Blind Spot Series 2015 Choices

I keep seeing everyone’s blind spot movie choices for the year, specifically Ruth and Anna, and I decided to make a list for myself considering there so many movies out there I still haven’t seen. This series reminds me of when I was in college, in which I majored in English and everyone would ask, even to this day, have you read this book or that book, assuming I have because of my major. Do you guys know how many classic books are out there? It is virtually impossible to be able to have read every single book.  Same goes for movies because even though we are movie lovers, we haven’t seen them all.

My goal is to cross these off my list and finally see them.

1. Cinema Paradiso (duh because of T9M) (1988)


2. Fanny and Alexander (1982)


3. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1975)


4. Amelie (2001)


5. Snatch (2000)


6. Punch Drunk Love (thanks Anna for the suggestion) (2002)


7. The King of Comedy (one of my dad’s favorites) (1982)


8. Lolita (1962)


9. Blazing Saddles (been meaning to see this for eons) (1974)


10. Fantastic Mr. Fox (only Anderson one I haven’t seen) (2009)


11. La Dolce Vita (1960)


12. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (hellllo Brad Pitt!) (2008)


Which ones of these have you seen and love?



Happy New Year! #2015

Happy New Years guys, hope everyone is having a wonderful day off relaxing and enjoying their day one of 2015. Sometimes I really hate thinking about NYE resolutions and how everyone is talking about what they will do, but then no one ever really cares a month later. Last year I did make a NYE resolution, okay I will admit it, mine was to say “no” to more things and not feel bad about it. I have a HUGE family and every week there is a birthday party, an event, something or another that I have to attend. I made it a point to decline some of these outings and not feel guilty about it.

This next year, I really want to focus on fixing my blog up a bit, so that’s my sort of resolution. I got the writing part down, but in no way shape or form do I understand how to make a website and do all that back end stuff. I plan on giving my site a revamp and having a friend or two help me out with this process. I also want to get myself more organized with my posts, so that I can post more regularly. Anyone have any tips on how they keep themselves organized especially while juggling their personal and professional lives?

Do you guys have NYE resolutions and if so, what are they? or do you totally detest that crap?


HAPPY NEW YEAR and thank you to all for being wonderful blogging friends. But really lets see what Jimmy Fallon is thankful for this year.


New Trailers: Jurassic World, Star Wars, Pan, Game of Thrones Teaser

Hey guys! Hope everyone is enjoying some post-Thanksgiving leftovers and relaxing the day away. Or if you are not in the US or don’t care about Turkey day, then you are enjoying your Friday! Unfortunately, I have to work today, but I am trying to make the best of this slow day. Over the past couple of days, a handful of exciting trailers have come out. I thought I would share them with you guys if you haven’t already seen them. Check them out.

Jurassic World: I am so freaking excited about this one. As a kid, the original Jurassic Park was one of my favorite films and book. I probably saw it in the theaters like ten times, to this day my family makes fun of me for being obsessed with it. I cannot wait to see this new adaptation with Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard. Set for release on June 12, 2015.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens: I think every Star Wars fan out there woke up today thinking, “WTF, I have to see this right effing now!” Just hearing that old light saber noise is enough to get any fan excited. Ok or maybe that was just me, but I am very curious to see what J.J. Abrams does with the franchise and if he can lift us past the last series. Set for release on December 18, 2015

Found 2 of them.

Pan: The timeless Disney classic is finally getting a much needed revitalized version. The last cool Peter Pan movie that came out has to be Hook. I am excited about this film because for one we finally get to see Peter played by a little boy, not a 25 year old girl dressed as him and two, I am stoked that it is not an annoying musical version, like the one that is set to come out in a few days on NBC. This one looks like it will have everything that comes to mind with the Peter Pan, magic, fun, fantasy and a bit of danger lurking around every corner. Set for release on June 26, 2015.

Game of Thrones: Season 5: Ok this one is seriously not even a minute long teaser, but for all GOT fans out there this is enough to quench our thirst and get us super excited for what is to come next year. Here we see Arya grasping a sword, could this be needle? Where is she and what is she up to? Will she finally get close to avenging the perils that have struck her family? The waiting is horrible, but I know it will be worth it! Set for release on HBO sometime in April 2015.

What are you guys excited to see?



