Quick Flick Reviews – The Rev, H8, SW, Crd

I want to introduce a new segment to my blog. My cousin and movie partner in crime, Andrew, is going to be helping me out by doing some quick reviews of movies he has seen recently. He sees a lot of movies that I just never end up watching, so it’s great to be able to post some different opinions on my site. He’s the person I sit and talk with about movies and TV shows and I love hearing his thoughts. Please welcome him into our movie world and throw him some comments and feedback. I am sure he will love it!

Here are his first set of quick flick reviews. Hope you guys enjoy them! Ensue courageous and copious clapping.


The Revenant is a grueling, magical, cinematic masterpiece. Leonardo DiCaprio is excellent and Tom Hardy is possibly just as special, if not maybe even a slight step above, with his performance as a real sadistic “bad guy” in the film. Alejandro González Iñárritu may have struck gold once again with this enthralling film that sucks you in from the very first scene by making you realize that you are in for a wild ride that’s coupled alongside some magnificent cinematography. The movie runs close to two and a half hours; however I never became disengaged. The Revenant never felt dull or dry because we were continuously fed one great scene after another. Great movie, a must watch, and definitely has some Oscar potential. Quite possibly one of the best movies I have seen since 12 Years a Slave. A+


The Hateful Eight was a very well made Quentin Tarantino movie. I make a point to say “Tarantino movie” because I feel that if you are a fan of his work, then you will like this one. However, if you are a casual fan of the movies and maybe are not too familiar with his previous flicks, than you might just come away feeling slightly disappointed. Samuel L Jackson, Kurt Russell, Michael Madsen, and Bruce Dern are unquestionably standouts in this film, while the rest of the supporting cast are not too shabby themselves. But with the extensive running time of 3 hours or so and the ultra-lengthy moments of dialogue, I think it could leave some movie-goers feeling slightly anxious for the end. Good movie, a lot of dialogue with a sprinkling of some very “Tarantino” R-rated scenes that push the envelope as only he would know how to do best. B


Star Wars: The Force Awakens was just so much fun! You go in expecting to be thrown into the world of Star Wars with the anticipation of a thrill ride and this film surely delivers. I couldn’t help but think about the fact that so many kids and teenagers who maybe are not necessarily familiar with the original 6 films, will instantly become transformed into Star Wars junkies after watching this one. I sat there with my 3D glasses, my popcorn and soda, and was entertained from start to finish. The new characters Rey, Finn, Kylo Ren, Poe, and BB-8, bring an enthusiasm to the film that Episodes 1-3 lacked. J.J. Abrams did a magnificent job of giving us a high quality stepping stone into the future of the franchise. This new rendition pays homage to the former episodes all while remaining fresh and unique. I cannot wait for what is to come! Someone should let George Lucas know that his darling baby is in good hands. A


CREED.  Allow me to begin by saying that Sylvester Stallone is pretty darn good in this spinoff of the Rocky franchise. Michael B. Jordan stars as the young up and coming aspiring boxer Adonis “Donnie” Johnson, his father was the infamous Apollo Creed. Donnie hooks up with his father’s old rival Rocky Balboa, now aging, but fully intact with his boxing capabilities. Jordan looks the part and some of the boxing fight scenes are as realistic as I have ever seen. I went in expecting a corny and predictable remake of Rocky, but Creed did and will stand on its own as one of the better (if not the best) films in the series. I am a diehard boxing fan, so this movie was right up my alley. If you like action movies with grit than you will enjoy it, and even if you want to just sit down and turn your brain off, than this movie will not disappoint. Let’s just say even my fiancée and sister enjoyed watching it (that says a lot). B