Question of the Month: Best TV Season of 2014

As part of the Question of the Month club, put on famously by the wonderfully funny Luke over at Oracle of Film, he asked what was the best TV season of 2014? Seriously, if you do not follow him already, please do so, if anything for his drunken trivia videos which I could watch all day. Although, I always wonder how does he feel the next day after playing that game? This month’s question was fun to answer, yet it was such a difficult decision. I am sure you can all guess what I picked! He also asked us all if you could spend a day with Tom Hardy what would you do? The answers are those are creative to say the least.

This is what happens when you drink vodka and try to remember what happened on Game of Thrones! Luke and his brother are the opposite of Jon Snow, they know everything.

Originally posted on Oracle of Film:

This month’s question has been a very exciting one, because I know a lot of you have strong opinions about the world of television. I decided to keep it simple for a change and asked each participant to tell me what they thought was the best TV Season of 2014. The rules were that their selection had to be judged on the specific season that was aired during 2014. For example, the Walking Dead series couldn’t be picked, but the fourth season of Walking Dead could. I also needed a few specific reasons about why that season was the winner, which you all delivered on exceptionally. I am not going to lie: part of me regretted my choice of question the second I sent out the emails. Why? Surely everyone was going to pick Game of Thrones. Thankfully, the answers were varied and some unexpected shows got thrown into the…



What Character Would You Like To See On Game of Thrones?

Now that Game of Thrones has ended, all of us fans have to wait a whole year for it to come back. The wait is excruciating, to say the least. A lot of times when I am watching the show I think about characters from other TV shows or movies that are much needed to help out our favorite characters or those that fit in perfectly with one of the families. For example, Michonne from The Walking Dead would be awesome in Khaleesi’s side of the world. She could help protect her from any crazy people out there and even mix in with locals and get secret information. I mean Michonne walks tall and carries a big katana. I keep imagining her with a cape on and hood up ready to attack. Give her a Valyrian steel sword and she could kick some serious ass!


I threw this question out to some of our friends out there and asked them, if you could see any character from another TV show or movie on Game of Thrones, who would you choose and why? Let’s see who our friends chose to hang out in Westeros.

Who would I like to see join Game of Thrones, eh…..? Well, I think the only logical and natural choice would be Ron Swanson. I know the whole show is a struggle for power and Swanson hates government, but who else could be the One True King? He would rule with Power and swift, effective Justice, constantly eating bacon and ribs and siring a horde of offspring to rule Westeros forever.


tumblr_mo09bfVGpK1qmdvzjo2_r1_250  (Uh Oh! This might get dangerous!)

If I could take a character from another television show, and place them in “The Game of Thrones” world, it would be Dexter Morgan. I would team Dexter with Arya Stark. She is my favorite character on the show, and I am happy that she hasn’t been killed off – at least as of the conclusion of season four. I haven’t read all of the books yet, so I am not sure what happens to certain characters in the novels.


The reason I would team Arya and Dexter, is because Dexter could help Arya to eliminate everyone on her list. He could teach her his predatory process for eliminating those who have done wrong. By teaching her the code, after the names on her list have all been crossed off,  if she felt like continuing to right injustices moving forward, she would have guidelines that she hopefully would adhere to. In addition, there are people on Arya’s list, that there is no way I can visualize her being able to beat, such as, for instance, in a one on one sword fighting duel; so, Dexter could teach her to work to her strengths, and go about getting her revenge in a smarter way.

tumblr_n831u1Hg5q1ty2lhgo1_500  (Arya hand him your list)

So when Melissa asked which character from another movie/television series I would love to see in Game of Thrones, I didn’t even hesitate or think about it. While watching the show, from time to time it has occurred to me that what this show needs is… Spartacus. That’s right, Spartacus. At least he will fit right in with how things look and are done, and let’s face it, he is hardcore. He would totally not have stood for Joffrey’s crap, and would have gotten that war into full swing a lot sooner and given a lot of people a run for their money. People would have mentioned his name and initially it may have been met with the same dismissal as people who have been speaking about Daenerys… the difference, though, is that in Rome they quickly learned that his name brings tidings with it, and Westeros would, too (sort of how Robb’s name eventually had people quaking in their boots – from boy to the King in the North).