San Diego Film Festival 2014: Upcoming Flicks

Hey guys just wanted to give everyone a little update. I got a press pass (woo hoo!) to attend the San Diego Film Festival. It runs from September 24-28th, which will take over my life starting tomorrow. Considering I do have to go to work all this week, I will try to fit in as much as possible, so I can give you guys some reviews on these upcoming movies. If only we could just watch movies and television all day and get paid, yes life would be grand. Well at least for me! There are tons of cool movies being shown and here are the ones I plan on seeing, check out the trailers below. I also plan on going to a film critics panel on Saturday, interested in hearing what they have to say. Jeffrey and Ben Lyons will be there so it should be pretty informative and engaging. This is my first film festival, wish me luck guys!

In Wild, director Jean-Marc Vallee (Dallas Buyers Club), Academy Award winner Reese Witherspoon (Walk the Line) and Academy Award nominated screenwriter Nick Hornby (An Education) bring bestselling author Cheryl Strayed’s extraordinary adventure to the screen. After years of reckless behavior, a heroin addiction and the destruction of her marriage, Strayed makes a rash decision. Haunted by memories of her mother Bobbi (Academy Award nominee Laura Dern) and with absolutely no experience, she sets out to hike more than a thousand miles on the Pacific Crest Trail all on her own. WILD powerfully reveals her terrors and pleasures –as she forges ahead on a journey that maddens, strengthens, and ultimately heals her.

Project M
Four astronauts have to stay 1000 days in a space station around Earth in order to prove that a trip to Europa, one of Jupiter’s moon, is possible. The experience goes well until something happens on earth.

Overeducated and underemployed, 28 year old Megan (Keira Knightley) is in the throes of a quarterlife crisis. Squarely into adulthood with no career prospects, no particular motivation to think about her future and no one to relate to, Megan is comfortable lagging a few steps behind – while her friends check off milestones and celebrate their new grown-up status. When her high-school sweetheart (Mark Webber) proposes, Megan panics and- given an unexpected opportunity to escape for a week – hides out in the home of her new friend, 16-year old Annika (Chloë Grace Moretz) and Annika’s world-weary single dad Craig (Sam Rockwell).

Bad Country
When Baton Rouge police detective Bud Carter (Willem Dafoe) busts contract killer Jesse Weiland (Matt Dillon), he convinces Jesse to become an informant and rat out the South’s most powerful crime ring. So, when mob boss Lutin (Tom Berenger) orders Carter’s death and Weiland’s ID’d as a snitch, the two team up to take down the syndicate.

Little Accidents
In a small American town still living in the shadow of a terrible coal mine accident, the disappearance of a teenage boy draws together a surviving miner, the lonely wife of a mine executive, and a local boy in a web of secrets.

Big Significant Things
At 26 years old, Craig (Harry Lloyd) seems to be doing pretty well for himself. He has job stability, a supportive family, and is about to start a wonderful new chapter with his girlfriend. With big life changes on the horizon, what better time to lie to your girlfriend so you can go on a road trip by yourself to the south?


San Diego Comic-Con 2014 Recap: Part 2

San Diego Comic-Con 2014

In Part 1 of my Comic-Con recap, I took you guys around the exhibit floor and all the cool booths. When I realized that part was getting way too long, I figured I would show you the panel discussions in Part 2. Getting into the panels can be a bit of a pain, if you want to get a good seat you need to come in early, so that when the next panel comes up you can move seats somewhere closer. That is a feat in itself!

If you wanted to get in to see The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones panel, you had to be there at 5:30am the day of to get a wristband. We left Thursday evening and people were already camped out waiting in line for those, so you can imagine how difficult it is to get in there. Despite the fact that Hall H, holds 6,500 people, that is still considered limited for the amount of people who want to see these panels.

At each panel discussion, there are cast members, producers, directors, writers and creators of the show or movies in question. It is usually a mixed bag, so really you do not know if you will get the main stars or not. All kinds of serious and fun questions are asked by the moderator and at the end the audience can come up and ask questions. If you want to ask a question, you have to get in a line the minute the panel stars, so you are relegated to a wall waiting to ask. Only a handful get picked and let me tell you some of these questions are interesting to say the least and some are borderline weird and crazy! If I was one of these actors I think I would be scared.

After each panel they give the audience either a sneak peak into the next season or a blooper/gag reel. Which I have to admit, those were pretty funny. Also, when you walk out, you get a special little giveaway from the show.

