumblr_ni2gz43Nyj1u59ltco4_r1_250  1316541

And finally after the show here is how Christoph Waltz felt and I think it pretty much sums up the night.


Did you watch the show? What did you love or hate?





Emmys 2014 Recap: Top 12 Good, Bad and Ugly Moments

This year’s Emmys were hosted by Seth Meyers and were on a Monday night, something that hasn’t happened in years. Apparently this was due to the fact that the MTV music awards were on Sunday night. Yes people, they still give out awards for videos that are never and let me repeat and emphasize that are NEVER played on TV anymore.


The Emmys could have been a better show, the weight of the talent in the room was heavy and the shows nominated for the most part were all pretty great. Twenty years ago, TV was not what it is today, there was a stigma for movie actors to jump into TV shows, but now the quality of drama shows and character driven dramas are absolutely phenomenal. If anything they are challenging what you see in movies. Thus with that being said, the Emmys had the ability this year to take it to another level and to really make it a special night.

Let me just say really quick, Breaking Bad won for almost everything, there I said it, not much else to say about that subject.

tumblr_naw8aaWOTt1qzmfxbo1_500  tumblr_nawim9Un4U1tyzkmro1_500

The show felt like a wanna-be version of the Oscars, all that was missing was a group selfie with Seth. Despite their best to make it funny and to make it seem like the actors are just funny kids in the audience, it just didn’t work. The show was decent and could have been better, Seth was funny to an extent and I felt like I was watching another one of his weekend update skits from Saturday Night Live.

As you most know I am pretty caught up on the majority of TV shows out there, so I felt it was my duty to chime in and give you guys the low down.

Here is a quick recap of what went down and what were the good, the bad and just plain ugly moments of the night.

1. Before the Emmys kicked off, Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul put out the deets for a scavenger hunt in Hollywood. He announced the hunt on Instagram and gave fans the chance to find scripts, posters, dolls and even RJ Mitte aka Walt Jr. This is smart and so on trend to the way the world works now through social media. Kudos to Paul for giving back to the fans!


2. When Julia Louis Dreyfus and Bryan Cranston went up to give an award, he mentioned that he was on an episode of Seinfeld. Remember the dentist episode? And that they had shared a kiss. When she won for her Veep performance he ran up to the stage and gave her a big kiss. The moment interjected some fun into an otherwise pretty bland night.

tumblr_nax018Y1HB1qgwd2mo2_250  tumblr_nax018Y1HB1qgwd2mo3_250

3. Billy Crystal’s tribute to his pal Robin Williams was a real tear jerker moment. It was kind, heartfelt and was nice to hear a perspective of Robin from someone who was a true friend. Robin was a comedian through and through and he will be sorely missed by all.

tumblr_nawcy2dhSP1sri7qoo2_r1_500  tumblr_nawcy2dhSP1sri7qoo3_r1_500

4. Many great shows did not win a single award and some actors were completely snubbed for a nomination. Can someone tell me why Game of Thrones did not win anything? I thought for sure Peter Dinklage’s performance in the trial scene would earn him an Emmy, he definitely blew all of the other actors out of the water. Tatiana Maslany from Orphan Black did a great job this year and was at least deserving of a nomination. Downton Abbey didn’t get a single award either. Tisk, tisk Academy!

tumblr_naw6mv5FUX1qb6v6ro2_400  tumblr_inline_naw7bu7p9G1rao3i1

5. One of my favorite parts of the show was when Seth Meyers and comedian Billy Eichner hit the streets and asked people questions about the Emmys like who is hosting, how they felt about The Mindy Project and what they think about Tatiana Maslany being snubbed for a nomination? The answers were hilarious and most people did not know who Seth Meyers even was, despite being right in front of them.

tumblr_naw1yo7ehv1rvszrdo1_500  tumblr_naw1yo7ehv1rvszrdo2_500

6. One of the big hyped up moments of the whole evening was the fact that if Matthew McConaughey won for best actor in a drama series for True Detective, he would be completing the feat, which hasn’t been done in decades of winning both an Oscar and an Emmy in the same year. I felt like a lot of energy and focus was put on him, so many actors went up on stage and made a joke about it. By the end I really didn’t care if he won or loss, despite being a fan of the show, I was over the hoopla of it to say the least.

tumblr_nawvhj4fgQ1r19feno1_250  tumblr_nawvhj4fgQ1r19feno2_250

7. Kathy Bates and Jessica Lange both won for their performances on American Horror Story: Coven. You go girls! It was nice to see the show get recognized and both ladies were completely not expecting to win and it was obvious when they went up on stage. It was really cool to see them have their moment and get the applause they deserve.

tumblr_naw9uoiWBh1sri7qoo3_500  tumblr_inline_nawib6StaQ1rgfbwx

8. The moment when celebrities got up and asked random questions. Ummm, why, what was the point of this? Jon Hamm asked if the Emmys were on TV, Melissa McCarthy asked if her car would get towed Julianna Margulies asked if she could have Maggie Smith’s Emmy if she won. This whole moment felt weird and it just didn’t go off as funny as they intended.