The character I’d like to choose to mash up with Game of Thrones is Woody Allen’s court jester character from the first vignette of his infamous film, Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex* (*But Were Afraid to Ask) (1972). This choice seems like an obvious one, firstly because he’s already living within a medieval-style setting, so there wouldn’t be any awkward transition period and he probably wouldn’t get murdered immediately. Secondly, Allen as the court jester is pretty hilarious and the world of Game of Thrones is in need of some levity, post haste. However, this character does tend to crack some off-colour jokes and forms a habit of pursuing the queen for some romance, so he probably would get murdered sooner rather than later. Particularly if he attempts to get to know Cersei better. But above all, I think what the characters in Game of Thrones really need at this point in time is a good laugh. So Woody Allen it is!

blog-woodyallen-111811  (Quick make Cersei LOL!)

Well as you know of course I’d love to see Toby in GoT as I think he can do practically ANY role, whether good or bad guy. But as far as character from another show… Well the only one I can think of is someone like Mr. Rochester, so someone who’s been heartbroken and betrayed by those close to him and harbor a deep, dark secret about his romantic past. He’s said that he loves playing antiheroes and I think every character on that show is basically an antihero right, they all have some kind of darkness in them, some more severe than others obviously.
**Mel’s Side note – I think Mr. Rochester could totally be part of the Tully family, especially with his ginger hair, he would fit in perfectly!


When Melissa asked me which character, either from a series or a movie, would I like to see in GoT, I immediately started shifting through my mind archives to get the best option.

Firstly, I just have to mention this brilliant new movie venture I just thought of: Can we please, please, have a new Hunger Games movie, with the following participants: Joffrey Baratheon, Dolores Jane Umbridge (Harry Potter) and Percy Whitmore (The Green Mile)? Just imagine for a second how much fun it will be to watch these skin crawling villains in a battle to the death? I even made you a poster!


Back to the actual question: I would love to see Edison Cavani in GoT. You might be wondering where the hell you may have seen this fellow, and I will ease your confusion and tell you that he is a member of the Uruguay soccer team.


Just look at that face: Doesn’t he look like he belongs in GoT, a Dothraki Warrior, following DAenarys Targaryen? (Meaning: he looks like a hot warrior).

Mr. Cavani made it onto this list because he as much as I love soccer, it is mostly a massive SHOW full of plotlines.

The character I’d like to see on Game Of Thrones is Inigo Montoya from The Princess Bride. He could be a Stark and be all like “Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya Stark. You killed my father. Prepare to die.” And then he could kill that little Joffrey bastard!!!!! (FYI people – I’ve only seen season 1 so far. Maybe that little prick is dead by now. I hope so! But don’t tell me!!!! Damn – I won’t be able to actually read Melissa’s post) 😉
**Mel’s side note – Ummmm, hello! How perfect was her answer. We all know what part I am talking about here.


Jeff Murdock
Played by: Richard Coyle
Show: Coupling (2000 – 2004) Coupling was kind of like the UK’s answer to friends. although far filthier, with much more interesting characters. And socially awkward Welshman, Jeff, was easily the most interesting of the bunch. Although Jeff found it almost impossible to interact appropriately with anyone especially women, he sometimes had the most incredible insights into the mundanities of life and his little catchphrases, including the infamous “giggle loop” and the “melty man” were comedy gold. After he was written out in 2002, the show all but died.

Why would Jeff be great for GOT: Like most intense serious shows Game of Thrones is great when it adds just a little humour and Jeff is absolutely hilarious. I can imagine his talent for putting his foot in it would make for some excellent scenes interacting with everyone from Tyrion to The Hound… and can you imagine him under Cersei’s ruthless stare? Check out this scene where Jeff accidentally tells a woman he has a wooden leg.

He also has a tendecy to get stuck on the word “breasts”… and I mean there are so many bewbs in Game of Thrones he’d never run out of lady lumps to celebrate.

So here’s to Jeff… maybe he could make an appearance in season five!

Easy. Daryl. He could actually make it work too. He has a primal survivalist temperament, so he could feasibly handle it in the cut-throat world of Game of Thrones. He has the street smarts to not let anyone push him over and his only downfall would be not really letting a King of any sorts push him around. I couldn’t see him reacting very well to Stannis and as for Joffrey… well, let’s just say that Joffrey might realise that there is someone who could use his crossbow a lot better than he can.