I saw the Hannibal, Penny Dreadful, Supernatural, The Following and Sons of Anarchy panels. Unfortunately I did miss some of the more awesome ones, but I have included snippets of them in my post in case you missed them.

Hannibal Panel: For this my camera literally died 2 photos into this. Of course Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy did not show up. Creator Bryan Fuller, Caroline Dhavernas, Scott Thompson, Aaron Abrams and Raul Esparza were there. This was a really fun panel, they mentioned that next year it will be a year out from where we left off last season. The people that we think perhaps died, consider that up in there they could all be alive. The audience for this crowd was fanatical to say the least, a few girls were actually in tears. The costumes people wore for this panel were pretty outrageous and Bryan Fuller gave out prizes to anyone who asked a really good question or had a cool costume.

140725_2801133_Comic_Con_2014__Hannibal_Panel_anvver_2  IMG_1369 (Hard to see but this person was dressed all in black with antlers like the show)

Comic-Con International: San Diego 2014  Comic-Con International: San Diego 2014 - Season 2014

Hannibal Blooper Reel

Penny Dreadful Panel: I just finished this season last week, so this was perfect timing for me. This show was actually the highlighted one of Comic-Con as it was on the lanyards that everyone was wearing with their badge. Last year was Dexter, so Penny Dreadful was the lucky one this year. Eva Green, Billie Piper and Timothy Dalton were unfortunately not in attendance, they were off filming movies. The creator of the show was there, actors Josh Hartnett, Harry Treadaway and Reeve Carney were there as well and it was moderated by the beautiful and funny Aisha Tyler. Apparently she used to tweet about the show so much, that Showtime asked her to come on and moderate. We did find out that next season, a new famous character will be introduced and we may finally get to see what Dorian Gray sees in the mirror/painting. Ps. Josh Hartnett is still hot!

IMG_1428  IMG_1426


Supernatural Panel: I actually have not seen this show, but figured we were there why  not try to get in and check it out. This is another show that required wristbands, but apparently there were a few spots left, so we were able to get in and sit way, way in the back. The crowd for this show was absolutely going bananas! That’s putting it really mildly. Every time I read Zoe and Natasha talking about this show, they make me want to start watching, but now after seeing this I am even more ready to start the binge process.

Present for the panel was Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Mark Sheppard and some of the writers and creators of the show. Also, in the middle of the questions seqment, the actor Osric Chau asked the guys a question and the crowd literally went wild. Apparently he was on the show and snuck in with a costume. These guys were awesome! This was probably the best panel that we saw, they were super friendly and kind to the fans, they hammed it up and they made me a believer of this show.

11  33

22  55

IMG_1455  IMG_1462

Capture6  IMG_1447.JPG

The Following Panel: For this panel most of the stars of the show were there minus Joe Carroll himself, James Purefoy, they didn’t really tell us why, but he wasn’t there. The producers and director of the show were there, Kevin Bacon, Shawn Ashmore, Sam Underwood and Jessica Stroup were present and they did a great job at interacting and having fun with the questions. Kevin Bacon had a moment where he took a pic of the crowd and said now we were all now part of 6 degrees of separation with him. I thought that was pretty funny and clever of him to do that.

They did give us lots of insights into next season, next year we will find out if Joe lived or died, who was helping the twins out, and it will be a year out and Ryan Hardy will have a new love interest. He will be dealing with trying to have a normal life, yet still recovering from everything he has been through. There will also be a new killer on the loose and it will take over all of New York City and make people afraid to leave their homes. OHHHH sounds interesting!

IMG_1537  IMG_1540

IMG_1524  IMG_1544

IMG_1484  cf1_5942

Sons of Anarchy Panel: Pretty much every cast member was present, along with show creator and writer Kurt Sutter. The only person missing and who was on the program to be there and had a name plate ready for him was Charlie Hunnam. I think every person there sighed in disappointment when he didn’t show up. They gave us a bs reason, saying he was on the East Coast and that he was supposedly filming for Vogue magazine. They segued that with a special video from him to the fans, it was him with Chibs, Tig and Bobby giving him a back rub, fanning him and serving him grapes and telling the fans he was sorry he couldn’t make it. I was very annoyed lol!!!