tumblr_naw9tzlQMd1qmpdnno1_250  tumblr_naw9tzlQMd1qmpdnno2_250

9. I was very happy that Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch both won for Sherlock. Finally the show gets some awards, but unfortunately none of the British actors were in attendance. Dame Maggie Smith wasn’t there either, so we never got a shot of her in the audience.

tumblr_naw3tvl26b1qzy1u6o2_250  tumblr_naw3tvl26b1qzy1u6o1_250

10. Sofia Vergara went up on stage and introduced Television Academy’s CEO Bruce Rosenblum, when he came up he asked her to stand on a revolving platform. She played stupid about it and said “Is this how they do it on American television?” As he talked about how the Academy works to inspire audiences and help students with careers, Sofia spun around aimlessly on the pedestal, showing off her curvaceous body. She is beautiful that is a fact, but I felt it was the most degrading moment for women and I could not believe that they stooped that low. By far the worst moment of the night.

tumblr_naw770FTWE1qd4rf5o1_400  Capture4

11. Cary Joji Fukunaga won for best director in a drama series for True Detective, this was by far the most deserving award of the night. He’s young and added a fresh vibe to the boring acceptance speeches. Can’t wait to see what he does next!

tumblr_naw9dwFOnY1s3y9slo3_500  tumblr_naw9dwFOnY1s3y9slo4_500

12. This was corny, but totally funny. Given that theme songs are vague, Weird Al Yankovic made up lyrics to go with the songs from the nominated shows. By far the best one was for Game of Thrones, he mentioned boobs and not getting attached to characters, wisely saying that everyone should have a back-up fave character. He sang slash told George R. R. Martin, who was in the audience to “start typing” because we need more scripts. Check out the montage, he is LOL-worthy for sure.

tumblr_naw8b1ca0y1r00543o7_r1_250  tumblr_naw8b1ca0y1r00543o8_r1_250

Did you guys watch the show? If so what did you think? Or do you just hate award shows? Do tell!


Oscars 2014 Recap slash Top 10 Memorable Moments

Oscars 2014 Recap slash Top 10 Memorable Moments

This year’s Oscars I have to say were one of the best. That was largely due to Ellen DeGeneres lively commentary and how she actually seemed to be having fun with the job. The show didn’t feel as stuffy and boring as it usually does. She tweeted images live, ordered pizza for everyone, literally and made the actors appear more comfortable than usual. I think this was so smart, today’s culture and young people especially live and die by social media, so putting this in the show was very smart of her.

Here is a quick recap of what went down and was fun to watch.

1. Jared Leto won for Best Supporting Actor for Dallas Buyers Club… That hair and the speech to  his mother sigh, it was so sweet.


2. Lupita Nyong’o won Best Supporting Actress for 12 Years a Slave. Hell yes she deserved it and her speech was probably my favorite of the night. Also she got up and danced with Pharell when he sung “Happy,” how cool is that?


lupita%20nyongo%20happy%20pharrell Cuz I’m happy….

3. Ellen ordered pizza for everyone, yeah it really happened!


image Meryl, Julia, the usual peeps eating pizza

article-0-1BFBAEB400000578-293_636x382 Brad enjoying a slice

4. The selfies. This was probably the coolest part of the show when she asked a bunch of actors to gather around to take a group shot and asked everyone to retweet.


BhxWutnCEAAtEQ6 Actual tweeted pic

5. Matthew McConaughy won for Best Actor for Dallas Buyers Club. He gave a great speech and ended it with his famous catchphrase “all right, all right, all right.” Love him to quote my fellow bloggers, the McConaissance is in full effect now.


6. Leo won nothing boo sad 😦 Poor Leo at least he’s hot, so who cares right?!

tumblr_n1w45owXNi1sytz6wo1_250    tumblr_n1wa6oIGGV1satpowo1_500

7. Jennifer Lawrence fell again, but we still love her. That dress, it was gorgeous and she is so fun and playful, she really is America’s sweetheart right now.

tripmain_2839868a tumblr_n1vmpkv7Bx1tuvbyro1_500

8. Brad Pitt though… he was all up in Ellen’s business and jumping into photos and helping hand out pizza. Funny!


images1100115_Khoanh_khac_dep_oscar4-9c07c Chiwetal was hungry… Thanks Brad!

9. Steve McQueen’s reaction to winning Best Picture for 12 Years a Slave… HELL YES!!!!!!!

steve-mcqueen-879d5739bb3f533a Jump Forrest Jump

5d7556894e24b0a9_19hd1ile09il9gif_gif_xxxlarge oh yeah and his weird clap … don’t hate

10. All the selfies floating around the net and photo bombs. Too cool I love seeing this type of stuff.

tumblr_n1vtv8ShmQ1sw9z2co1_500  Ireland-Baldwin-takes-a-selfie-with-Liza-Minelli-at-the-2014-Oscars-3200736

corinne-foxx-jamie-foxx-channing-tatum-jenna-dewan-tatum-lg   benedict--a

So that was the Oscars and this was James Franco at home… not giving 2 fcks about it. LOL.