I even know where I would want him. I would have him as a member of the Night’s Watch, but it would never be brought up. A few eagle-eyed fans would spot Norman Reedus lurking in the shadows, especially when his character slowly became more than an extra and got a few lines of dialogue. Still, he could be hardly a major character. However, when the White Walkers finally attacked, he could become the centre-stage of the show, killing zombie after zombie. He would be the ultimate bad-ass, putting the rest of the Night’s Watch to shame. Because after all, this is what Daryl is best at: Walker killing; it doesn’t matter if they’re dead or White (see what I did there, MJ fans!!!)

daryl_dixon_wallpaper___2_by_sometimesifeelikemeg-d4wwn81  778889239cf01f9b9ca58b17bad100a9  (Patch him in)

If there was one person who could unite the warring factions of the Seven Kingdoms, that man would be the Blue King, Walter White. If he could go from a humble high school chemistry teacher to the king of a meth empire that stretched throughout the Southwest, imagine what he and his top adviser Lord Pinkman could accomplish in Westeros. He can dispatch his enemies with such efficiency and cunning that he makes Tywin Lannister look like Badger. Sure, the Unsullied are a formidable force, but get them hooked on crystal and they become as useless as Lord Varys’s junk. And perhaps the best thing for Walt: dragon blood cures cancer.


I’m not the only one who thinks Heisenberg would rule Westeros. Check out this seamless mash-up:

In addition, I would also like to suggest Hart’s mistress from True Detective as the madame/head courtesan of the brothel in King’s Landing.


Hmmm.  My first thought would be a comedic character, but that wouldn’t work at all with the tone of GoT, so after a long deliberation, I think that if I had the power to do so, I would send Sayid Jarrah (Naveen Andrews) from Lost.  He can both handle himself well in a fight and can think on his feet if need be to get himself out of a sticky situation.

tumblr_mwky56meyK1qg2mnwo2_250  tumblr_mmuavjlSnz1rmya3eo4_250

Melissa (Moi)
I know I mentioned Michonne earlier, but now that I have been reading the book, I seriously have been wanting a prequel to be made for the show, sort of like Star Wars.  I would love to see how the Targaryens went down, how the Starks grew up and their relationships with the Tully and Barantheon families, all the past loves and losses. How cool would that be? Who’s with me? Let’s write HBO a letter to get this done LOL.

I think Lady Sybil (Jessica Brown Findlay) from Downton Abbey would be a perfect addition to the Game of Thrones prequel and could definitely fit in with the Targaryen family or even with the Starks. Hello she could totally be friends with Lyanna Stark! And if not for the prequel, she would be an awesome addition to the Stark household in present times. Lady Sybil is strong, willful, and defiant, as when she decided not to adhere to a fixed marriage. She marches to the beat of her own drum and she could teach Lady Sansa a thing or two about how to live like a highborn woman, while still holding onto her independence.

tumblr_m8xgamb9WA1ruc53no3_250  tumblr_m8xgamb9WA1ruc53no2_r1_250  (Plus she ain’t afraid of no Wildling!)

Ok, if you know Mike, then you know that he is a rule breaker, not a follower! With that in mind, let’s dive into the mind of Mikey and take a trip through Game of Thrones land.

Screenkicker Goes to Westoros
One of my favourite aspects of Game of Thrones is the setting. Westeros is such a wondrous place of beauty and brutality. We all love watching the opening credits because it gives a sense of place. Imagine being able to visit all of those crazy kingdoms for real? Well that’s exactly the tour I’m about to give you! You see, I’ve been to these places without knowing it. In other words – I travelled around Westoros before it was cool! Join me on the tour.

Kings Landing – Dubrovnik, Croatia
What a beautiful city with its views of the sea and its Mediterranean weather. The outdoors Kings Landing scenes are shot in Dubrovnik, Croatia. I went on holiday here a few years ago and walked around the walls of the city. It’s pretty much exactly how it looks in GoT apart from the extensive bullet holes in the walls from the siege of Dubrovnik in 1991. Almost a real version of the Battle of Blackwater.