This show has had a long run and this is the last season coming up, so there were tons of fans there, screaming, shouting and getting rowdy. Kurt Sutter promoted his new SOA game and SOA books, which I thought was really cheesy. Although, he redeemed himself when he teared up at the support from the fans. Katey Segal was bland and boring, Drea De Matteo was acting really weird and would only give one word lame answers, she was probably the worst person to have there. The guys who play Chibs, Tig, Juicy and Bobby were the most fun. Overall, not my fave panel, despite being a long time fan of the show. They did show a clip of next season and it looks bloodier and crazier than last, Jax pulling someone’s teeth out in prison to give you an idea. If you saw last season, then you know what I am talking about, when I say it looks worst than last season. Gasp!

IMG_1576  IMG_1584

IMG_1597  IMG_1646

IMG_1640  IMG_1633

Charlie Hunnam Video

The rest of these panels, I didn’t get to see them, but I thought the pics were fun enough to share if you haven’t already read about them. I also included some other fun pics of stuff going on around Comic-Con.

Game of Thrones Panel: Seriously sad I missed this! Check out Maisie/Arya who wore a Spiderman mask and walked through the floor.

Maisie+Williams+Game+Thrones+Panel+Comic+Con+bkwoNZD3Za9l  908-1Ki8C_AuSt_55

blogger-image--1962836789  comic-con-day2-1

maisie-williams-comic-con-2014-show-floor-spiderman-mask-530x530  Hot-Game-Thrones-Actors-Comic-Con-2014-Pictures

GOT Blooper Reel

The Walking Dead Panel: Ok even more sad!

AMC+Walking+Dead+Panel+Comic+Con+International+KS7iA4RgRAyl  Emily Kinney, Norman Reedus

twd  the-walking-dead-elenco-comic-con-2014-bastidores-video

TWD Season 5 Trailer

Avengers: Age of Ultron Panel: Even more sad I did not witness Chris Hemsworth’s arms!!!!!!! 😦

RuffaloHemsworthArmsComicCon2014_gallery_primary  ChrisEvansAaronTaylorJohnsonAvengersCC_gallery_primary

Chris+Hemsworth+Legendary+Pictures+Preview+VtXVcypfBiFl  Chris+Hemsworth+Marvel+Studios+Panel+Comic+GmDjei1RIfrl

AaronTaylorJohnsonAvengers2ComicCon_gallery_primary  chris-hemsworth-mark-rufflo-compare-biceps-at-comic-con-03

Orphan Black Panel: Thank you Mesh for introducing me to one of my fave shows, I so wish I could have seen this!

1032014%20Comic-Con%20-%20Orphan%20Black%20Panel  preview

rs_560x415-140726013141-orphblackpanel2014  Tatiana Maslany

Women who Kick Ass Panel: Very cool ladies!

WomenWhoKickAss  women-who-kick-ass-sdcc

Christopher Nolan and Matthew McConaughey for Intestellar Panel

452626338  622x350

Benedict Cumberbatch at The Hobbit and Madagascar Panels: He seemed to be everywhere at the Con.

BenedictCumberbatchCateBlanchettHobbitComicCon  10563180_862183600473683_8618156030493364041_n

Expendables 3: Saw these dudes doing a signing. Wesley Snipes looked like a pimp and Dolf is still buff!

IMG_1353  IMG_1339

IMG_1340  IMG_1367

American Horror Story Peeps: They were also promoting the upcoming Freak Show season. Can’t wait!

tumblr_n9cks0fRXd1sqsydso1_1280  tumblr_n9cqdgdMYE1rdr5ddo1_500

tumblr_n9edsiAQfa1sumv7yo1_1280  tumblr_n9fox19rYG1ti60gho1_500

These are some random pics and videos from my sister’s friend. He did get to meet the cast of AHS, Matt Smith and attend the Orphan Black panel. I couldn’t get the Doctor Who one to upload since it was on his Instagram.  I thought I would share these anyways because it is kind of fun to see from a first-hand experience versus online. Shout out to Marcos for letting me use his photos and videos.

IMG_0077  IMG_0079  IMG_0080 (Channing Tatum)

When Tatiana Maslany appeared at the panel: The crowd went wild!

American Horror Story Signing: And look Emma commented on his blue hair. LOL.

Hope you guys enjoyed!!