Capture1  (Me polishing my cannon in Dubronik)

Khal Drogo and Daenerys Targaryen’s wedding – Gozo – Malta
I visited Malta last year. It’s a beautiful island between Europe and Africa. Parts of Malta were used for Kings Landing in season 1 until it moved to Dubrovnik. My memories of Malta are getting the worst sunburn of my life and snorkeling in a blue lagoon near where Khal Drogo and the Khaleesi were wed. If you look closely during the sex scene on their wedding night you can see the flip flop I lost in the corner of the tent.


Everything else – Various places in Northern Ireland
Game of Thrones is based in Northern Ireland. I’m from Northern Ireland. Therefore, I’ve been to lots of Westoros locations! I’m from near the North Coast which is where a majority of scenes are filmed. This is due to the rugged landscape which has an old world aesthetic. It also suits GoT due to the country’s history of politically expedited murders.


The Iron Islands is actually a place called Ballintoy which we had to go on a school trip to when we actually wanted to go to an ice-cream factory. It’s a lovely little fishing village, but boring as balls for a nine year old. I just wanted some ice-cream. Greyjoy? More like ‘Killjoy’! Am I right?! No.

Capture4  (This is actually how it looked before GoT arrived)

Downhill Beach is where Stannis Baratheon and that hot witch lady lit loads of fires and chanted some shit. Or the Burning of the Seven for you geeks out there. This was a popular barbeque place in my teenage years. ‘The night is dark and full of sausage fumes and teen hormones’. Sadly despite trying, my sausage stayed uncooked. I’m not even sure what that means. Also, just around the corner is the cave that Melisandre squeezed out an evil shadow baby.

Capture556  (Sexy Witch!)

Next up we have the area surrounding the town of Ballymoney. This is my home land. I grew up a stone’s throw from the filming location and it served as the most unlikely of settings for the Dothraki Sea. Khal Drogo and his hordes marched around a town which biggest claims to fame is that I was born there and that it has the highest life expectancy rate in Northern Ireland. Don’t say I never teach you anything.

Capture6  (Just like my trip home from school everyday)

Finally, we have Belfast where all of the indoor scenes are filmed. Belfast is famous for building the Titanic, producing the worlds greatest ever footballer, and for being a sectarian warzone for over 30 years. They must be so proud! GoT is filmed in the giant building that the Titanic was painted in. I’ve been to Belfast loads and I’ve seen it slowly change from a bombed out shithole to a modern European city. You should visit sometime, it’s actually a lovely place.

Capture  (Not a Wildling in sight)

The stuff beyond the wall is mainly shot in Iceland, but I’ve never been there so I’m going to completely ignore. That’s the end of our tour folks, I hope you’ve enjoyed it and that you know a bit more about what goes on behind the scenes in Westoros. I have to go now, winter is coming and I’m currently nude. For some reason Melissa said that all her guest posters have to be naked.

Thank you guys for all of your input with this post. I appreciate it, you guys rule! Did we miss your favorite character, if so who? Would love to hear your thoughts!







TV Loving: My Mad Fat Diary: Seasons 1 & 2

My Mad Fat Diary: Seasons 1 & 2


A few weeks ago, I spent a whole weekend literally binge watching the hell out of My Mad Fat Diary. I heard about this show through the blogosphere and was able to find Season 1 on YouTube and then I spent probably a few hours with my sister trying to figure out how to get a damn Channel E4 account, we had to create a fake UK address and finally we were able to stream. Seriously, I was like a lunatic I had to see Season 2 that very second and was driving everyone around me insane. I didn’t see sunlight for 2 days and it was so worth it!

tumblr_inline_mjxm4q1gRB1qch3hk (Must watch all 13 episodes at once!)

After it was all said and done, I digested it and I have to say I loved it. I wanted to put this up on my blog because I am sure there are people out there who haven’t heard of it either, so here I am to tell you why you should totally catch this if you can.

My Mad Fat Diary is about the life of a teenage British girl, Rae Earl (Sharon Rooney), who spends her time in therapy for her “madness.” She has fits of rage and episodes of anxiety mixed with cutting and almost killing herself and we also deal with her daily life as a teenage chick in the 90s.


Some episodes she works with her therapist, Dr. Kester (Ian Hart) and the kids who are stuck in the mental institution, like Danny Two Hats (Darren Evans) and Tix (Sophie Wright). At the institution, she feels comforted and like she belongs and honestly those kids are way worse off than she is with their mental issues, which is probably what makes her feel better.

tumblr_n6n79wJqsZ1qg3ryko8_250 tumblr_n6n6032m3o1s7m6joo8_r1_250

In high school or college as they call it, she feels awkward, like she doesn’t fit in and she is always trying to figure out in her head who she should or shouldn’t have a major crush on. She also has a chaotic home life with her mother, Linda (Claire Rushbrook) who is sometimes out there and is dating a much younger man than she is and at times acts like a teenager herself.


Rae uses her diary as an outlet to write all of this craziness down and to purge her emotions on paper. When she writes, she lets it all hang out and that makes the show really fun to watch and hear her thoughts and doodles come to life on-screen.

tumblr_n6oa7osnBU1tu5i3fo1_250 tumblr_n6jxov64JN1qii7i0o5_250

This show really hit a chord with me because I could relate to a lot of the things that Rae went through and I am sure tons of people could as well. Some of these issues are having a best friend that is hotter than you, a friend that may be gay, bullies, peer pressure, the decision whether to have or not to have sex, drugs, dealing with rejection and even with juggling two guys at once. Yes, these are all trivial matters now, but when you are a teenager these feel like the biggest issues in your life at the time. MMFD describes those sentiments in an honest and truthful light.

tumblr_inline_n3b4ti9aUJ1rzl8xj tumblr_n084ryN57g1rkqdauo1_250

The best part of the whole show is her relationship with her buddies, they have all interesting and unique personalities and together the craziness that ensues is fun to watch. There is Chloe (Jodie Comer), her sexy BFF, Finn (Nico Mirallegro) the totally crush worthy bad boy, Archie (Dan Cohen) the glasses-wearing cutie pie gay friend, Chop (Jordan Murphy) the party animal, and Izzy (Ciara Baxendale) the airheadish friend who dates Chop. Some of my favorite episodes were the parts with just the gang sitting around the pub, laughing and cracking jokes, seriously this made me jealous. Do you know how hard it is to get into a bar when you are in high school in the US? Damn near impossible, those lucky Brits!

tumblr_n6rxlpF0Yt1rlv4t3o1_500 tumblr_n2azjr0rA91qg00gzo1_500

Rae was literally in high school in the late 90s at the exact same time I was, so I could relate to everything that was going on from the fashion trends to the music to the movie references. Hello, does anyone remember when bomber jackets, crop tops, jean skirts and flannels around your waist were cool?!

tumblr_n0k1hkSeyD1trvwevo1_250 tumblr_n0k1hkSeyD1trvwevo3_250 (So 90s)

Her obsession with Oasis reminds me of people in high school who loved that stuff and wore the shirts and put the patches on their backpacks lol. Being a teenager is hard dammit and this show doesn’t sugar coat those experiences and at times even the viewer feels awkward watching. The combination of all these factors is what makes this such a cool and interesting show.

tumblr_n678voiE381qfcc9mo1_250 tumblr_n678voiE381qfcc9mo4_250 (Totally Hottie McHotterson)

In the end I have to say I loved Finn the most and wished I knew someone like that in high school… sigh. He is almost the equivalent of Jordan Catalano, but a nice version. Did I just say that?! Now I am super excited like a teenage girl at the thought of Jordan Catalano and Finn Nelson as the perfect guy. If you haven’t seen this show and you have a chance, do check it out! I think the girls around here would definitely like it more than the boys, but regardless it is a good and original watch.

tumblr_n71zjzyUY51s1w5oeo3_250 tumblr_n71zjzyUY51s1w5oeo4_250

tumblr_n71zjzyUY51s1w5oeo5_250 tumblr_n71zjzyUY51s1w5oeo6_250 (That look just gets me!)

I am not sure when Season 3 starts up, but if anyone out there knows please let me know! Is anyone else out there a fan of this show? Do tell!






10 Reasons I Love Game of Thrones

10 Reasons I Love Game of Thrones

Now that The Walking Dead is going to be over soon, my anxiety on Sunday nights will be relieved by watching Game of Thrones. If you haven’t watched it I suggest you binge watch it till your eyes bleed, once it is over you will thank me for that suggestion. Now wipe away those red tears and get ready for Season 4 which starts on April 6th.