San Diego Comic-Con 2014 Recap: Part 1

San Diego Comic-Con 2014

This past week was the San Diego Comic-Con, as I have lived almost my whole life in San Diego, it is a surprise that I have never been to one of these conventions. Every year it is pretty much almost impossible to get tickets, but this year my friend and I decided we had to try to go. We were able to only score Thursday and Sunday passes, those aren’t the days with typically the best panels or as much happenings, but we made the best of what we had.

Friday and Saturday are the days jam packed with the best panels for TV shows and movies, like Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Dr. Who and anything and everything related to DC Comics and Marvel. Some of our fave actors were there like Chris Hemsworth, Benedict Cumberbatch, Samuel L. Jackson, Quentin Tarantino, Robert Downey Jr., Channing Tatum (this could be questionable for some lol), and surprise appearances by Christopher Nolan and Matthew McConaughey. Some kick ass women like Evangeline Lilly, Maisie Williams, Tatiana Maslany, Katey Segal and Emma Roberts showed up as well, just to name a few.

I have to admit I do not read comic books, but my GF does, so she enlightened me on everything that I wasn’t sure about like Deadpool and Harley Quinn. As you guys know, I mostly really just wanted to go for the TV show and movie aspect of it all, as I am truly obsessed. Shocker! Let me tell you guys, seeing all those celebs is doable if you go to all the panels, which is comprised of waiting in really long lines to get in to see them. Also, it is all about being somewhere at the right time and trying to win passes to get autographs. If you are not so lucky, then really you will not see any of those celebs, as I think if they were walking around the convention center they would be attacked. Those geeks can get crazy with the cheese-whiz, if you know what I mean.

My sister’s friend who is a pro at Comic-Con got in to signings for American Horror Story, Dr. Who and Fight Club. I will try to post some of his videos, but he did get to say hi to Matt Smith from Doctor Who and he has a snippet of a video talking to Emma Roberts and Evan Peters. He also got some cool pics from some panels like Orphan Black, so naturally I stole them from him to show you guys.

There were so many people there, getting through the crowds can be rough and let me tell you guys it just started getting hot in San Diego and the air was thick with body odor. Getting from point A to point B can be a pain in the ass, but overall it was a fun experience. I kept seeing different things and thinking about so many of you out there who love a lot of the stuff I saw.

The costume aspect is one of the really fun parts of going to Comic-Con. I have to say one of the popular things for people to dress up as were Doctor Who, either the Doctor himself or Tardis (which looked really uncomfortable), the Joker, Iron Man, Sookie Stackhouse, Wonder Woman and anything and everything from Star Wars of course. Some of the costumes were phenomenal and really fun to just watch all kinds of people walking around as different characters.

Here are some pics of my experience and some of the moments I was able to capture. Follow me down the exhibit halls and all the booths set-up all over the place. Some of these are pretty silly, so please laugh along with me.

I split the post into two because it was just getting way too big, in the next one I will put everything from all the panels. Hope you enjoy!

At the beginning, we had so much energy and we were ready to go! So excited we took a selfie on the trolley.
Ohh almost there! The calm before the storm.
This was the entrance to the halls when you walk in and get your bag for the day. See the chaos starting out!

IMG_1237  IMG_1239

The chaos that is getting through the crowds.


Everywhere you look there is something set up for popular shows. The Walking Dead had a whole fake Terminus set up and you could stand in a long line to take a pic with a zombie at the train tracks.

IMG_0076  IMG_1280


IMG_1271  IMG_1273

IMG_1272 IMG_1269

And a section that sells The Walking Dead comics.


BBC booth displaying lots of Doctor Who stuff and Orphan Black.

IMG_1298  IMG_1296

At the BBC booth you can also Orphan Black yourself. Here I am as all the clones! LOL!


My friend posing with Harley Quinn and Deadpool dude.


Me, in the Sharknado booth


They were promoting Guardian’s of the Galaxy hardcore to say the least.

IMG_1286  IMG_1319

Legos booth. Pretty cool lego-fied versions of Spiderman and the Batmobile.

IMG_1323  IMG_1330

My friend and I, with a wanna-be Wolverine dude.

IMG_1703  IMG_1705

Shout out to the White Walkers from Game of Thrones. Yah Baby!

IMG_1276  IMG_1712

New movie coming out Max Steel.


Oh look, it’s Silent Bob, just chillin’ in his usual stance.