I am super excited and gearing up for the GOT fandom to kick off. Discussions and hear say galore will commence just like TWD. I haven’t read the books, so I am even more excited because I have no clue what will happen. All I know is that book 3 was split up into seasons 3 and 4, which tells me that so much happened in that novel that it had be cut into separate seasons. Just knowing that makes me scared and my stomach turn just thinking about what the hell could happen.

Here is my superfluous list as to why I love Game of Thrones so damn much and why I am excited for it to start back up.


1. Two words, Daenerys Targaryen. She is the proverbial shit and I cannot wait to see her take down everyone who is sitting pretty in her kingdom. Yes we are talking to you evil Lannisters.

tumblr_n2zyayIUXq1t7i914o1_250  tumblr_m9dwaabu3a1r66e8po1_500

2. Little girls are made up of sugar and spice, but not Arya Stark. She is going to pissed as hell after what happened to her mother and brother, revenge is hers for the taking. Do it girl!


3. Although Tyrion Lannister is an imp and a Lannister, I still love him and want to see him take down Joffrey, that little prick.


4. I love to hate the Lannisters. What what! Haters gonna hate!

tumblr_mry6yzZPUH1r065hxo1_400  tumblr_mn0rbc3Qym1rjl16lo2_500

5. Because I am a girl and I love Jon Snow.

untitledjon  tumblr_inline_ms9kzqwInt1qz4rgp

6. I love the fact that we have watched the Stark kids grow up right in front of our eyes.


7. The chemistry and odd sexual tension between Jamie Lannister and Brienne of Tarth.

tumblr_n2t4nauVzb1qgfbkmo2_250 What is going on under that dirty, dirty water?!

8. Khaleesi’s dragons are all growned up now and ready to do some damage.

tumblr_n2zlu2Ydvo1qinjk7o1_500  tumblr_n2wlbkZlBd1t8c9a2o1_500

9. That moment when Joffrey Baratheon will realize that his uncle is really his dad.


10. Because George RR Martin is one sick man who loves messing with my emotions.

tumblr_mzzd4sTMWi1tp1qjqo1_250  tumblr_n2wx1quGnH1sr4nako1_500



Ten 80’s Throwback Moments from The Goldbergs

The Goldbergs

In honor of Throwback Thursday, which is running rampant on social media sites. I decided to do a little ode to my new favorite sitcom, The Goldbergs on ABC. This is actually a really good show, the stories told are funny yet sweet and the actors on the show really make this a stand-out sitcom in a sea of crappy shows that never make it past Season 1. The best part of the show is the end when the creator of the show Adam Goldberg shows us actual footage from his life that correlates with what happened on the show all via his old skool camera.


As  Table9Mutant has been doing her blogathon on John Hughes, it got me thinking that this show really is reminiscent of one of his movies. As a child of the 80’s, these are the movies I grew up loving, they were filled with life lessons, heart breaks and overall just funny moments in growing up and The Goldbergs really do this genre justice. Here are 10 80’s Throwback Moments from the Goldbergs.

1. That time when our mother’s thought they knew it all and reminded us every DAY!


2. And our older siblings or relatives knew best and we believed them.


3. When being on the telephone was EVERYTHING. Where was the iPhone back then when I needed it?!


5. And calling your mom was always the rule, yet finding quarters was so hard.


6. Renting videos was not easy like today. Late fees, low stock in store, made the decision of which movie to watch so difficult.


7. Before PlayStation, Halo and all that stuff there was Zelda. You played till your fingers bled.


8. The fashion was horrendous yet we thought we looked cool.


10. Lastly, it was a time when things were simple and being yourself was the most important thing.




Top 10 Things I Realized After Watching True Detective

True Detective is actually REALLY REALLY funny! No seriously guys, I have been scouring the web for funny stuff because that’s what I do best and really I wish there was a job in the newspaper for this because I would totally apply for it. Any who, here is my summary slash the top 10 things I realized after watching our favorite warm and fuzzy show, True Detective.

la-et-st-first-lady-michelle-obama-to-appear-o-001-thumbnail Me after finishing the show!

1. I bet if I drank this I totally would have understood what the hell Carcosa meant!


2.  How much time did we waste contemplating this show? We will never know that answer. imagessdfs

3. But I bet if Justin Beiber were on the show, he totally would’ve solved that sh*t in 95′, he’s totes smart.


4. Although Rust is an emotionless man, I still kept thinking….


5. And all the guys were like… especially IPC




6. Seriously did you guys notice Lorde’s guest appearance?


7. But like I kept thinking after the show who is going to mow Marty’s lawn now?

tumblr_n1ze8uPPzx1r7uxhho1_500 Check out Angie’s List great reviews!

8. The word “Flowers” is the best code word for sex. Yah Buddy! Bring on the flowers.

tumblr_n2a2tyYQJq1qz9qt7o1_500 Great for when your parents are in town.

9. It was all a façade they are all serious best friends in real life?! WTF. Now I am mad.

tumblr_n284p5Ixum1qc92svo1_500   tumblr_n289sas3Tc1snfylfo1_500 BFF’s Forever!!!!

10. But in the end the show was all about LOVE.

untitled  tumblr_n101egev9x1tsoz9lo1_500


Mini-Series Review: The Pacific (2010)

The Pacific (2010)
Directed by Tim Van Patten

The Pacific2

This weekend my husband and I binge watched the HBO mini-series The Pacific. Yup, we polished that off in the course of two days, not too shabby. I know what you must be thinking, this girl has no life, but really I was so busy and exhausted from my other life chores like helping my sister with college essays that sitting down and watching TV for hours was a much needed respite. We had spent 5 hours at Starbucks on Saturday writing essays about Obamacare, I was looking for anything to make me feel better.

Last Christmas we stayed in and watched all of Band of Brothers. It was awesome, great and I learned a lot from watching it. Now how many shows can you say that about? The Pacific gives us a continuation of the story of soldiers at war, this time braving the islands of the Pacific. I was excited to watch it, even though I knew it would be sad and depressing and stressful to watch.

I don’t think this one is as good as Band of Brothers, it gets too wrapped in on the history aspect and trying to depict every single battle, instead of delving deeper into the characters and their lives.

There were other characters on screen that I would have to learned more about, but those got side tracked with the battles on screen. Of course those are necessary for this show, but I think they could have given us more of a glimpse into their personal lives back home and who they were before they went to war.


The writing of Band of Brothers is impeccable and gives the viewer a glimpse of history and each soldier’s viewpoint on the war. The Pacific instead, just gives us the stories of a handful of soldiers and we get to see how the war touches their life from inception to when the war is over. The mini-series is also based on real life people, so the stories hit even harder.

The show really centers on primarily a few characters, Bob Leckie (James Badge Dale), Eugene Sledge (Joe Mazzello) and John Basilone (Jon Seda).

Leckie is a writer who fights through the epic battle of Guadalcanal and the jungles of Peleliu. We see him not only fight on screen, but he writes to a woman he pines for, detailing the harshness he faces in battle. Leckie is a dreamer, a romantic, the writer of the bunch. It’s as if he carries the weight on his soldiers, when is at the typewriter. He looks at the world with philosophical eyes, always brooding over what he has seen.


Sledge or “Sledgehammer” as he is called is young and naïve, but wants to fight desperately for his country. Sledge is played by Joe Mazzello, of Jurassic Park fame; yes he’s that little boy from the movie. I was obsessed as a kid with most of his movies; Radio Flyer and JP, to name a few, so it was really cool to see him work as an adult.

Sledge faces and sees horrible acts of war, yet through his eyes we see a softness of sorts to his character. Although some of his fellow soldiers have lost their humanity, we see that he has not lost his, but his soul has been tainted by the brutalities he has seen at war.


Sgt. John Basilone is the hero of the bunch, we see him go from soldier on the ground to war hero to a married man. He is one tough son of a b and has seen some horrible things happen to his friends. From Basilone, we see how he is used in a different side of the war. He is sent back as the image of heroism and as the face of the war bond effort. Almost a Brody from Homeland type of guy.


I have driven past the world near Camp Pendleton that is named after him and it was interesting to see how he ended up there and how he trained new recruits. He left an impression on everyone and I really enjoyed seeing that side of the story.

I would recommend this to anyone who is a history buff or war movie junkie like me. Although it is not the most fun, cheery thing to watch it is definitely worthy of a binge watching marathon.