The show Bates Motel had a booth set-up where you could put yourself in a taxidermy scene and there was a guy as Norman directing people and telling them to say hello to mother. He was creepy!

IMG_0129  Don’t judge I look weird!!!

Selfie with Norman Bates.


There were a lot of cool artists and artwork. Here are a few that I snapped.

???????????????????????????????  IMG_1291

IMG_1258  IMG_1694

And sexy character art too, of course.


They had a whole section set-up like the Capitol from The Hunger Games series with Peeta and Joanna as holograms. These of course will be part of the new Mockingjay movie coming out soon.

IMG_1360  IMG_1356

IMG_1363  ry=4002YEZZ3BQ

If you are interested in purchasing a Breaking Bad bear and Gus dolls, yup SDCC has them.

IMG_1684  IMG_1689

Found the kid from Modern Family and took a pic with him. His mom was a total b**ch towards me.


A whole section with really cool action figures. Cara and T9M there are your xmas presents! You must put them on your list.


IMG_0116  IMG_0117

Some dudes dressed up as Dharma Initiative peeps from Lost and a woman dressed as Sandra Bullock from the movie Gravity. Oh look it’s George Clooney!

IMG_1696  IMG_1693

The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit booth. So many people were buying up necklaces with the Ring attached and going cray for it. Zoe anything from this booth should be on your xmas list too!

IMG_1313  IMG_1669


Star Wars booth. This one was playing videos on the making of the movie and future one. Also, you could purchase ridiculously expensive toys there too.

IMG_1678  IMG_1697

Mmmmm, Simpsons….

IMG_1242  IMG_1243

Wall of shirts. This wall was gigantic and a place every person stopped to gaze at and stop traffic.


I have no clue what this is supposed to be, but check out the crazy costume. Mind you it was really hot in there, props to him for pulling that off.

IMG_1674  IMG_1676

Cinema Makeup School booth. They had artists sculpting work and showcasing their cool masks and sculptures.
IMG_1261  IMG_1262

ABC had the Once Upon A Time Castle and you could walk through it and take pictures. Of course this required, a really, really long line as well.

IMG_1294  IMG_1342

Starz was promoting their new show called Outlander. The whole thing was decked out like a Scottish castle.

IMG_1299  IMG_1305

Video game and anime type stuff section.

IMG_1336  IMG_1337

Godzilla had his own little section too. Awww, look at the cuddly little creature.

IMG_1708  IMG_0113

Loving The Strain right now, so I had to snap this pic. Also, check out this piece with the Lannister sigil for sale. Very expensive!

IMG_1716  IMG_1714

I imagine this is what old school Comic-Con used to be like. This section has now been relegated to the very back of the exhibition hall.


Oh look it’s Alcide from True Blood. Sweet tits! Can I take that cardboard cut-out home?!


This was the end. The Gaslamp Quarter was jam packed with people.

IMG_0069  IMG_0070

Finally, our trolley ride home on Sunday evening. To which I forced my friend to take selfies with me again lol. Needless to say we were exhausted! Hope you guys liked my little recap. Let me know what you think!

IMG_0120  IMG_0121



Quick Update

Hey kids out there in Blog land! I just wanted to say hi, as I feel like I have missed you all!! Last week was chaos at work for me, moving offices and my crap was literally everywhere and dealing with family stuff. You guys know how that is sometimes. So I took a little break from coming on here and posting and reading everyone’s blogs, which I realized I sorely missed you all (and it was only 1 week). I don’t know how I could survive in The Walking Dead world without my blog friends or my trusty computer.


I have a fun Game of Thrones post coming soon, just waiting on a few things and I think you guys will love it when you read it!! This should help get through the night shakes and sweating, that is detoxing and waiting for the new season of GOT to return.

tumblr_n80ovlq7BJ1qjnhqgo1_500 (LOL had to share this!)

I also saw The Fault in our Stars this weekend and I cried so much that I wasn’t even ready to write about it, I think I am now though. I had a heap of tissues next to me and it was so embarrassing I ran to the bathroom to wash my eyes out. Yes my stone cold women out there, I don’t know how you girls did it?! What is your secret to not crying with this movie?


Looking forward to catching up with everyone!!

tumblr_n7zwzzd9KJ1qznfkso1_500 (Peace out my loves!)